Here’s How Big The Tesla Gigafactory Really Is

APR 24 2015 BY STAFF 31

Two images that provide us with a sense of scale for the Tesla Gigafactory have surfaced on Reddit.

It’s HUGE.

Tesla Gigafactory Size Image

Tesla Gigafactory Size Image

Tesla Gigafactory Size Image

Tesla Gigafactory Size Image

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Now just imagine how many bananas you can fit in that space.

Not as many as you’d think. That banana is huge.

If you look next to the word “banana”, there
is a dot. I believe that is the banana.

It does not specify if said banana is gas, hybrid of an electric banana (of Donavan fame… sorry, that proves I am old).

PS, just to prove I am not crazy:

Its at 2:00.


I’m curious as to why they actually need that much space. None of the other battery manufacturers seem to need that much.

They want to spin the solar meter to zero, as they smelt car frames 😉

Besides making a lot of batteries, they will assemble complete packs.

Also, their inputs will be raw materials, not battery components ready for assembly.

65% of it will be Elon’s office.

None of the other battery makers are trying to put as much production under one roof as the entire world’s kWh production of li-ion batteries in 2014. None of the other battery makers is trying to reduce costs by at least 30% by using local sourcing plus massive vertical integration in one industrial complex, either.

Tesla Motors is -serious- about ramping up to producing long-range EVs in large numbers. Serious in a way that’s unmatched by any other automobile manufacturer.

Um, maybe because they are going to make double the world’s Lithium ion battery production?


So it’s smaller than Boeing but bigger than a banana……lol

Banana! Lol!

I’m not sure that banana is to scale. 🙂

It’s a Plantain. A very,very big Plantain!

LOL so much at the banana

The images are just the floor plan view, the scale of indoor volume is even more impressive.

It’s like comparing banana peelings when volume of the insides is what matters.

I don’t think that this factory will make batteries for just 500 000 cars simply because demand at that number will be huge. Any thoughts any one?

We talk again in 2017 when the 150+ mile middle class EVs are on the market and demand explodes…

That’s a big bloody banana!

Ah, imagine the amount energy made by the solar panels on that roof, and the wind farms. How great would it be if the Gigafactory created a surplus and gave electricity to the state for free?

In case anyone didn’t get it, “banana for scale” is a Reddit inside joke

As minions would say, Baaanaaanaaaa!!!!

Getting close to the size of a country.

Boeing Everette Factory = 399,480 m^2

Vatican = 440,000 m^2

Pssst, kdawg!

I was born in Everett, WA. It’s spelled “Everett”, not “Everette”. I now live south of Everett in Auburn.

You probably already know this, which is the Everett Boeing factory is the world’s largest building by volume.

This is a really interesting site about the scale of the universe. They should add the Gigafactory.

Boeing Everett building is the largest factory building by volume. But it is smaller than e.g. Tesla Fremont factory by foot-print.

Tesla Fremont factory has about 500 000 m² foot print where as Boeing Everett factory has “only” less than 400 000 m² footprint.

The size means nothing, because the factory is build in a desert, where the price for the land is close to nothing. If Panasonic would build a factory with the same output in Japan, they would fit everything on half or less of the space.

They -are- putting everything into half the space, or more precisely half the building’s footprint. It’s a two-story building.

Hopefully Tesla’s will offer their cells for sale to the aftermarket so the price for replacement traction batteries will be reasonable.

Just how big does a banana have to be, to be the size of 1 pixel at that scale??? 😀