Hitachi Shakes Up It Divisions to Focus More on Next-Gen Battery Developments


Hitachi is transferring and integrating Hitachi Vehicle Energy design and research/development operations over to Hitachi Automotive Systems on April 1, 2014.

Hitachi Li-Ion Battery

Hitachi Li-Ion Battery

What this means is that all of Hitachi’s in-house lithium-ion battery programs will operate under one division.

Hitachi says that this integration will allow it to strengthen its position as a lithium-ion battery developer and manufacturer.

“The aim of the move is to optimize synergies involved in the development and design of electric powertrains, while at the same time strengthening the ability to develop technologies for improving battery performance.”

Hitachi Automotive will now have the ability to develop and manufacture battery control technology, electric drive vehicle system control technology, software technologies, battery management systems and electronic controllers within one division.

Furthermore, Hitachi says that this high level of integration will allow it to improve its pace in developing next-generation battery technology.

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Love the way everybody imitates Tesla…and then all of a sudden its…newsworthy…& these companies seem to find “something/someway revolutionary” of doing things

You do realize that this is exactly what Elon wants…he wants to be copied, he wants electric transportation to succeed.

I think he’d be happy if every automaker in the world copied what Tesla is doing…

They want to improve the next gen battery development. There is no imitation of Tesla in doing so. Tesla is buying Batteries from Panasonic, it doesn’t make his own battery development. Tesla want to build a giant battery factory but that will be for production with Panasonic battery technology, so still no development. It would be great to have a true Tesla battery development and at one point in the future it is quiet likely they will start to do that on their own as well.

I think the astounding part of this is that they didn’t have any vision of the future and did not do this ten years ago. I guess it just goes to show that business guys are a little slow in all countries. But then, they all do depend on “gut feel” or other shallow and nonlogical methods of decision making. The slowness with which business moves is incredible. They are not impressive in the least. Don’t worry, they won’t be upset by what I said, because it’s too long and complicated for them to both read it in it’s entirety or think about it’s implications ;>)