Here’s How To Purchase Your Unofficial 3D-Printed Tesla Model 3


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Tesla Model 3 3D Print In Polished Gold Steel

A 1/50th scale, unofficial 3D-Printed Tesla Model 3 is now available on Shapeways. It was designed by Mike Pan using only pictures and videos. He started the project to kill spare time but then got very involved and spent hundreds of hours on it. The project involved modelling, surfacing, lighting and rendering it meticulously to attempt to perfectly represent the “real” thing.

Tesla Model 3 3D Print In Raw Aluminum

Tesla Model 3 3D Print In Raw Aluminum

Mike placed the first order for the 3D print on Shapeways and has already received the finished product. You can go on the website and get one for yourself from $29-$299 depending on choices. The car comes in raw aluminum, different shades of steel, or plastic. Many colors are available.

Mike has an abundance of experience in scientific visualization. He has logged 12 years of Blender experience. He is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and has been employed with the¬†University of British Columbia in Canada, Institute of Clinical Physiology in Italy, and Harvard Medical School. He noted that the Model 3 project came as quite the challenge since he didn’t have good reference materials to utilize. He said:

Getting the proportions right was “difficult due to the lack of any planar drawings”.

Early in May, Mike began sharing his work on the Model 3 with the Blender community. The Blender market allows designers in the Blender community a marketplace for their production-ready products. Not long after this, he uploaded the finished design to Shapeways and orders are now shipping out throughout the world.

Dutch-founded company, Shapeways, is currently based out of New York. It is a start-up that focuses primarily on 3D printing and services. Designers simply upload their work and Shapeways prints it.

For some insight on 3D printing, check out the video.

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These were obviously made from those horribly-inaccurate 3D models that were shown here a while ago.

The hood is too long, the front wheel wells are way too far from the door seam, the rear doors are too long, etc.. Just compare to a real Model 3.