Here’s Why Hong Kong Is The Ideal Market For Tesla



There are so many reasons that Hong Kong provides the ideal situation for Tesla’s vehicles.

As pointed out by Teslarati, the ridiculously high vehicle registration fee (as much as 115% of MSRP) is waived for electric vehicle owners. Due to this anomaly, the math will tell you that you can get a Tesla for about the price of other ICE luxury cars. Factor in some of the highest gas prices in the world, and owning a Tesla is much cheaper.

Tesla Model S in Hong Kong

Tesla Model S in Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong is super-populated and developed, it is tiny. Therefore range is not even a consideration, however, there are still conveniently located Superchargers everywhere.

In fact, Hong Kong has the highest density of Superchargers on the planet. This is likely one of the number one reasons that, of the 7,000ish EVs on the road, 4,000 are Teslas. In 2010, there were about 100 registered EVs on the island.

We should note that due to congestion, there is an issue with many Tesla owners not having a “personal” or home space to plug-in, meaning Tesla Supercharging stations and public DC fast charging locations are the only available options to get a boost.

The healthy government incentives will likely fade in the near future, or be reduced, but the cars will still be an economical no-brainer. Hong Kong is reassessing its EV tax in March.

Hong Kong is known for its love of technology, and interest in speed and performance. You can’t really find another car company that performs better in these areas than Tesla. Air quality and noise pollution are two substantial considerations among citizens and government on the tiny island. Elon Musk knows full well of Hong Kong’s importance to Tesla. He said:

The city is a “beacon city for electric vehicles” to “serve as an example to the rest of the world on what to do.”

Source: Teslarati

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That’s the same reason why Norway is a huge market for Tesla.

Tesla can’t be too competitive because of the ridiculous Tariff they impose on cars that get imported from the USA.

“Uneven Playing Field”

I think your thinking of mainland China

I hope that if and when the governments of both Hong Kong and mainland China* move to reduce the incentives for EVs, at the same time they’ll also move to make it easier for ordinary Chinese citizens to install and use their own EV slow charge points wherever they park their car, either while they sleep or at work.

*Yeah, I know it’s really just one government, but as the Chinese say: “One country, two systems”.

Why would you drive at all in Hong Kong? Parking is expensive. Take public transportation (the ultimate green transport), walk, or hail a cab.

Not everyone lives in the city centre. My commute to/from work would be about 3 hours by public transport.

Never been to HK, but it’s one of the most densely populated places on the planet (#4 globally, 6544/^2)…

It may be a good fit for EVs (charging aside, since IIRC it’s mostly apartments) due to small geographical areas, but not Teslas — a fullsize American car is a disadvantage in a crowded urban area, and there’s really nowhere you can actually use the range or performance.

I suspect Tesla’s success is due to HK’s being a pretty wealthy place, and such a car is a clear status symbol. Not just EVs, either — Mercedes & BMW make up >25% of HK’s overall car sales…