High Voltage Electric Car Sales In March In Europe? EagleAID Says Yes, BUT…!


Nissan LEAF in Europe

Nissan LEAF in Europe

High Voltage March - Best month for electric car sales in Europe

High Voltage March – Best month for electric car sales in Europe

EagleAID has perfected the skill of presenting all-electric car sales in a way that even record results falls look miserable.

In the latest edition of EagleAID, it was noted that March was the best month ever with the highest BEVs registration numbers across West Europe’.

On the graph, we see some 20,000 in the first quarter, compared to 17,000 in Q4, and roughly 14,000 in Q2 & Q3. That does not include plug-in hybrids or the BMW i3 REx, for example, that would bring the total plug-in tally north of 33,000 units.

Average market share for BEVs in West Europe’ reached 0.7% in March, although we understand that Norway with its 20-25% inflated the average for other countries significantly.

In the open part of the report, EagleAID poured a bucket of cold water of the high voltage sales of electric cars:

“A contrasting rosy tale of flourishing electric car sales in just one market still contrasts with the ongoing sorry tale in the vast majority of the region’s other markets where the electric car industry is still presented with frustratingly few visible signs of progress for their considerable ongoing efforts”

“But for today’s electric car industry the potentially spirit-lifting news will likely be greeted with smiles rather than jubilation.

That’s simply because the hottest electric car registration month on record was not so much a sign that finally the eagerly awaited upturn in Europe’s underlying electric car demand is finally gaining momentum, but rather a reflection of yet another bumper turnout in one of Europe’s most highly subsidised electric car markets …”

Now that’s how you twist figures to reach a conclusion that’s to your liking.

Meanwhile, reports such as by the European Automobile Manufacturers Associations, just gives the facts on plug-in cars in Europe.  Specifically that 15 EU countries netted more than 50% gains in the first quarter thanks to a strong March.

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Sour Grapes. No one ever wants to admit they were wrong. It’s human nature, and in this case, group think. We are the best and the brightest how can we be wrong?


Talking about subsidized, I can’t wait for EagleAID to run out of business like the Literary Digest did after forecasting (via “scientific polling”) that Roosevelt would lose in a landslide in 1936.

They can’t even write proper English sentences anymore, it seems. If they ever could.

Sour grapes absolutely. Ten years from now, I personally believe, there will be more electric cars than ice cars on the roads of the developed world.

Sweden is just above 1% new car bev marketchear for the second month in a row now 🙂