Here’s How To Extract Maximum Power From Your Tesla Model S, X Performance Version


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A few months ago, Tesla admitted to limiting power to performance versions of the Model S and X in some situations. The idea was to reduce the likelihood of component failure by restricting power output under certain circumstances.

Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla later removed that restriction, but the automaker wasn’t quite clear on how to access maximum power. This left some Tesla owners feeling as though they were duped by the automaker, especially when some independent owner testing revealed reduced power figures.

Turns out that accessing max power on demand is rather easy, provided you know the following, which comes to us via Tesla:

“The software update that removes software performance reductions tied to frequent max battery power usage is being deployed now. With this update, maximum power output will be achievable anytime both Launch Mode and Max Battery Power Mode are engaged.”

Simple, right? Well, there’s one additional note. Launch Mode can only be accessed when ambient temps are 37 degrees fahrenheit or warmer, so that’s something to take into consideration too.

A Tesla spokesperson added the following context in a statement to Electrek:

“The solution introduced with the latest firmware update, which enables maximum power output anytime both Launch Mode and Max Battery Power Mode are engaged, is the best way to provide our customers with peak performance on-demand while at the same time protecting the powertrain from wear. We are also continuing to proactively monitor the condition of the powertrain to let our customers know if service becomes necessary.”

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Good to know that, so long as you’re rubbing your tummy and patting your head while chewing gum, you have about 8 seconds to reach the power Tesla sold you. I don’t understand why they risk such reputational damage, by “updating” ~500KW cars down to ~465KW, in all other conditions. Why not just advertise, deliver, and warranty ~465KW?

Other manufacturers take another tactic. They limit the warranty. Plus any lease or purchase agreement specifically says that track use is prohibited.

Warranty: Ya get full power, but, after 12 months you’re on your own if it breaks.

Break lease agreement: ya bought it. Or we sue you.