Here’s Why The Tesla Model X Isn’t Awful – Humorous Video


According to reports, the Tesla Model X is basically an awful vehicle. What with those Falcon Wing doors that never operate right and that faulty Autopilot thingy that fails more often than it works, the Model X can only be classified as awful, right?

Plunger Proof

Plunger Proof

Well, as Autotrader’s Doug DeMuro shows us in this video, the X (aka pigeon-winged minivan), despite all the negative WordPress blog reports and YouTube comments, doesn’t live up to its awful status.

Video description:

“I recently drove the Tesla Model X in order to find out why so many car enthusiasts don’t like it. Here’s what I discovered.”

DeMuro’s write up on the X concludes with this:

“For today, I’ll stick to the review and the following conclusion: Just like any other car, the Model X has its flaws and its strengths. And just like any other performance car, the Model X left me grinning for most of the time I spent behind the wheel. The Model X may not be perfect for every person’s situation, but I promise it’s not awful. It’s not even bad. It’s a fun car with exciting technology and impressive performance — and if most car enthusiasts spent some time with one, I think they’d feel the same way.”

This satirical video is perhaps the most humorous we’ve seen on YouTube with a connection to electric cars. So, if you’re looking for a few good laughs, then it’s a must watch.

Source: AutoTrader

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It’s clearly a great car but if you are parting with that much cash you probably are not expecting to have niggles like trim not lining up properly or that amount of wear n tear to the seats after 8400 miles ?

That’s not to say that the build quality won’t improve over time mind you.

Yes, but when Tesla fixes it, you got a lamborghini as a rental car 🙂

There’s at least 10,000,000 comedians out of work & this IDIOT is trying to be funny., Doing and saying all these “STUPIDITIES” (*&!@#$%^&..) When it’s all said & done, Now He Likes It..What a G00F !…NOT MY KIND OF HUMOR .He should consider himself Lucky to even get near a Tesla..Get 0ff the Air G00fUS!.

Really? This is the best you can do?

I don’t know why he does what he does. My assumption is he is a 12 year old whose dad owns a Tesla.

Jimijonjack wasn’t kidding when he said you were his frenemy.


lol 🙂

+ 1

It’s his alter-ego. Some people just don’t appreciate it.

The Model X in video was rented from the owner on the website/app. This video is irrefutable proof of why car sharing sucks.

Reason #285: Douche renting your car will use his tongue to operate or lick touch screen, car controls, steering wheel, and surfaces that you will touch afterwards. (see also Reason #12 regarding bodily fluids left in car)

Reason #539: Douche renting your car will use a plunger to damage your very expensive to replace touchscreen.

When the owner get his car back, he’s left wondering why is my Tesla’s touchscreen unresponsive and sticky.

Let’s face it, people can be slobs and/or vile creatures. Uber has problems with passengers peeing and puking in the back seat, and that’s with the car owner sitting in the front seat. What sort of hijinx will ensue when your car is rented out and driven unsupervised?

Oh, I assumed that was a brand new plunger and not a used one, which might leave behind fecal matter on you touchscreen or a nice colony of E. coli bacteria. Yuck! Like I already said: car sharing sucks!

“Highly impractical” would be the better term.

The Model X is the blonde bimbo of the car world.

All looks and no substance!

Except in this case, the “bimbo” is one of the most technologically advanced bits of automotive hardware/software available today. So , perhaps a bimbo with a degree from CalTech. Say what you will but there is a reason that 94% of actual MX owners say they would buy it again.

Why is he sitting on the car!? Especially one he borrowed.

Really? This jerk used a toilet plunger on the infotainment screen, and licked it repeatedly, and your complaint was he sat on the car?

He complained that Tesla wouldn’t loan him a car to review. Gee, I wonder why? 🙄

Sitting on a Borrowed car for the Same reason he was attempting to dislodge or pull 0ff the center computer screen with a Toilet Plunger..He’s a G00FUS!

Honestly – just all try your best to keep away from this loser. Although, even no matter how hard I try, he keeps coming up.

He has little nuance. If you read what he says, it plain to god honestly looks like it had the English writing level of a 12 year old.

His last review I saw of the Nissan escargo infuriated me. So language and baseless criticism were so agonising and stupidly simple.

He’s the perfect driver for a Hummer anyways.

This Loser should Be held Liable If anything ever goes wrong with that Computer screen that this G00FUS was trying to Pry/tear 0ff With a Toilet Plunger I’m sure he did Damage it to some Degree..Infact They should Get a Security Advance Payment Deposit from Him Immediately !

Here we agree 100%.

I cringed when he brought the fire-stick right up to the touch-screen – those things tend to have an uncontrollable flame size.

And a Plumber’s helper? C’mon.

That’s why you are taking a risk puchasing a rental car – everyone abuses the piss out of the car since its not their own.

Does Turo know about this? I’d ban him for life if I were them!

What a donkey!

This pretentious attempt at irreverent humor probably won’t go viral, but using a plunger on the touch screen might go bacterial.

So, basically, this is like Bevis & B-Head “doesn’t suck” review. Okay, that was entertaining in spots, but one of my pet peeves is reviewers — of anything, not just cars — who get so busy showing how clever they are that they forget the purpose of a review is to *gasp* actually review the product / service / entertainment / whatever. Case in point: The reviewer here shows the Model X in Summon mode, which means it pulls forward (or backward) slowly for a short distance even when there’s nobody in the driver’s seat. He shows that if you step in front of the car, it will stop. That’s correct, but then he shows that if you walk toward the car, it will back up; and if you run toward it, it will back up faster! That part is faked, as he admits later on in the video. But someone who didn’t watch the whole thing, or wasn’t paying close attention to what he said, would miss that and think the car really will do that. More to the point, this reviewer used the video as if entertaining the viewer was more important that educating him. Look, if you’re… Read more »