High-Tech Escape On Zero Electric Motorcycle – Video


By way of Motorcycle.com, Zero posted a video with Curt Schwebke, the Executive Director of Technical Strategy at Dell talking a little about what life is like in the high-tech world, and how he likes to blow off steam.  (…on his Zero motorcycle, natch.)  He describes the Zero as a product that has “…technology so well integrated, that it’s completely hidden from you.”  He also talks a little religion – the Church of the Sunday Morning Ride.  Not to be missed, for anyone who’s into bikes.

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Anti-See Through

I already saw this video. I’ve been following this motorcycle very closely and as soon as the UK comes up with a govt. grant towards the purchase price, I am hoping Zero come back into the country so I can snap one up. The road model has a decent range of at least 100 miles (base model) right up to 150, give or take.

Justin Andrews

The grant is already available, £1500 off the bike, for some *strange* reason the govt is not advertising it, but it should be available.




Nice video…
But it completely ignores the range issue. If Schwebke didn’t live right in the mountains, so the twisties start 30 feet from his house, but had to ride 200mi round trip just to get to them & back, this would be a non-starter.

That’s the situation I & a lot of urban folks are in… until we can quick-charge to 90% in <30min, and the bike gets 150mi on a single charge in the twisties (where there aren't any recharge spots at all), at 50-60mph, the market for electric motorcycles will be miniscule.