Here’s What Irish Owners Say Of The Nissan LEAF – Video

NOV 25 2014 BY MARK KANE 6



Ireland was one of the very first markets to get the Nissan LEAF in Europe in 2011.

Sales were never extremely high.  Through the first 10 months of this year, just 188 were sold. However, 188 from just over 250 plug-ins sold YTD in Ireland overall gives Nissan a dominant position.

Here is video on what Irish customers have to say about the 100% electric Nissan LEAF. Basically, they all strongly recommend buying a LEAF.

We’ll just add that the average age of customers seen in the video seems to be a touch on the high side.

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If only they could compact that enough into a ad for the tv. That would certain ally make an impact, especially about the one who goes from Wicklow to Navan.

I can’t wait for Febuary to see the sales of the LEAF being unleashed in January.

“I can’t wait for Febuary to see the sales of the LEAF being unleashed in January.”

What is changing about the Leaf in January?

Sales here are extremely seasonal. It peaks in January, dives, bounces back in July, then dies until the new year. For an example, 20,000 sales and be made in January and a little more than 200 can be seen in December. For perspective, the LEAF sold 54 in January alone with sales now grumbling between 5 to 10. Sorta bit like how US sales for EVs peak in August and around this time of year and then how it drops a bit in Jan and Feb, provoking Fox News and the gang to point, spit and snarl as they do each year. Just as they do when it snows in N.Dakota in Winter to disprove climate change. It won’t just be the LEAF I think that would excel next year. At the start of 2014, the new, cheaper LEAF just arrived with almost little presence on everyone’s radar. It was the only proper EV on sale with the i3 and Zoe just hardly arriving and slow at doing so. The Outlander PHEV was only introduced in May, the e-Golf in October and the A3 e-tron this month. None of them saw real demand. Considering the demand Nissan has seen here… Read more »

I found this commercial very depressive. They interviewed a group of old people that by definition don’t go anywhere much. So, the target audience of this video are the people with the shortest daily commute?
I think they should promote that driving this car is totally fun in more positive way 🙂

It’s Ireland. How far are you going to go??? Why NOT have a 100 mile car with fuel costs 1/8 that of petrol?

Exactly, Ireland is an Island, smaller than Michigan yet a 600 mile diesel car is what people want to drive to schools, shops and their daily commute in the most polluting vehicles available.

Electric cars are Ideal in Ireland and they have a pretty damn good DC fast charge network. Check out the map below.

The Blue represents fast chargers, ChaDeMo, CCS & 44 Kw AC, CCS is not available at every location yet.

The Green locations are 22 Kw AC and the yellow Hotel, airport etc. Usually 3 Kw.

Overall not a bad network and Ideal place for electrics.