Here’s Your Top 10 Global Plug-In Vehicle Automakers Listed by Total Sales


2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

We love our sales figures here at InsideEVs.  Perhaps a bit too much.

But, if you’re like us, then sales is where it’s at.  There’s really no more accurate way to determine the success or failure of a product than by its sales volume.

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

That’s increasingly true on the global scale and is often used by automakers to determine whether or not to continue producing a vehicle.  However, gathering global sales figures, especially ones that span a few years, is incredibly difficult.  We’ve posted a few of these global sales reports in the past, but this one here is entirely different.

Thanks to our friends at EV Sales, what we have here is an all-time (figures current as of April 30 2013) running total of global sales, listed by automaker, and presented in Top 10 fashion.

Here goes…

  1. Nissan:  61,581
  2. Chevrolet:  43,138
  3. Toyota: 34,491
  4. Mitsubishi:  32,685
  5. Renault:  23,937
  6. Tesla:  12,381
  7. Ford:  7,489
  8. Chery:  5,758
  9. BYD:  5,325
  10. JAC:  4,068

Any surprises there?

Hat tip to Kimmi!!! (@ EV-Sales.blogspot)

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With the Renault Zoe out in Europe, renault might climb in the rankings pretty quickly

I would agree. Zoe looks to sell an easy 2k a month, and now that it is spring again, the Twizy should pick up.

I’d say by year’s end there is going to be a fierce three-way battle for 2nd. Given Mitsu is moving production up to 4k a month in September for the Outlander, and have 15K in pre-orders to work through, they look to add an easy 20K there + whatever they can move of the 2 MiEV models.

Here’s the world Brand and model top 6 in 2013:

Top 6 Brands:
Nissan 11.624
Mitsubishi 7.476
Tesla 7.107
Chevrolet 6.760
Toyota 5.713
Renault 5.604

Top 6 Models:
Nissan Leaf 11.624
Tesla Model S 7.097
Chevrolet Volt family 6.760
Toyota Prius Plug-In 5.401
Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In 4.304
Renault Zoe 2.535

So, if Nissan looks untouchable in #1, for #2 Mitsubishi has to put the Outlander Plug-In production in full steam to defend its position from a consistent Tesla (suffering from production constraints) and Chevrolet, which could use the rebates/discount card to go back to last years sales levels.

For #5, Renault will surely pass Toyota as the Zoe sales reaches cruising levels and the seasonal Twizy sees its sales inflated.

Even Ford (7th at 2.922) surpassed Toyota in April, so as the Fusion keeps their upwardly trajectory, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the american brand to pass also Toyota.

In the future it will be interesting to see where the Outlander ranks, my bet is a Top 3 place, behind the Leaf and somewhere between the Model S and Volt.

Is the Toyota number just Prius Plugins? I didn’t know they had moved that many already!

Rav4 EV too

there were sold some 15.7K Plug-in Prius in the US, 12.6K in Japan and the rest in Europe.

The japanese EV market isn’t very visible in the media, but it’s the second largest market in the world, there are that many Leaf’s in Japan (24K) as in the US.

Toyota might be set for the biggest slide here as Mitsubishi might have a hit with Outlander, Renault with Zoe (as Robster said), and Tesla with the Model S.

Nissan looks like it might pad its gap over Chevy in 2013 with the new LEAF pricing and worldwide production. Chevy should be able to keep that #2 spot locked down with Volt sales alone, plus a little help from the Spark EV. With Gen II Volt or new lower pricing on the Volt things could get interesting again up at the top.

Cadillac ELR is coming at the end of this year, but I don’t expect big sales #’s out of a limited run car.

True, but those numbers won’t hit until 2014 right? I am guessing 1-2k total from the ELR. But that might be 6 – 9 months of Spark EV sales the way the rollout looks. Two good Volt months dwarf them both combined.

Yes, but Chevy can’t stand still, it needs to get a move on (read: discounts) and bet seriously on the Spark EV.

The sum of all of those, while a drop in the bucket compared to total auto sales, I still find staggering. And to think a measly 7 years ago we were all making regular donations to Felix and Ron’s to pressure the industry to just f-ing DO SOMETHING. Amazing. From Calcars to Plug In America to vocal individuals, and of course in the end, the auto manufacturers, there are a lot of people to thank. And now, no matter how slowly it progresses, or even if there are small retractions (and someday the inevitable model recall over battery fires), there is no going back.

I get a total of 230,553 cars.
So ~1/4 million on the roads.
I think 1 million will be a major milestone.

265.000 on my count, but in reality it must be even more, maybe 280.000.

Are Nissan and Renault considered divisions of one company, or are they indeed separate entities? If you combine their sales, Nissan (as an entire company) is head and shoulders above the rest in sales.

Never heard of JAC…Is that a Chinese company?

They are actually seperate companies, but with a huge asterisk. Technically I guess you call them in an alliance (as they are want to do) or really as partners who have big equity stakes in each other. So it is in their own interests to help/aid the other, share platforms, CEO (lol), etc. Its an odd arrangement… and given the economic situations that have come up over the years, people/investors/analysts figured they should just go ahead an merge from time to time, but it has a lot to do with Japanese culture that keeps them from doing that, and the prevalent thinking that by having two seperate companies, design teams, etc, they keep their own identities, that have made them successful in specific pockets of the world in the past. Before the partnership, Nissan and Renault really didnt infringe on each other’s markets all that much, so it made a lot of sense…and they have made a lot of money together since. It was really born out of some really tough times in the 90s Nissan. Renault owns a little more than 44% of Nissan, and Nissan owns 15% in Renault. Basically though, you can look at it as Renault… Read more »

I wasn’t sure how that all was sorted out. I sort of thought that Nissan owned more of Renault but apparently not. Hey, if it works for them, I’m not going to knock them for it. Nissan doesn’t need Renault’s sales to put them into the lead of plug-in sales. But maybe in time, that will change.

Wow, Renault has really made out in that deal. 44% of Nissan is worth a lot more now than it did in the 90s. I guess they deserve it, since Ghosn really turned Nissan around.

” Renault owns a little more than 44% of Nissan, and Nissan owns 15% in Renault”

So does that mean Renault owns 44% of 15%, or 6.6% of themselves??
(continued to infinity (no pun intended))

That is actually how the numbers got screwy over the original deal…Renault did not intend to own 44%. Nissan picked up a share of Renault after Renault first took around 40% of them, and as a result increased back how we report on how much of Nissan Renault owns.

Yep, JAC, Chery, BYD and others like Zotye are all chinese brands that sell electric cars, although plug-ins represent only a drop in the enormous chinese auto market (0,08%, to be precise), last year there were sold 12.467 electrics there, making it the fourth largest EV market in the world and thanks to import taxes, 99% of it is made of chinese brands like these.

No surprises on the list regarding the top 4! Sad to see Ford sooo low.

Agreed that Mitsubishi will probably take no3 spot away from Toyota and maybe give Chevy a run for no2 spot! A lot of interest is brewing for the Outlander EV!

Would be interesting to see this list again in Jan 2014.