High-Res & Up-Close Video Of Tesla Model 3 In White On Public Roads

Tesla Model 3


Finally, some super high quality video of a Tesla Model 3 with close ups, too!

Earlier this week, during Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting, CEO Elon Musk revealed that initial Model 3 orders will be limited to color choice and wheel-size selection  (that and other details, including the Model Y here):

“Initially, the Model 3 configurator — it’s kind of going to be like what color do you want and what size of wheels do you want. That’s basically going to be the configurator.”

Well, we’ve seen what we believe to be all the colors that will initially be offered on the Model 3. Those colors include white, black, blue, silver, red and Signature Red. But we’ve really only seen one wheel design (see image below):

Tesla Model 3 “release candidates” hint at upcoming color choices for July configurator release

But in the video above, you’ll see a new aero-looking wheel appear, as well as some horrible panel fitment issues that we’ll say is trademark Tesla for pre-production vehicles (see image below):

Aero Wheel

Video description:

“Tesla Model 3 spotted testing locally here in the Bay Area near the tesla factory. Don’t worry we will be back to racing videos by the end of the month!”

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Looks better and better, with the more up close and personal shots every day!

Really? Looks like a lot horrible gaps between the panels, they don’t match up.

The close up is a bit shaky but they will get that fixed soon enough.

Yeah, that is awful. I think the white makes it stand out even more.

Order a new “hard tool” for that one, lol.

However those areo wheels look pretty nice. Much better than the Model S once that got nixed. Similar to (or exactly the same) the Flat Black Perf Alfa car from last year.

“Order a new “hard tool” for that one, lol.”


Hah hah. you beat me to it.

Ugly wheels though. I hope that isn’t the only style.

The pre-production car is for testing the operations of the vehicle, not checking out the fit and finish.

Early pre-production vehicles (IVERs in GM speak) are for testing functionality. That’s basically what these are. But GM built their IVERs 18 months before first customer delivery. At 6 months prior to delivery they were testing PPV/MVBs which are used to validate the assembly line.

Tesla wants you to think these “Release Candidates” are PPVs, since first customer delivery is NEXT MONTH (!!!). But they’re really IVERs. Should have been built in early 2016. We’ll see how that works out for them. I wish them well, but it feels like another case of hubris.

You may as well have said that the pre- production car isn’t good for anything other than free press.

That gal on the white one is bad. Hope they get it fixed.

All this complaining online about panel gaps.

These are hand-built test cars. I remember getting nervous watching the Model X test vehicles with all sorts of misaligned falcon wing doors. Those duck-taped testers were the same as these 3s. The first few months of Xs did have an inordinate amount of fit and finish problems, but Musk set up his tent and sleeping bag next to the line and got those quality issues under control eventually. Now the Xs I see in my area look perfect.

They have to do better with the 3. The masses and press won’t be so kind to Tesla now, with a larger crowd of buyers and more realistic expectations now that Tesla is going mainstream.

I have no doubt the first Model 3s that go to employees will be glitchy. By the time non-employee consumers get their hands on theirs, the models that come off the line will be tight and right.

My X was horrible, and it shipped in April: seven months after the release. They still haven’t been able to fix the misalignments.

yeah sure.


😀 😀 😀

4E, are you still pretending you bought a Model X, after being a serial Tesla basher, literally for years?

That gets funnier every time you pretend that. Really.

Almost as bad as See Through was.

The gaps are horrible. You think this is another ploy to anti-sell the Model 3?

Nope. Some of the photos posted to the Tesla Motors Club forum show some pretty shocking panel gaps on Tesla’s previous cars, a lot worse than we see here. I had hoped that Tesla had been able to solve that problem between the release of the MX and how, but it looks like it’s a problem that still needs some work. Still, I don’t find the panel gaps on the white M3 above to be as bad as some here are saying. Spend some time looking at candid shots of cars online, and you’ll notice that white cars show panel gaps a lot more than other colors. It’s the contrast between the white paint and the black gap that makes it stand out. I think people have gotten too used to looking at the perfect CGI car images shown in commercials and ads. They forget that in real life, cars are seldom if ever that perfect. Next time you’re in a parking lot, take a close look at the cars around you, and see if you can’t spot imperfections in the panel gaps of pretty much every single car there. Reality check: In real life, we rarely give cars the… Read more »

I would never spend $42K on a car that looks like this white one. It looks like a 10yr old child put it together using the wrong parts. With that said, I assume Tesla will fix the problem before the production Model 3.

Come on, you can do a better exaggeration than that. What about your cat?

Each to their own.
As I said, I assume Tesla will fix this before it goes into production.

Something like that will never be fixed! Its unfix-able! I suggest people cancel their orders so I can get my M3 quicker! DO it NOW!

OK! Canceling mine now, just to help you get yours sooner!….. NOT!

Maybe dumb question, but how do they drive these on public streets with no plates?

I think they just have a dealer slip, probably inside taped on the windshield.

Manufacturer tags?

The same way Steve Jobs was able to drive without plates.

Yes, really.

I’m sorry, but the panel alignment is so bad on the trunk!!! I’m sure this is also a problem for traditional car manufacturers… but at least the traditional automakers have the decency to use camo and weird paint jobs so it’s not as noticeable.

Good Lord, that’s bad.

Knock! Knock!
Who’s There?
Interrupting Chicken.
Interrupting Chic..
Pock! Pock!

LOL that alignment issue of the hatch make it look like it’s from another car 😀

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Looks much better in white.

The dude taking the video needs to lay off the double shot Mocha’s…..

This production candidate will not get many votes.

The gap dimensions, thats typical Tesla even on a 100000 $ car they do this…now we know how it looks when Tesla build a 35k $ car.

You seem so much smarter than you sound.

A German website! How wonderful. You see in the pictures – many pictures of the same car and the same hatch lid. So – when you took delivery of the car, he did not walk around the car and check fit and finish?! Or – if a problem developed over time – you decided to take photos rather than have the service dept. fix the issue? Hmmm… German folk wouldn’t be scared of Tesla, would they? Hmmm… Since no German car company, many who’ve been around for well over a decade – has a fully electric car with a range of 2-300 miles…Hmmmm There’s bound to be attacks on Tesla from it’s competitors. Someday, they’ll just try to compete. I find it funny and fascinating. These Germans have owned the performance luxury market for so long – they got fat and flabby. Just read the tens of thousands of complaints about Mercedes quality issues these days – Or an infamous case in which BMW sent an example of a new M Class BMW to Motor Trend magazine with engineering flaws in it’s engine that astounded them. When I sold luxury cars twenty years ago, it was well known in the… Read more »

Currently gaps are awful and hopefully it gets fixed…Perhaps this is why other automakers use camo wraps all the time?

These are hand stamped, hand built cars. They aren’t concerned with fit and finish. These cars are built to test systems – not showcase the end result.

Camo seems unnecessary since we all have seen the car since reveal ( seems 99% the same as the reveal cars ). Why camo them all up as if we don’t know what they look like?

I thought these were “release candidates.” Do they plan on hand building them after release?

You ought to short Tesla’s stock with every dollar you’ve got.

“Why camo them all up as if we don’t know what they look like?”

I always wondered that myself. I always thought it was ridiculous for auto makers to deliberately put test cars out where they can have “spy photos” taken of them — probably tipping off photographers so they can generate excitement about a new model — yet cover them with camo so you can’t actually see much.

But after seeing all the obsessive hand-wringing and whining in posts online about panel gaps in pre-production Model X’s and Model 3’s, I can see a very good reason for those other auto makers to put the camo on pre-production cars.


Nobody see that the white car doesn’t have license plate ?

Manufacture test car must has license plate to be able to drive on public road.

There’s a lovely little quirk in CA motor vehicle law…

Steve Jobs did it too.

All new cars are driven without plates the first few weeks in Cali until you get the permanent plates. You get to put a sticker on the windshield with the temporary registration info.

No camo on cars with bad panel fitment.

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ’em.

Are you often called “knumbnuts” by your
family and friends?

When people make these comments about a test car that in no way will mirror the cars that come off the assembly line – I just shake my head and wonder if you got dropped on yours.

STOP! Stop the panel gap comments…Please, STOP!

~ Man!

The X had panel gaps before release, and had them half a year later. I don’t see why the 3 would be any different. Both cars were rushed to market.

Tesla is not about quality. Tesla is about attempting to meet impossible deadlines. That is their M.O.

I’d say Tesla is about shutting guys like you up.

Imagine a new car company. Imagine that company springs from the USA! Amazing!

Imagine a car company that literally revolutionizes the way we power our cars. Are they from Germany? Austria? Japan? Sweden? S. Korea?

You’re a liar about your X. You are a known Tesla basher and a liar.

You have never driven a Tesla. You probably don’t even like cars!

I’d say you’re just wasting your time here. You’re a known troll.


I totally agree with you.

Tesla is a premier showcase for American ingenuity.

The world is amazed by the Tesla’s vision, products, and talented people. I am confident that they will continue to be a spectacular success for many years.

I feel privileged to live in an era when I can be a witness to this modern miracle as it unfolds right here in America!

Four Electrics continued his anti-Tesla FUD campaign:

“The X had panel gaps before release, and had them half a year later.”

Amazingly enough, in the real world this occasionally happens with all mass produced cars.

Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, troll.

Nah, let ’em continue to whine over nothing. Think of it as an intelligence test, and they apparently want everybody to see their “F”.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. — attributed to Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln

The small aero wheels don’t do it for me, but surely they will add some to the AER.

I’d like to have these as aero wheel cover that’d be removable and that you could use for longer trips only if you want 🙂

A car with a computer screen in the middle, sticking up like a sore thumb.

Dude, seriously?

Then stick with your Edsel.

Quite serious. How about you?

Hey the White one is mine. Please don’t scratch it. I’m waiting for it to be delivered in July to the Tempe, AZ Store.

I don’t know, since all these comments about fit and finish I’ve been super conscious about it on other cars. Light colours show the gap, dark colours not so much. And plenty of cars have a lot of gaps, especially around the bonnet and boot. Sure, the bonnet does look like it sits up from the bumper part, and I think the location of the boot arms is a mistake, but I don’t think it is really that much worse than many other cars I’ve looked at this past few weeks.

It’s certainly not a good idea to judge by the anecdotal evidence of photos posted online. The ones that are really bad are of course the ones which get attention, and that applies to all cars — not just Teslae.

From all the discussion of panel gaps on the Tesla Motors Club forum and elsewhere, it may be that Tesla did have this problem crop up more frequently than average in early production units of the MS and MX. But according to various reports, Tesla has improved that situation a lot.

Whether or not that improvement will extend to early production units of the Model 3… well, that remains to be seen.

More importantly, if slight variances in gaps between body panels are the worst thing that serial Tesla bashing trolls (like “Four Electrics”) can find to whine about… then Tesla must be doing a truly spectacular job of quality control!

Go Tesla!

Peeps got their panties in a bunch for eterior fit and finish panel gaps. I would be more concerned about the overly plain and staid interior dash layout and single prius like center screen. That is someting you are always going to looking at.

If texting while driving is a road hazard, how much more must so must videoing while driving! If I ever see a Model 3, I’ll drive away to avoid being creamed!

The panel fit issue isn’t so much (for me) about panel fit per se as it is an indicator that Tesla is still struggling with some basic manufacturing issues. When we saw this on the early Model Ses, everyone gave them a pass because they were new. When we saw this on the Model X, we gave them a pass because they were overly ambitious. Unfortunately, we are here 5 years later and the CURRENT model Ses still exhibit fit and finish issues and I have a bad feeling we’ll see the same trend with the Model 3. I sort of cringe when I read they didn’t waste time with “soft tooling” on the Model 3 (which allows for easier adjustments). You can’t really fix a car at the service center that isn’t “square” from the factory. Tesla also suffers from a lack of attention to things like NVH. As of today, little of this matters given the hype around Tesla, but in a few more years if competitors with decades of experience in this area finally catch up and start selling big range, powerful EVs, they won’t have to “relearn” all of this stuff. Who am I kidding…Tesla doesn’t… Read more »