Here’s A Look At The Electric Cars In Grand Theft Auto 5 – Video


Do not worry, the video above is strictly car and racing related and it’s all-age appropriate.

Video gamer & YouTuber, Broughy1322 shows us 6 different EVs in the video game Grand Theft Auto 5 (or GTA V).

Those off-road wheels are an available upgrade.

Those off-road wheels are an available upgrade.

In every GTA video game, the vehicles resemble ones that exist in real life, but with slightly different appearances and different names.

Here is a list of the vehicles and their names, in the order shown:

  1. Airtug – A baggage tug / tractor / hauler; No specific name.
  2. Caddy – An electric golf cart; No specific name.
  3. Karin Dilettante – Toyota Prius Hybrid.
  4. Cheval Surge – Chevrolet Volt.
  5. Khamelion – Fisker Karma Sunset. (Part of Collector’s Edition)
  6. Coil Voltic – Tesla Roadster. (Available with rooftop on / off)

As a frequent GTA V player myself, I really enjoy seeing that more video games are catching on to the EV world.

Like in real life (& as mentioned in the video above), there is only one gear in these vehicles.

Oh yeah. There’s a vehicle in this game that resembles the McLaren P1, called the Grotti Turismo R. So, if you are a GTA V player, check that out too.

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I’ve almost forgotten about GTA V now. Haven’t been on it for ages. It’s been a while and not one new electric car has been added through DLC. There’s just a bundle of cash on my account and one space in the garage for that one car if it comes. They’re bound to make some Model S-like car.

Anyway, the heist were fun (when it worked) but it has really gotten old and neglected. The servers online for the old generations I hear are plagued and story mode hasn’t been touched.

That’s weird how the names are different. I’m not really into games. But I’ve seen people playing race-car games where they could select cars that were named exactly like the real thing.

GTA tends to be a controversial game, so I don’t think the automakers are keen on licensing the rights to their vehicles to the game.

However, Franklin had a car that look suspiciously like a Dodge and I wonder if Dodge paid for that.

The names are different so they dont have to pay for legal rights, its what Rockstar has always done.

But of course they have some fun with the names. Dilettante for the Prius, Panto for the ForTwo, ”Annis” for Nissan, the list goes on.

I recommend going to the car buying websites and just read the description of every car there. Shows the effort they put in. The Surge brings EV driving into a fully light.

I play GTA V every day. Its just so fun simply driving around in cool cars listening to the radio stations and doing missions.

What, no Daihatsun Branch?

(fake name for extremely popular affordable EV)