Here’s Your 2013 Top 5 Plug-In Vehicle Global Sales Leaders Broken Down by Automaker


Nissan Leaf in Norway

Nissan Leaf in Norway

Well, it was bound to happen sometime soon.  Shortly after getting wind of the cumulative running total for global plug-in vehicle sales, we decided to whip up this here post.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

It’s self-explanatory really, so we won’t bore you with details.

Here are the Top 5 global plug-in vehicle sales leaders, broken down by automaker, thus far in 2013 (figures current as of April 30).

  1. Nissan: 11,624
  2. Mitsubishi:  7,473
  3. Tesla:  7,107
  4. Chevrolet:  6,760
  5. Toyota:  5,713

The only surprise here is maybe that Mitsubishi stands at #2.  Though the Mitsubishi i doesn’t sell for a darn in the US, it’s faring well in portions of Europe and in Japan.  No other shockers really, though we expect Renault to knock Toyota out of the 5 spot and possibly shoot pass Chevy now that Zoe is busting onto the scene.

Hat tip to Kimmi!!! @ EV Sales

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Nice YTD report. It looks like Tesla should move to #2 at over 9k units in the world by end of May, closing in on the Leaf. Along with Chevrolet closing in on Mitsubishi.

By the end of year, we should see Tesla as the #1 Full EV manufacturer, and Chevrolet as the #1 Plug-in Hybrid manufacturer in the World.

If Chevy drops the price of the Volt/ for MY2014 sales should climb even faster

Apparently you think Nissan has stopped selling Leafs !

Please don’t call the Volt a plug in hybrid.

Sorry, I missed the “error” in that definition?

The Volt can’t be driven by the engine. The engine’s only purpose is to charge the car’s battery.

Thank you for the answer. I was under the impression that the ICE in the Volt did have the capability of directly powering the car in certain rare(?) high-speed situations. BTW, very revealing article and thank you for providing the numbers.

nope ice to generator to electric motor. car will run up to 100mph on battery alone

Not true. The Volt is not a pure series machine. It can directly link to the wheels also.

Okay, I was confused, then.

Tesla will end the year at 21k sales worldwide, if they hit their recently revised guidance. Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Chevy will all be very disappointed if they can’t best that number.

The problem with Tesla is that they can’t produce cars fast enough to satisfy demand, they’re stuck on 20-something thousand units a year, unlike Mitsubishi or Volvo that will double or triple production of their plug-ins without major drama.

Tesla really doesn’t have much incentive to crank up production until they hit their 25% gross margin on Model S sales. Every extra car they sell before that is profit they missed out on. Additionally, it would remove their focus from driving the cost out of production.

Musk just said it was going to be Q4 before they hit the desired margin. My guess is we will see a second shift start around that time and boost production 30% – 50%, if they have proven they have demand for that level.

Not sure about that.
We will have to see what happens after they get thru their Rez list.

Their reso list is already gone in the US once all the 40 kWh get delivered (this month). All US orders from here on are new demand, 85 kWh has been for a couple months. Tesla has claimed on multiple occasions they are not demand constrained. Nobody knows for sure though, and that is what I said “if they have proven they have demand for that level.”

That’s a great photo of the Leaf. !!


chevy spark ev will be out in July. should help chevys numbers. I will be putting one next to my volt in the garage. I wish they came in that sweet lime green though.