Here’s How Easy It Is To Buy Hyundai Kona Electric Online


…in the UK.

It is possible nowadays to buy just about anything online. From fine wines to bouncy castles (it’s true, we checked). For many reasons, cars have been limited to in-person purchases, however. Of course, you can now buy a Tesla online, but not everyone’s in the market for one of those premium vehicles with their premium prices. Many of us would be quite happy with something more modestly priced, and in the shape of a compact crossover — something like the Hyundai Kona Electric. Well, now you can even order one of those online. At least, you can if you live in the UK.

The video above from the EV Opinion YouTube channel shows us exactly how that’s done, walking us through all the steps right up until the enter-your-payment-details part. It’s all pretty straightforward and pretty much anyone with a computer could do it. Heck, you could probably order one up on your phone.

Of course, there are potential downsides. In the case of this hypothetical Hyundai transaction, for instance, there’s no opportunity to haggle over the price and maybe save a few quid. Also, if you were trading in a vehicle, the dealer would probably have to see it in person before making an offer. Even today, there’s something to be said for being able to walk into a showroom and sit behind the wheel of a car to see if you actually like it. Pictures are nice, but there’s nothing like the real thing.

Of course, people can use both approaches, and maybe soon we’ll see more boutique type experiences. Something like Tesla stores, or even something similar to the multi-brand EV Experience Centre opened up by a UK EV charging outfit Chargemaster. Customers can go to a store with a relatively small footprint and take a test drive or two. They can then go home and mull things over, and when they’ve reached a decision, pop online and arrange the purchase.


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How easy is it to buy a new car online. Do we even need to visit a dealer anymore? I have a look at the Hyundai web site and see how easy it is to buy a new Hyundai Knoa EV.

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This is quite ordinary in Europe. Sure, at some point you have to go to a dealer but you can first go online, configure your car with every extra you can think of, choose colours, see the car from different angles, dream of buying a Ferrari instead, etc. Then, you go to a dealer, see the car in person, sit in it and then, if you’re gifted, haggle a bit and get a discount. Anyways, what’s the problem with trying to get a better price? You’re afraid the sneaky salesman manages to somehow make you pay more than the original price? Lol, in that case, it is you who has some sort of problem. As an added bonus, you can even email every single dealership in your country and let them fight over it. What’s not to like?

Nothing wrong with getting a better price. But, the dealer needs to make money too. Eliminate the dealer and you will save what they make. Now the argument should be are dealers really needed? In my experience they cause nothing but pain and anxiety. In my experience they added no value whatsoever.

Cost of sales doesn’t disappear if you remove the dealerships and substitute with something else.

It doesn’t disappear, but a lot less overhead, having to have lots with inventory, and sales staff to pay.

January 21st is 24 months from now? Wow, Korean calendar..?

I was at a Hyundai on Monday. There were no Konas or test drives. The staff thought it was madness. What if your Kona arrives and it does not fit you? Or the sight lines are wrong? Or it does not drive that well?

I can believe people spend £30k on something they have never seen. Sounds like some people need to be taxed more.

Well if Hyundai offers some type of a money back guarantee. Then these issues go away.

Still have to wait 2 years to get it?

The Kona EV is not shown on the Hyundai website local to the country where I live (which has put an enormous tariff on US cars making a model 3 unaffordable), their factory here does not make it and I cannot find a buy button on

So Hyundai are you going to put a buy button on your worldwide site or is this car just greenwash?