Here’s How To Get 40% Off A Nissan LEAF SV In Minnesota


40% Off A Nissan LEAF

40% Off A Nissan LEAF

For the month of March, Minnesota residents can enjoy 40% off a Nissan LEAF SV at Kline Nissan.

* Total Potential Savings Add up to 38.9% (including federal tax credit)

2016 Nissan LEAF

2016 Nissan LEAF

This comes as part of a program under Drive Electric Minnesota. The initiative is committed to promoting EVs and charging infrastructure.


With a voucher, during the month of March you can save up to $13,500 when purchasing a brand new Nissan Leaf at Kline Nissan. ​Savings may vary depending on your Federal Tax Credit qualifications. Request your voucher today to get the full details.


With a voucher, during the month of March you can save up to $12,113 when leasing a brand new Nissan Leaf at Kline Nissan. ​After the lease is up, you can purchase the vehicle for only $12,397. Request your voucher today to get the full details. Customers that are already leasing a Nissan Leaf are eligible for a 2 month lease payment waiver program.

Another incentive is the “No-Charge-to-Charge” program. Anyone buying or leasing a new LEAF in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area can charge it for free at several DC fast chargers (see map) locations for 2 years. The program covers the first 30 minutes of charging. This should suffice since the DC fast chargers can charge a LEAF to 50% in about 15 minutes.

Please follow the link below for additional details on the “40%” off offer.

Source: Drive Electric Minnesota

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So that means you can buy a 107-mile range Leaf for $20,700. That’s a good bit cheaper than a new Prius.


This seems strange.

The website does not give any details, but the discount is really only $4613 off MSRP if you take into account the $7500 and Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation is giving $4000 off according to
The 2016 Nissan LEAF®
$4,000 NMAC Cash
$4,000 NMAC Cash only available when you finance through NMAC. Subject to credit approval.
$4,000 NMAC Cash available on 2016 LEAF . NMAC Cash valid 03/01/2016 through 03/31/2016.

And Kline Nissan is giving between $1244 and $1800 off MSPR according to:

What is the State of Minnesota providing? This is actually a worse deal than what the dealer and Nissan provide.

That just means the resale value of LEAF will continue to tank.

A 1 day old LEAF coming off the dealer lot basically loses 40% of its “value” or MSRP…

The Leaf is a dead-end EV with no path for battery upgrades. If you buy it, and not lease, Nissan’s policies stick you with a car that will only lose range over time with no way to refresh the battery that isn’t prohibitively expensive and way out of line with the value of the car. I drive a 2011 that cost $19,000 with incentives…it’s only worthy $6-10,000 as a used car because of Nissan’s battery policies. I suggest you seriously wait to see what Tesla offers, knowing you have a better chance their policies will favor EV drivers.

In Los Angeles you can buy a 2011 LEAF with 40,000 miles for $7000. The new battery pack well cost more than that with installation fees and taxes. Then the new battery pack will lose range over time.

Tesla Model S70 will also loose much money, who wants buy a used 70 when getting a 60 kWh Bolt or Leaf in 2017. New ~ 100 kWh battery for an old Model S will cost 20.000 $ or more, nobody will buy. Battery upgrades are not realistic, battery is 30 % of an EV and will remain. Every new battery gets cheaper, lighter, but until now no manufacturer use it NOT to reduce costs, they only put more kWh in in every new car which means battery reamains a big part of an EV.

Here is someone who upgraded their S60 to an S85:

So it is possible. I have a S70 and would consider upgrading my battery to 100kWh once the gigafactory is operations and its only $15K. This still has a lot of advantages over a Bolt or Leaf for long distance travel unless a robust system similar to the Superchargers is put in place by someone.

The Great Leaf Giveaway has begun, and is running all year long!

That’s not a bad thing, more EVs on road the better.

Wow sounds good…I leased a 2016 Leaf SV in central Florida for $321 month, $1500 down 36 months…Minnesota deal is much better