Highlights From Elon Musk’s Speech At World Energy Innovation Forum 2016

Elon Musk

MAY 12 2016 BY MARK KANE 13

World Energy Innovation Forum

World Energy Innovation Forum

An extensive summary of the recent Elon Musk interview from the 2016 World Energy Innovation Forum earlier this month was released by Tesla Updates.

As on many other occasions, Musk speaks about many of his projects, even back to his early Zip2 software company, which (like with Model X production of today) saw the young CEO get started by sleeping in the office and just few thousand bucks in the pocket.

Touching on an interest fact on Tesla’s history, was Musk recounting how the company (once considered to be branded Faraday – from 10:00 mark) was established after AC Propulsion refused to commercialize the tzero:

AC Propulsion tzero

AC Propulsion tzero

“The genesis code for Tesla was actually a lunch in 2003 with J.B. Straubel, one the co-founders.

We were talking about electric planes and space stuff and then conversation turned into electric vehicles, he mentioned a little company in California called A.C. Propulsion which created ‘tzero’ electric prototype sports car.

I did a test drive in the ‘tzero’ and tried to convince A.C. propulsion to commercialize it, it was a cool concept but didn’t have a roof or safety systems, but it showed basic fundamentals of what an electric sports car could do.

They deserve a lot of credit for Tesla. I Couldn’t convince them to commercialize it, I joined up with other people interested and created Tesla.  In the beginning we didn’t actually own the trademark, it was owned by somebody in Sacramento. We had to change the name, we battered around various names – Faraday was our second choice. Faraday was the guy who invented the electric motor. Tesla invented the AC induction motor which is the type used on the Roadster”.”

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How come there is no better quality video from this event?!?

Are you any relation to RexxSee? Are you his Tesla hating, ICE loving, evil twin brother? 😉

See Rex.
See Rex see the ball.
Watch Sven taunt Rex with the ball.
See Rex see Sven hide the ball.
Watch Rex rip Sven’s had off to get the ball.
See Rex play with the ball.
See Sven run….

SeeRexx, RexxSee and Lustucc are all the same person…

He is actually Tesla loving, GM hating typical fan boys but drives a Prius… LOL.

Musk technically not “create” Tesla. He did win the right to call himself a founder in a lawsuit originating from the firing of one of the original founders.

It sounds like revisionist history to me.

Exactly, just like your Major.

I like your comments Sven, keeping the Tesla fans honest. But while Elon isn’t technically a founder of Tesla Motors, wouldn’t you say that spiritually he is the founder and deserves to be called that?


If it weren’t for Elon and his money Martin Eberhard would still be in the garage tinkering away. He is the Winklevoss twins of Tesla. How’s his electric truck company doing?

Musks money created Tesla and Martin wasn’t doing what Musk wanted and nearly bankrupted him so he was fired.

He always says he decided to start an internet company first rather than study battery theory in order to have a bigger immediate impact on mankind. I am continually frustrated that he splits his time between Tesla and Space X. Surely electrification of ground transportation will have more of an immediate impact then some Jetsons future on Mars. I love what they are doing but I think the EV revolution is more important right now.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.