Here’s The 800-HP, 220-MPH Electric Corvette We’ve Been Waiting For – Video


Genovation Cars’ electric ‘Vette is going to be more powerful than the ZR1.

Originally announced in October 2016 by Maryland-based Genovation Cars, the GXE will finally make its debut in pre-production metal on January 9 on the occasion of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Along with the disclosure about the performance EV’s long-awaited public unveiling, the company is happy to report it has updated the technical specifications and now the numbers are even more impressive.

While initially the C7 Grand Sport-based GXE was rated at more than 660 horsepower (492 kilowatts) and 600 pound-feet (813 Newton-meters) of torque, the twin-motor powertrain will actually deliver a whopping 800+ hp (597+ kW) and in excess of 700 lb-ft (949 Nm). To put those numbers into perspective, the new Corvette ZR1 with its supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine offers 755 hp (563 kW) and 715 lb-ft (969 Nm).

And then there is the info about performance, just as staggering as the rest of the data listed in the official specs sheet. The sprint to 60 mph (96 kph) will take less than three seconds and top speed will be beyond 220 mph (354 kph). It will all be possible thanks to Genovation Cars’ latest and greatest electric powertrain and battery tech, which the firm says it is derived from Le Mans and F1.

Speaking of the battery, the GXE will feature a 60-kWh pack and that will be enough juice for roughly 130 miles (209 kilometers) of range between charges in an electric ‘Vette set to have a nearly perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

It should not come as a big surprise the GXE won’t come cheap given the performance it will be able to deliver and its limited availability of just 75 cars. Those in the market for an insanely fast electric Corvette will have to spend a cool $750,000 and patiently wait until the fourth quarter of 2019 when customer deliveries will commence. That’s certainly a lot of money to spend on an EV, but then again, the defunct Audi R8 E-Tron retailed for a hefty $1 million.

As a final note, Genovation Cars made the headlines last year after its C6-based electric Z06 Corvette established a new world record on July 28 for a street-legal electric car by hitting 205.6 mph (330.8 kph). The company improved its own record in March 2017 by reaching 209 mph (336.3 kph) at the Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida as shown in the video above.

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I guess the new Tesla Roadster will be there new bench mark


Yes, but a Vette has tons of emtions and make petrolheads like me look into EVs where Leaf, Zoe, Model S are dull emotionless products

0-60…slower than model S!
Range…pathetic 130 miles!
Technology…none to match!

So you’re only paying for 50mph more & 50hp more…for how much again ?… $(750,000-160,000)= $590,000 Extra !!!

We’re not even talking about the Tesla Roadster!
See how far ahead Tesla is?
On Range, Cost,& Technology.
Lots of companies are late to the game.

Can’t wait to see Z Germans peddle their overpriced CRAP as premium offerings! !! Lol

Agreed with the points you make, but they’re only building 75 cars so the price per car is going to be much higher.

You do understand this is a conversion? This isn’t much better than the standard ICE ZR1 GM makes.

These guys appear to be very busy patting themselves on the on the back..for an accomplishment that is rather Lame in comparison..

It’s not necessary to defend Tesla against this one-off car; they are for different markets; this is a car for the race track crowd and if these guys can succeed in building a better performing electric Chevy Corvette, they will show how truly obsolete internal combustion engines are. And, there will be a rush as more racers build and buy EVs for the track, which is the whole idea, i.e., sweep away the dirty gassers and clean up the Planet with renewable energy and electric cars.

Why can’t anyone just use the underpinnings of a Model S P100D (0-60 in 2.28 secs) and build a sports car with looks similar to a Lambirghini/Corvette and call it a day?

These cars are going to be made to make EVs look expensive, slow, not ready, toys for wealthy liberals LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

Or… wealthy people of any political persuasion.

I don’t know about that, it seems to me that electric vehicles have become a culture war issue along with god, gays, guns, abortion. Conservatives will poo poo electric corvette and generalize its failings to all electric vehicles.

you mean toys for RWNJ’s. Right Wing Nut Jobs. LOL

RWNJ will use the price and specs of the electric corvette as reasons to beat up and poopoo electric vehicles. BELIEVE ME this is a hit piece sponsored by fossil fuel cartel.

This car will only sell to a few die hard, Corvette fans with loads of money. I doubt they will sell the whole 75, but I might be surprised. It’s not a bad product, but the price tag is RIDICULOUS! What exactly are people paying this premium for? Chevrolet did the design work and the rest is a collection of off the shelf parts.

IMO, it is worth more than the top of the line Chevy product, but this price is just stupid and so is anyone who pays it. I’m sure you could have one commissioned by a custom shop for less and get near the same result.


My thoughts exactly. They will have a year or so before the Tesla Roadster comes out, why would anyone pay 3X more for a Corvette with half the performance/features?

I don’t think they, or anybody else expects the Tesla Roadster to come out in any sort of timely fashion. It seems pretty clear that to meet the performance specs that Elon boasted, they’re planning on new battery tech that is not here and now. A Tesla product (always late) waiting on another all new Tesla product (even later) to arrive, means they have plenty of time.

Their ship date will kill them. These are hand built cars, why will it be two years before they can ship one? By the end of 2019 not only will the Tesla roadster be around the corner, I’d lay odds that Chevy will have announced the Corvette E-Ray. GM is planning a slew of EVs in that time frame, doesn’t it make sense that they would announce the E-Ray as a halo car? Once you can get an electric Corvette from Chevy, certainly for much less money, why would you buy this kludge?

Do you think die hard Corvette fans will be interested in a car that lacks NOISE (even if it’s canned and artificial), VIBRATION…and of course…the glorious SMELL of burned gasoline and oil finding it’s way into your lungs?

I am certain there is a market for an electric ‘Vette. Yes, there are many old timers that will have nothing but a snorting, growling V8 under the hood, but there is also a new younger group of Corvette enthusiasts that are more open to new power plants and if the electric one offers superior performance and that kick in the pants acceleration we all love, then yes, people will buy them without all the stink and smell of an ICE.

Hyping a concept car and claiming it’s going to be a “Tesla killer” always reminds me of a 1979 political cartoon about Ted Kennedy’s short-lived presidential campaign, which started with high hopes which quickly deflated.

The cartoon’s first panel shows Kennedy as a pumped-up, muscular Superman, entering a phone booth… and the second panel shows him emerging as mild-mannered, wimpy Clark Kent. 😉

I’d Rather wait for the Tesla , hands Down ! No question about it!

Not shy about your age, are you? Every time I see news about a new electric sports car, I look at performance dtatistic and price. Never impressed by second best.

The Tesla Roadster makes this thing look stupid.

I don’t know about stupid, but definitely overpriced!

While this is cool, I can’t see how there is a market for it considering the Tesla Roadster will be a fraction of the price.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

750000 $ and this even without the word blockchain in the model name?

750k !?!?! This thing is DOA at that price, with the New Roadster on the horizon.

It’s really sad to see a lot of hard work put into a car which has no chance of competing with the Tesla Roadster. The only consolation for Genovation is they are not alone. They are part of a fast-growing group of car (and truck) companies who can’t compete with Tesla on a price/performance basis.

Hey Tesla and Genovation, how about creating drop in conversions for popular small sports cars that are affordable? Like the MX-5, or used Solstice/Sky, Subaru BRZ, etc. People on more modest budgets like to have fun too.