Here’s How You Buy a Tesla Model S – Video


Is buying a Tesla Model S easy?  You bet it is.

Buying a Model S actually requires nothing more than a few clicks on the Internet.

Sure, you can visit a Tesla store (as Bloomberg does) to purchase a Model S, but why bother when the whole process can be completed with a mouse and a keyboard.

Oh the joys of direct sales.

Check out this Bloomberg video for more on the buying process for the Tesla Model S:

“How do you buy a Tesla? Bloomberg takes you through the entire purchasing process at the Westchester Mall showroom in White Plains, NY.”

Tesla Model S Buying Process Explained

Tesla Model S Buying Process Explained

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Is it legal to watch this video in Texas, New Jersey, or Missouri?

It is legal to watch the video because it is a documentary. What is illegal is to actually do the sale. I wish those state legislations will change their minds!

“Buying a Model S actually requires nothing more than a few clicks on the Internet.”

Actually it requires a tiny bit more than that. It requires the buyer to be able to afford the price tag.

That may explain why not everyone of us here that apparently knows how to click on the Internet has a Model S or three of them in their driveway. Oh, and that driveway also requires one to be able to afford it.

The same logic apply for everything you want to buy matter the price tag, of course you need to afford it.

So you agree that “the logic” of the statement is incorrect, buying a Model S does require more than a few clicks.

What about the extent of the buying “burden”?


I’ll tell them that when it is time to write the check 🙂

Use PayPal! Remember that Elon Musk was its creator.


So you agree that, by your “logic”, it’s incorrect for anyone selling anything to say, “buying ______ requires nothing more than a few clicks on the internet”.

The biggest thing I have is I would like it to were Tesla could have three or four cars for sale at their shops to were you could buy the car you get in and test drive. Considering it’s a $70,000 car I mean getting railroad parts form ebay is one thing but a $70,000 car is a different story.

“Joy of direct sales”

Don’t forget what I think is the BIGGEST JOY – NO DEALER MARKUP.

It’s not that I am most unhappy about the sticker price on the average car, but if the car is new and in demand, you can always count on those helpful dealers to add an ADM {Additional Dealer Markup} sticker next to the factory sticker and price gouge you for many thousands extra. This adds pure joy to the buying process. To lose out on giving that helpful, consumer protecting dealer the ADM money will take some getting used to.

I recall an insane 10k markup on the Honda S2000 and on the Corvette. Thanks dealerships!

Those poor dealerships are just looking out for your interests.