Here’s Henrik Fisker’s Latest Work Of Art


It doesn’t plug in and that’s a shame, especially since it’s named Thunderbolt.

We figure some readers (Henrik Fisker/Fisker Karma fans) would be interested in seeing Henrik Fisker’s latest creation first unveiled in March, so here it is.

Details on the gas-gulping 6.0-liter V12 engine that powers Thunderbolt can be found here.

It is too bad that this isn’t the product that his old namesake Fisker (now Elux), is constantly threatening to launch.

Fisker's Thunderbolt

Fisker’s Thunderbolt

Fisker's Thunderbolt

Fisker’s Thunderbolt

Fisker's Thunderbolt

Fisker’s Thunderbolt

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Somebody’s probably going to complain that this isn’t EV news, but I think it is, even if it’s bad news: a former champion of electrification has clearly moved on (or backwards).

That is perhaps the reason why Fisker failed as a car. They Henrik did not genuinely believe in electric cars and he did not try seriously enough to design a compelling electric car.

Fisker was never a champion in electrification, he was and always will be a designer. This car is a Aston Martin so it gets a V12, back then working for Tesla he had/borrowed the idea of trying an “electric sports car”, failed and moved on. He didn’t see a vision, he saw a business case…

The car = cool. The motive power = not cool.

I’d rather have a Bolt, sans Thunder.


“Fisker, a former Aston Martin design director and co-founder of the failed maker of electronic cars that bore his name, unveiled the prototype at an auto show in Florida this month. The V12 coupe is only available by special order through a Los Angeles-based Aston Martin dealer.

The prototype features minor variations of Aston Martin’s trademarked design features, including the wings logo and side vents, the British carmaker said in a complaint filed Thursday in Los Angeles federal court.

Fisker’s purported plan to sell a production version that doesn’t include some of those features is a classic ‘bait-and-switch’ scheme, Aston Martin said.

‘Fisker’s bad-faith intent to free-ride off the tremendous goodwill associated with the famous Aston Martin mark, wings logo, side vent mark, and Vanquish mark could not be more transparent,’ Aston Martin said.”

“Aston Martin said Henrik Fisker’s Thunderbolt prototype for a $400,000 GT coupe is an unauthorized copy of its iconic sports cars”

But does it have twin machine guns?

I agreed it is a cpy af the Aston.

Work of art indeed. But he should be designing cars that are useful and have good space inside of them.

Seems Fisker has gone with a very safe, less memorable design theme.

Seeing a lot of Aston Martin and Infiniti design language displayed in this vision. Doesn’t appear to offer much differentiation, or evolution to expand the boundaries of vehicle design.

From trend-setting extended-range electric to Aston Martin knockoff.

Sad times for poor Henrik.

To me it looks like a Hyundai’d version of the Karma. Too many useless creases on the door panels. The Karma had a much cleaner look.

Maybe for $400,000 you also get a fuse in the radiator fan circuit so that maybe these wont burn down your garage.

Fisker is a great designer, and he designed a very nice looking car, and that was the number one reason people bought the Karma, even though technically speaking, it wasn’t very good.

That is a very nice looking car. I always thought the style on the Fisker Karma (the PEV) was rather over the top; too exaggerated.

I found the Fisker Karma to be too similar to a Maserati Quattroporte. This new one is too similar to an Aston Martin Vanquish, unfortunately.

I used to be proud to share his first name and nationality, when he designed the DB9. Now, not so much…

So I’m not the only one who thinks this screams “Aston Martin”?