Here’s The Latest “We Hate Tesla” Website


Tesla Crash Website

Tesla Crash Website

And its creators are…listed in fine print near the bottom of the Tesla Crash homepage.

“This communication is paid for by the Connecticut Automotive Retailer Association.”

Yes, that’s right.  We’ve got an angered state dealership association taking public action against Tesla Motors.

Here’s the statement listed on the Tesla Crash site:

Tesla Crash Statement

Tesla Crash Statement


Then there’s this reference to the NADA “Get The Facts” garbage:

"Get The Facts"

“Get The Facts”

And finally, a call to action:

Call To Action

Call To Action

Looks like lots of signatures (9,155) are still required.  Hope it stays that way.

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“This communication is paid for by the Connecticut Automotive Retailer Association.”

No wonder the dealers have to jack up their prices; to pay for $#!@ like this.


Dealers are the scum of the earth.

Pathetic. If these guys actually believe in what they’re saying why not just compete in the marketplace? I forgot. Crony capitalism wins every day of the week!

What a load of crap. I’m sorry, but I live in CT and I’ve never ONCE been protected or benefitted in any way from a dealer despite several new car purchases. There’s always the finance guy waiting to screw you over with tons of options/add-ons once you’ve agreed to a price. And the service?? Don’t get me started. Lexus, Jaguar (best of the bunch and still not good), Honda, Toytota, Chevrolet…doesn’t matter….they’ve never went to bat for me. Either a simple brush off or somehow it must be something the consumer did wrong. The only thing they are truly interested in protecting is their own profits!

So now…I’m off to find a site where I can oppose such silly dealership propaganda and help Tesla, the consumer and the open market. Any leads?

But they sponsor the local Little League teams… LOL.

“Car retailers express concern over Tesla’s plan”

I’ll bet they do.

Consumer laws? What a joke. They are dealer protection laws. Have any legitimate consumer organizations (not connected to the auto industry) ever spoken out in favor of the dealer franchise laws? Of course not– only the auto dealer cartel does that.

The Federal Trade Commission, the agency tasked with protecting consumers, says the opposite– that laws limiting car sales directly by manufacturers are anti-competitive and cost consumers money.

If these dealers are being honest about wanting to sell Teslas cars then they wouldn’t have created a website that bashes Tesla with every anti Tesla article they can find on the internet.

This is the exact reason why Tesla is keeping their cars out of third party dealers hands.


Because having Tesla’s vehicles sit on their lots, isn’t the same as actively trying to sell them…

Please tell me where they have Teslas seatting in lots because the waiting list is 3 months

Most of the boutique stores have a Tesla.

China, Germany.

I’m surprised to see them stoop so low. Hard to imagine that this will accomplish anything other than tarnishing the dealers sterling reputation.

You are? This is sarcasm, right? Because auto stealerships have a reputation that’s anything but sterling.


So, what am I supposed to believe? The low-grade balloon juice from various car dealer groups, or MY OWN FREAKING EXPERIENCE as a car buyer and owner for nearly 40 years?

Like any other long-time driver, I have a list of horror stories I could tell about being ripped off or nearly so by dealers selling new or used vehicles, or servicing them. And these disgusting, no-class thieves are trying to tell me Tesla and their direct-sales model is a boogie man we should fear?


According to Gallup:
Least Trusted Positions
1. Car salespeople
2. Members of Congress

The difference is that when car salesmen get caught nailing their receptionist, it doesn’t even make the local news.

Will a dealership provide fixes to Teslas “over the air?” NOPE

Will a dealership send a mechanic to an owner’s house to fix his Tesla? NOPE

Will a dealership add markup to the cost of parts? YEP

Will a dealership then charge at least double the price of the parts in labor whether it takes that long or not? YEP

Their website links to a Jaloponik story:

If anybody has an account over there, that might be a good place to post mocking comments about these idiots trying to use this story to force Tesla to sell cars through their dealerships.

What a crazy way to try and start a business relationship. Start a website bashing and trying to embarrass the very company who you claim to want to go into business with.

The communication stated Tesla is attempting to circumvent Connecticut’s Lemon Law…

Is this true?

I’ll be generous and say that statement is “very misleading but containing small fragments of truth”. Connecticut’s “Lemon Law” is a nickname for a portion of Connecticut General Statutes chapter 743B, “Automobile Warranties”. It establishes a framework and rules for arbitration between consumers and manufacturers in disputes about automobiles with persistent, hard-to-repair defects. Because the “Lemon Law” is written within the framework of the current system, it includes a lot of references to the dealer’s role in performing authorized repairs as an agent of the manufacturer. Large parts of the “Lemon Law” actually benefit the dealer by insulating them from liability for lemon vehicles. Because a Tesla direct sale doesn’t involve an authorized dealer, it wouldn’t fit neatly into the category of disputes covered by the Lemon Law and Tesla would in theory not be compelled to use the same arbitration process as other manufacturers. My reading of CGS 743b suggests that it could be very easily amended to include a Tesla service center. But that’s not the point, of course. The idea that Tesla wants to sell direct in order to circumvent the Lemon Law has about as much truthiness as the idea that Tesla wants to circumvent the… Read more »
The analogy isn’t pertanent… I’m confused because the Lemon Law Lawyer I think in Wisconsin did sue Tesla and it was settled for the maximum amount allowed by Wisconsin Law (Full price of the car plus the client’s full lawyer and court costs). I took the Lawyer’s side in this, since no evidence was given in Court that any material tampering had been done to the car (which may or may not have happened; it was certainly speculated enough on blogs here which isn’t the point – if it was Clear Tampering Tesla would have mentioned it under oath during the trial, which to my knowledge they did not, or else the Judge disallowed the testimony since it was an irrelevant aspect of the Law Tesla was violating). I was trying to be objective, (I’m a tesla owner myself), but all kinds of heat came on me accusing me of being the Lemon Law Lawyer in disguise, hehe. The lawyer said, Tesla can either obey Wisconson Law (the easy way), or can end up the same as Stonewalling Daimler, who only settled with this guy for over $700,000 (!!!!) when a Judgement against Mercedes was settled by going to the… Read more »

I’m not from Connecticut so I’m just spit balling here. Lemon laws are for used cars. The laws were written so as to require the franchise dealerships to provide warranties for used cars and to fix them when they break. I would venture to guess that Tesla isn’t actively trying to have the lemon law repealed, but are trying to get the franchise laws repealed. A little rewording of the lemon laws could protect Tesla used car buyers, if Tesla is in or gets into the used car business.
When I was in college back in the seventies I was a member of the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG). We were very involved in educating consumers and pushing for the NY Lemon Law. I may be wrong, but I no recollection of any support for this law by any Automotive Dealership Associations.

This reminds me of that time (late 1960s or early 1970s?) when movie theatres had petitions in their lobby, which they urge patrons to sign, to “Keep TV free”. In other words, they wanted to ban pay-TV to prevent competition from HBO, Showtime, et al.

I’ll be very glad if the dealership business model becomes as obsolete as the gas guzzler will be in another decade or two.

+1. We all live in the 21st Century, you either adopt the technologies or fade away. Who enjoy go to the dealership knowing they’re going to screw you?

2017-18 can’t come soon enough