Here’s A Look At The Top 4 European Union Markets For All-Electric Car Sales In 2015


All four of the European Union’s top all-electric car markets for 2015 saw significant growth compared to 2014.

As expected, Norway is still #1, but other markets such as France, Germany and even the UK enjoyed more growth in 2015 than did Norway.

As a whole, Europe has seen tremendous growth in electric car sales throughout much of 2015. As an example, in November of 2015, BEV sales in Europe shot up by 48.6%, compared to November 2014.

Much of Europe started from a low base, so growth is expected to continue at a high rate for some time now, unlike in the U.S. where previous high base sales led to sales actually being slightly down in 2015 and only minimal growth is expected for 2016.

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A huge chunk of German sales are actually done by Norwegian and go to Norway, so don’t be fooled by the German figures and do give even more credit to the norsk.

Knut Erik Ballestad

Yup, lot’s of Kia’s being re-routed to Norway after first being ‘sold’ in Germany.


Wonderful to see such a strong year-on-year increase in EV sales in the EU. Here’s hoping that will become an ongoing trend, rather than a steep increase in sales for just a couple of years, followed by dropoff in growth to negative figures over the next few years, as has happened over the last several years in the North American market.

In other words, what we need is sustained growth, and eventually sustained exponential growth, of plug-in EV sales. And we need to see that in all major markets worldwide, not just in the EU or just in China.

Micke Larsson

Massive growth is guaranteed in Europe. So no need to worry.

And if you still start to worry then just look at the severe penalties that the car companies will have to pay if not complying with EU regulations.
Not to mention the bashing and public distrust they would get by the environmentally aware Europeans.

North America is a whole other story… lots of things lacking for a massive growth.


The USA needs to raise its gas tax. It hasn’t been raised since 1993.

But this is the USA and it is an election year. So that can never happen.


Yea But Norway has just 4 millions of inhabitants and look that numbers in comparison with Germany with 82