Here’s Henrik Fisker’s Latest Project


Henrik Fisker, formerly of Fisker Automotive, has been busy as of late.

It appears as though Fisker has left plug-in vehicles in the past, instead turning his attention to designing a motorcycle.

“Danish custom motorcycle company Lauge Jensen has unveiled its new Viking Concept at the Top Marques show in Monaco.”

States Autocar.

The motorcycle was solely designed by Henrik Fisker.  According to Fisker:

 “It’s been a dream of mine to design and create a motorcycle for many years and this is the first time I have the freedom to go and do it.”

And that concludes our coverage of a two-wheeler that unfortunately doesn’t plug in.  Just thought you’d like to know what Henrik Fisker is up to these days.

A "New" Day is Upon Us - Says Fisker's Recently Relaunched Website

A “New” Day is Upon Us – Says Fisker’s Recently Relaunched Website

Source: Autocar

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Fuel economy: 70mpg
The Viking Concept is powered by a 45-degree V-twin producing 100hp, making the
bike capable of more than 130mph. Yet it’s the first motorcycle of its type to comply
with new, much more stringent Euro IV emissions regulations that come into effect in

Didn’t you guys post about this two months ago?

Nope, first time, (=


Um, it’s not electric. 🙁


…and not a very inspired design. Pretty bulky and boring looking. Looks like a Honda Shadow to me. Yawn.


Follow my link to the other pictures…