Home Depot “Special Buy Of The Day” – GE DuraStation Level 2 EVSE For $399


Today only, a GE DuraStation Level 2 EVSE is listed as Home Depot’s “Special Buy of the Day” for only $399.

The GE DuraStation is a basic level 2 EVSE, noted for its durability and value.

Some DuraStation details:

“The EV Charger Indoor/Outdoor DuraStation Wall Mount from GE offers level 2 charging at an affordable price. This unique unit can be used either inside or outside while operating the same as many higher priced options. It delivers maximum power of 7.2 kW and is capable of providing 10–20 miles per hour of charging depending on the vehicle.”

Link to Home Depot where unit can be purchased online for only $399 today.


Hat tip to David Peterson!!!

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Will it work with a 240V-wall outlet (aka dryer)?

It’s a hardwired unit. You could install a plug on the end for a 240 outlet or have a pro install the plug.

Make sure you use CardBear to get another 10% off at Home Depot making it $360. http://www.cardbear.com/gift-card-discount/2/Home+Depot

How does this work, do you get the gift card right away or do you have to wait for it to arrive in the mail? Can you use multiple gift cards for a single order?

A ~20mph EVSE charging speed maximizes the capacity of just about every PHEV you can buy.

Here’s a consideration. On top of MB B-class, Tesla, there’s a good possibility Bolt and other up and coming EV’s will accept 40A, or ~29mph charge rates. I’m wrapping up a 50A OPENevse build, this weekend. No way would I run less than 50A capable wiring to a garage, if starting fresh.

HD could spread “the word” better, if they put these things on actual shelves.


Just install the 50a wiring, then go ahead and use the charger. You can install a 50a breaker as well. The breaker is there for the wiring, not what is plugged into it.

Wow, that’s about $200 cheaper than the analogous Clipper Creek. Even without the sale it sounds like great value.

Note it’s 18 feet rather than the quasi-standard 25, but 18 feet are plenty enough for most installations. In fact, I wish CC would have offered a cheaper 18-feet version when we bought ours.

Anyone able to find more product details or a manual for this online? The reviewer mentioned there were jumpers to limit the amperage of the unit, but didn’t go into more detail. I’m wondering if I could limit the unit to 16amps so I can use my existing 20 amp breaker safely.

Home Depot has a link to the manual. It can be set for 15,20,30, or 40 amp circuits.

Just ordered mine.

Seems like a deal.

That’s a great price for a 30A EVSE.

If you have to get a high power unit one of the best is the 11.5kW 48A HCS-60 at $899.


Remember that if you add a plug it typically is rated higher… ie:50amp circuit for 40 amp continuos output… so for your dryer plug… which if like mine is 30 amps… you’d want to set it to 20 amps output… if an electrician says you can update the breaker because the installed wire is rated highly enough then take the breaker to 40 to get 30 output… don’t want to get any fires going.

Hopefully this line of EVSE’s are more durable (and quieter!) than GE’s Wattstation line. I’ve gone through 3 units over the last two years. The third one failed last month and I decided to go the Clipper Creek HCS-40 route. GE had replaced the previous ones under warranty, but I’ve lost confidence.

Blink as an offer for $499 EVSE that can turn on according to a timer and comes with $100 credit on the Blink network.

I’d like to see what people think of this thing real world. GE these days is basically a hedge fund bank (they don’t make much, and the little they do actually make is a minority of their business compared to financialization). And calling this thing a DuraStation is in no way remotely like those heavy duty things that started at around $2,500. The fact that there’s basically little to these Evse’s still doesn’t avoid that fact that people seem to have trouble with them, GE AMPStations in particular, or what ever they called the Porsche shaped things. My Schneider ELectric (essentially a Square D) thing overheated at 30 amps until I modified it. So this thing looks like a chinese box, with a GE sticker on it. But specifically it doesn’t have the real DuraStation’s digital display. Now the Chinese Bosch Powermax things seem to work well, at least the 16 amp things I’ve seen. If this has the same guts, but just put in an uglier box, for the low price it might be ok, but that J1772 connector on the end doesn’t look as beefy as the white one included with the real $2,500 durastations. At least you… Read more »

sorry, WattStations

I’ll stick with US quality for full 32A HCS-40 from ClipperCreek. I don’t trust the quality of GE.