Highly Modified Nissan LEAF – Video


Modified Nissan LEAF

Modified Nissan LEAF

Only in Japan will you see a Nissan LEAF modified to this degree.

It’s tricked-out, that’s for sure, but we rather like most of it’s eye-catching modifications.

Editor’s Note: due to some complaints/interpretation on the vernacular of the article, we have slightly adjusted it, so as to not distract from the content itself

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So when you do something like this to a domestic car what is it called? Whitetrashed out?

Budweisered out?

Burgered-out, of course 🙂

Just in case anyone is not too familiar with the after-market scene, the term “rice” is not a disparaging term in relation to a particular nationality.

It is an acronym for race inspired cosmetic Enhancements.

(just figured we should add that note into the comments (and also the story itself) as it could go sideways if anyone takes this thread line or the word too seriously/out of context)

The Urban Dictionary and Google Images beg to differ. Even Wikipedia, actually 🙂

It’s ok, I think the usage here was benign. Besides, the 1960’s when Americans thought they could laugh at Japanese cars are soooo gone.

Wow, gaps in the lower front drivers door, worse than on a Model X Mule. 😉

Still Fugly. 😛

Haha, “riced-out”, I learned a new term.

A google search for this bring up the craziest images 🙂 [safe for work, in case you’re wondering]

Let’s think of some more. If it’s in UK it must be chav’d out. In India curry’d out. What about the Middle East? Sand-out?

The terms riced out or ricer stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements (R.I.C.E), and is not in reference to country of origin of the modified car. The modified car can be Japanese, American, German, etc..

From UrbanDictionary:

“Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements (R.I.C.E.). Parts put on cars to make them look fast, when they have no internal tuning, and are actually slow as hell. Parts usually consist of excessivley angular bodykits, large rear spoilers, neon, sponsor stickers, chrome rims, fake “coffee can” exhaust tips, and loud, annoying paint jobs and/or vynils. Sometimes parts are do-it-yourself installed and are basically duct taped to the car. Most commonly known for being done to Honda Civics, but can also be done to slow domestic vehicles, such as a Chevy Cavalier, etc.
“Yo dog, did you see the Civic that guy was rollin’ in? it was so rice.”

“This guy’s got nothin’ under the hood, it’s just rice. Smoke him.”

“What a riceboy, I bet he thinks his neon adds 50 bhp!”


So it’s a racist remark 🙂

Oh man, more double meaning confusion…thanks George, (=

Hmmm, no, it’s a race-ist remark. 😉


I wish there were some story to go along with this.. Why was this body work done? Why is it being loaded on a truck? And are there any drive-train modifications too?

Looks good now make the pack twice as big and double the motor Kw’s

I thought a ‘RICE’ or ‘RICER’ was any old mid-1980s to mid-2000s Honda with the slightest modification. Such as new plastic wheel covers…

It definitely appears to be when I image it.

Anyways, bit extreme. You can’t say it would be driven very often. The amount of lateral scrub in every corner!

I thought “fart can” muffler is required before it can be called “RICE”…

I guess it won’t apply to EVs then…

And it now does 0-60mph in 15 seconds instead of 10secs…


Jay, the R.I.C.E. “acronym” is an after the fact invention (a backronym). The term original referred to “rice rockets” or “rice burners”; ’90s Japanese import cars with questionable modifications.

It’s like saying that Babe In Total Control of Herself or Never Ending Radical Dude are acronyms.

Yeah, I think he was covering InsideEV’s collective ass when he posted that acronym. Just like how we signed our yearbooks in middle school “for us cool kids”.

The first I heard the term “rice burner” was about 1972 when I started riding a Kawasaki H2. The big thumping 4 cycles could not keep up so they resorted to verbal abuse.

1) Should’a got the backup camera.
2) This thing only goes straight? Cause those front wheels aren’t going to clear those fenders.

But, very cool looks, very cool.

Nissan Leaf Mates with Godzilla.

It’s still lipstick on a pig… After owning a LEAF for 3.5 years, trading it in for a Tesla ended my self-justification of its goofy looks…..

“Lipsticking”. Good term. 🙂