How Do Tesla Owners Really Feel – Make SURE To Watch This Satire

6 months ago by Electric CarsTV 16

Did you see we put the word “satire” right up there in the title of this article?

“Owning a Tesla is just about being better than everyone else…”

That’s because everything Ben Sullins is putting out in his latest spot about how Tesla owners really feel about themselves, their cars, and people who still drive gas vehicles is a joke.

…unless it isn’t.  But it is.

…unless it isn’t.

We will award Ben a InsideEVs’ virtual +1/thumbs up for making us smile today.

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16 responses to "How Do Tesla Owners Really Feel – Make SURE To Watch This Satire"

  1. SparkEV says:

    Forget the comedy. That guitar strumming is damn good!

    1. MikeM says:

      Speaking as a totally non-successful, would-be, classical guitarist (some decades ago) I have to agree.

      I’d like to hear more.

  2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    I don’t get it. At the end of the video, the narrator said he was kidding. What was he kidding about?

    Well, there was that crack about electricity from coal; maybe that was a joke. Otherwise, it seems pretty spot on.

    Tesla Cult member #42976

    1. ArkansasVolt says:

      I see what you did there with your satirical comment

  3. mhpr262 says:

    He should have said “peasants” instead of a bland “poor people”. Nothing makes you appear as superior as you truly are as calling other people “peasants”.

    1. Nix says:

      Peasants? How new money of you. Old money would have used “plebeians”, just like the Romans.

      PS — Would you have any Grey Poupon?


      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        True story:

        Back in the day when those “Grey Poupon” commercials were running on TV, we once had a dinner guest who was a motorcycle cop. According to him, one of his colleagues once found himself pulling to a stop beside a Rolls-Royce sitting at a stop light. Unable to resist, the cop knocked on the window of the Rolls. When the driver rolled the window down, the cop asked “Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?”

        With no hesitation, the driver reached over, opened up the glove box, reached in and pulled out a bottle, replying “But of course.”


    2. ffbj says:

      My liege the peasants are revolting.
      Everyone knows that.

      1. Anon says:

        The peasants ARE “Revolting”– but not for the reasons you mention…

        They’re actually busy supporting their Russian colluding, incompetent, lying fraudster of a candidate.

    3. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      I prefer the term “peons”. Saying “peasants” is so provincial, and doesn’t quite carry the proper air of condescension and snobbishness.

  4. ffbj says:

    Darius Tanz drives a Model X.

    1. Anon says:

      Daenerys Targaryen would drive a Model X. *whispers: Dragon Wings…*

      Jesus/Horus would probably drive the newest (unreleased) Roaster, just to be YOUR co-Pilot. 😉

  5. Unplugged says:

    Owning a Tesla means that you pronounce it “Tezzla” just because Elon does, and no one else does.

    (You do realize that Elon has a South African accent, and that Nicola Tesla pronounced his name “Tessla.”)

    1. MTN Ranger says:

      Ben has been reminded constantly on his Youtube page but he continues with TEZZLA nonetheless.

  6. Martin Winlow says:

    Hmmm… I just like *driving* mine…