Here’s The Proper Method For Washing Your Black Tesla Model 3 – Video


Well, at least this is how the folks over at Chemical Guys says it should be done.

Black Tesla Model 3 Getting Washed

Video description:

Chemical Guys give us all an exclusive sneak peak of the Black Tesla Model 3. This Tesla Model 3 deserves only the best wash Chemical Guys can provide. Learn how to give the best car wash possible to an elegant beauty like the Tesla Model 3. When you have such a rare delicacy like this, being careful and attentive should be at the top of your list when washing the exterior paintwork of a rarity.

Using a snow foam with high suds action ensure that all the dirt and debris laying on top of the paint is lifted up to assure a scratch-free wipe. The all-new Chemical Guys Watermelon Snow Foam is the new addition to the collection of Chemical Guys Snow Foams. This new snow foam is comprised of all the magnificent abilities of the Honeydew Snow Foam but with a watermelon scent. The advanced foaming technology facilitates the super surface-cleansing capabilities. Being able to remove grime, buildup, and dirt with ease is just one of the many things it can do to ensure a safe and brilliant wash.

We gave this Tesla Model 3 a little dose of heaven when we decided to dry it down using our Cloud 9 Microfiber Towel. No cloud brings such peace than Cloud 9 and this microfiber towel takes your paint to another world as it dries it to perfection without a scratch in the world.

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Yes but only few will ever give their black car the proper love it deserves

The differences between males and females concerning car care and body care:

I remember my college American History professor making the association with early settlers loving the land like some men of his (and my) generation loving their cars; lavishing ridiculous amounts of time and money on them. He pointed out that some men spend far more on their cars than their children, yet would be incensed if you suggested they love their cars more than their children!

I didn’t realize that your generation loved your Ford Model T’s so much.

LOL, that is so true, and even moreso for motorcycles.

Who cares how you wash a black car anyhow? They’re the cheapest ones, so no one cares.

Serious question: Does the scented “Snow Foam” attract Killer Bees or Rabid Raccoons?

The worst caked-on mud and grime will come right off the finish easily using a putty knife and some fine sandpaper. 😉

“Learn how to give the best car wash possible to an elegant beauty like the Tesla Model 3. When you have such a rare delicacy like this…”

What an odd description for a mid-priced car like the TM3; one soon to be made in large numbers. Now, if they were talking about an Excalibur Phaeton or a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, that might be appropriate.

“Soon to be made in large numbers”
Perhaps, but it is unmatched both in terms of groundbreaking significance and vast numbers of people lined up for a chance to take one of only a few thousand (for now) home. If that doesn’t count as a rare delicacy, I don’t know what does.

The ICE-powered pressure washer seems out of place here

Yep. So too does the uncontrolled runoff – and on concrete, no less. Odd choice to market an ICE-powered detergent foam via a car-porn advertorial like this, and directly to a forum full of EV environmentalists. Many folks here know what phosphate runoff does to US lakes. Dartmouth Med thinks the resulting algae blooms cause Lou Gherig’s disease. Also, no MSDS? Trade secret mystery foam?