Here’s How To Summon A Tesla Model X With Trailer Attached – Video


Summoning your Tesla Model X with a trailer attached is possible, but there are a few little tricks involved.

Summoning With Trailer Attached

Leave it to Bjorn Nyland to figure out how to bypass a few possible safety features to figures out how to summon a Model X with attached trailer.

As Nyland explains in the video, the key is to detach the trailer’s wiring harness from the Model X and to set the distance to 20 cm so that the vehicle doesn’t think the trailer is an object in its way. Nifty workaround. That’s for sure.

Video description:

“It’s possible to summon Model X with trailer both forward and backwards. The trick is to unplug the cable and set the distance to 20 cm.”

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Tesla will have to figure out backing up trailers, in tight dock spaces, for their Autonomous Tesla Semi, so maybe that will come to the Model X, too?

It’s hard to think of a better demonstration of how fundamentally unintelligent and heuristics-based the much-hyped autopilot stuff actually is! Put it in a situation the engineers hadn’t foreseen, and it immediately goes completely clueless, having no idea that it has a trailer attached, despite all the cameras and sensors and the significant extra mass it’s now moving.

Self driving may happen fast for all I know, but I don’t see any evidence for the often-heard claim that Tesla’s technology is particularly advanced compared to the competition. To the contrary, it seems they are still trying to get, with Autopilot 2.5, to the level they were at with the MobilEye-based AP1.

It’s certainly true that the expert systems software mislabeled as “A.I.” (Artificial Intelligence) as a marketing ploy, isn’t even slightly intelligent in any meaningful way.

But to suggest that Tesla Autopilot would be better at recognizing a trailer attached to the car if it still used the Mobileye system, and be able to use AutoSteer properly in response, is almost certainly wrong. Mobileye might have had relatively good (altho still problematic and inferior to active scanning) optical object recognition software built into its system, but that doesn’t translate to Autopilot being able to recognized a general class of “trailers being towed”. And even if it could recognize that the car was towing a trailer, that wouldn’t help at all unless and until Tesla software engineers program AutoSteer to drive differently when towing a trailer.

VW have a trailer assis, the ad is funny: