Here’s Your First Look at the New Saab 9-3 – Electric Version to Launch in 2014


On Monday, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) restarted production of the Saab 9-3.

New 9-3

New 9-3

NEVS is making this batch of 9-3s with the same 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine used before Saab collapsed in 2011.

The purpose here is to get the production facility up to snuff in preparation for the electric 9-3 that is slated to launch in 2014.

Right now, NEVS is building 9-3s at a snail’s pace, as it’s basically hoping to get the kinks out of the production line before going all in next year.

The electric 9-3 is expected to featured some exterior freshening, so these images seen here don’t necessarily reflect 100% what we’ll see in 2014 when the first electric Saab arrives.

But still, we don’t expect the electric to differ significantly though, at least not until 2015 when NEVs launched a fully revamped version of the 9-3.

The electric 9-3 will likely be offered only in China, though NEVS doesn’t rule out the possibility of selling it elsewhere.

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I’d be amazed to see these in the U.S. The Saab dealer network is basically gone.

Is there a list of “proposed” EVs entering the US market and or global market in 2014? That would make a nice December read.

Such a massive mistake to put this ugly ICE car back into production. And making an electric version is equally stupid. So much facepalm.
How can they expect a failure to suddenly be a success without changing something.
I expect this to be yet another half billion dollar certain death venture.

Before GM ran Saab into the ground, Saab had always produced a rather quirky car that was attractive to those who valued a car that was a bit different. They were very popular in Sweden. The Chinese market is Saab’s focus now although Swedes would probably buy an ICE version in significant numbers if given the opportunity. Sweden, unlike Norway, hasn’t embraced EV’s in significant numbers, so it remains to be seen whether Saab EV’s will be popular there.

I thought I was going to get the first look at the new Saab 9-3 which would prove that there was at least a prototype. Instead I get the ICE version so my suspicion that there is never going to be an EV version remains.

It’s very hard to do an EV with serious market appeal and it’s extremely doubtful that Saab’s new owners have the proper expertise. Nobody in China seems to have that.

If they put a huge battery in it and didn’t have any silly restrictions, I’d definitely be interested.