Here’s Your Who’s Who Look at Tesla Model S Parts Suppliers


Say you own a Tesla Model S—or maybe you’re considering purchasing one—have you ever wondered who supplies the various nuts and bolts that make it function?

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Well, we’re not sure where those nuts and bolts come from, nor do we care, but it is interesting to discover where the Model S more vital components come from.

The essential electric parts, including the battery pack, electric motor, on-board charger and universal connector are all homegrown Tesla Motors components, but most of the other parts are flown in from automotive suppliers around the globe.

Brakes? Brembo-Italy

Electric Power Steering? ZF-Germany

Power Seat Recliner? Fisher Dynamics-US

And the list goes on.

Check out the infographic above to find out who supplies some of the various bits that make the Tesla Model S a complete and utterly remarkable automobile.

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I wonder how much they can reduce the cost by manufacturing more of these parts themselves?

Probably would be more expensive, not less. Setting aside development costs and possible intellectual property concerns, the parts they bought most likely share some or all bits with those supplier’s other customers, and thus benefit from volume pricing and likely some shared tooling, quality control, material handling, and general operating overhead expense.

Manufacturing a vehicle is a delicate balance of insourcing and outsourcing. Tesla’s core competencies are as listed (the motors, battery pack, onboard charger, metal stamping, plastics, etc. You have to consider cost and difficulty to produce internally while taking into account licensing and trade secrets.

Anyone know who casts the wheels?