Holden Volt Goes On Sale November 1st In Australia, $59,990 AUD ($62K US)

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2013 Holden Volt, On Sale November 1st

General Motor’s Holden brand announced today that the lightly rebadged Chevrolet Volt will go on sale in Australia beginning November 1st, as the Holden Volt.

Holden Volt Gets A Charge

For those of us in North America, we probably will find the Holden Volt’s price tag of $59,990 AUD ($62,000 US dollars) a touch daunting, but that premium is inline with other imported vehicles in the country.

Comparatively, the Nissan LEAF is priced at $51,500 ($53,000 US).  EV’s are not cheap down under.

“Volt is a new kind of flagship for Holden and it is already a proven world beater, having taken out both the North American Car of the Year and European Car of the Year awards,” – Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mike Devereux

Interestingly, Holden has their own spin on the Volt’s capabilities, as well as how the typical Australian might benefit:

“The first 87 kilometres (54 miles), depending on driving style and condition, can be driven on a charge from a regular household wall outlet but when that charge is depleted, the generator switches on to maintain a charge in the battery that gives the car more than 600 kilometres (372 miles) of total range.”

Holden's "Lion Rolling A Stone" Emblem (Which comes from the fable that man invented the wheel by witnessing lions roll stones)

We suppose this is why it is good to have the US EPA rating system on your side, as the 2013 Chevrolet Volt is rated at a more realistic, if not conservative 38 miles.
So why then tout 87 km as the range of the car?

“With over 80 per cent of Australians living in major capital cities commuting less than 80 kilometres in a single day, Volt drivers could achieve their weekly commute on electric charges only, yet still head interstate on the weekend, avoiding the range anxiety caused by traditional electric cars.”

Check out today’s Holden press release for more quotes and specifications on the 2013 Holden Volt.

Holden Volts Come With The Ability To Drive Themselves! Wait, What? The Other Side You Say? Nevermind.

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OK, so Bob Lutz, while a vice president of GM, plied his case to re-import Pontiac G-8s as Chevrolet performance rear-drive cars ( Chevrolet “SS” ). The G-8 platform was reworked, and sold to American police departments as the LWB Caprice PPV. Still, Holden’s Elizabeth plant needed more production throughput to insure workers were not layed off. Today, the G-8/SS gets the green light with even more rumors the long-in-the-tooth “Ute” version ( think El Camino ) will come here too – even though practically nobody wants one. Chevy’s spec NASCARS will get a big “SS” sticker tacked onto their noses… So rednecks can buy big V-8 Holdens.

In all respect to our brothers in Oz, whom I love dearly – why should we prop up their manufacturing when they insist on making V-8 monsters of yore – and a Volt ( which slips in under Australia’s Luxury Car Tax, still gets tariffs, taxes and shipping costs tacked on to where it’s absolutely priced out of even most upper-middle class Aussies?! $62,000US?!!!!

Are you serious? They’ll sell 100, give ‘r take.