Here’s a Look at Where Tesla Model S Sedans Are Being Ordered in Europe


The other week, we presented a map of some detailed locations of where Tesla Model S buyers are in the US.

Today, we cross the pond and take a look at Europe.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list, but is representative of where Europe’s Model S buyers reside.

Immediately apparent from this map is that the Model S is extremely popular in Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium.

There’s seem to be decent interest in the Model S in Germany, the UK and Switzerland, too.

Follow the link below to see the map in its interactive entirety.

Source: ZeeMaps

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5 Comments on "Here’s a Look at Where Tesla Model S Sedans Are Being Ordered in Europe"

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None in Ireland and looks like Tesla has no plans though 2015 for Ireland.
Seems odd.

At least there’s on blue Tesla Roadster in Ireland to be proud about. Also, what about Iceland?

Holland has front row seats to the flooding. They should be uniquely aware of the situation.
Actually they should be calling me begging to start EV production in their country so they could lead. But such are politicians. Totally clueless.

shhhhh.. Dan, shhhhh – calm down, you’re talking bollocks again.. sad man.. Still miffed nobody’s called you yet, after EVtrolling for all these years??? the only people begging are the ones who want you to stop.. face it, move on – end of…..

@ Dan – The dutch already got the european production of Tesla in Tilburg and are very proud of that, also because they make it attractive for companies for fiscal reason.
The dutch politicians stimulate electric and low emission cars very hard, by price reductions (no addition luxury tax BPM) and with strong private tax reductions. Therefore they sold many Prius, Volts and soon Tesla S. These cars are especially attractive when you have your own company. In clear words: The Tesla cost per month 100 Euro less than a Golf. See the green table at the bottom of this link:

For the same reason actual Leaf an Zoe have a hard time to get momentum and become more populair, because there daily range is still too short as company entrepeneurs often drive easily 150-200 miles per day and 40-50k per year. In Germany this amount even much higher.