Here’s How Drivers Will Swap Race Cars In Formula E – Video


Nelson Piquet Jr., the Brazilian/British F3 champ, NASCAR driver, former F1 driver and current GRC RallyX driver, demonstrates how a Formula E car swap will occur during the race.

This is the first time we’ve seen the car swap demoed.

Each Formula E team will use 2 vehicles throughout the course of a single race, so a swap will be done by each team.

It should be interesting to see this swap under race conditions.  Our guess is that the speed of this swap could make it or break it for the race team.

Formula E Car Swap

Formula E Car Swap

Source: Jalopnik

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Wilson Picket!? Oh, sorry…

pull in a little closer next time?

How many total miles is the race?

20 laps, 3.44km each. Not sure if they will make the car change at lap 10 or at 20, and then other 20 laps.
If they drive at an average of 200km/h will take 20 min to finish, so i guess 20+20 laps, otherwise if you arrive to the tv a bit late you will miss it

September 13th! First race!

Wish I could’ve seen this – allowed scripts All Over the place, still nothing.. oh well..

THIS is why my interest in Formula E is about 10% of what it should be… midrace car swaps should never have been included.

Midrace battery pack swaps? Find a way to do that off both quickly and safely. More people will be interested in the potential of electric cars.

Most people don’t switch cars mid-day just because the first is low on fuel, so a car swap isn’t something people will naturally relate to.

Definitely – a pack swap would be just like a pit stop, which people are used to for gas refills and tire changes.

There is probably way to many safety issues with a battery swap. But maybe it will be one of the inclusions when the teams start to build their own cars, it the rules will allow it.

I would love to see inductive tracks if possible sometime in the future too. That would be some engineering challenges to get it to work and give enough power at max speed.
Then the racing part could be all about building the best car which Formel 1 once was about back in the days when I still enjoyed watching it. (I still do watch it but it’s not the same anymore)

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

They should have choose a format similar to the BTCC, two or three races with 30 minutes each. And the second/third race could have a reversed grid. I sent this suggestion way back, but looks like they didn’t consider it…

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

Another point to consider is that by the regulation, the pit stop to swap cars isn’t obligatory. Because in the second season the teams will be allowed to design their cars, if they can build one that the battery last the entire race, no swaps will be necessary.

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

and I do believe that in the third to four season this will be pretty achievable. I’m just not sure if the regulation limits the size of the battery pack – now is 33 KWh.