Henrik Fisker Teases New Butterfly Door Electric Car


Henrik Fisker's New Electric Car Teased Via Twitter

Henrik Fisker’s New Electric Car Teased Via Twitter

Via Twitter, famed car designer, Henrik Fisker (the man behind the plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma) has teased his latest electric car creation.

Though no new details were released, the image shows a sleek four-door sedan with a coupe-like appearance. The dimensions seem rather compact and the most striking design detail is surely the double butterfly doors.

Teaser Image Of Fisker's Latest Creation

Teaser Image Of Fisker’s Latest Creation

Also of note:  Check out a lightened image of Fisker teaser below for added depth and detail

Previously, Henrik Fisker had stated that his new electric car would launch/get fully revealed in the second half of 2017. Fisker added:

“We have really been working in stealth mode. For the last two years I have been looking at battery technologies and wanted to see if there was something that could really give us a new paradigm. We had the strategy of developing the technology as fast as possible without getting tied down to a large organization, which would hold us back. Now we have the technology that nobody else has. And there is nobody even close to what we are doing out there.”

To be sold under Fisker, Inc., this yet unnamed beauty is sure to shock the world, says Fisker:


Fisker's Game Changer

Fisker’s Game Changer

Of the latest teaser image, Fisker states:

A Breakthrough: Innovative new butterfly doors in our new Fisker model, for easier ingress/egress. More next week…

Hopefully, by the “more next week” statement Fisker is implying that we’ll actually get some details on the car before month’s end. As of right now, no specs are available, just this lone image and some quotes from the designer himself.

Fisker teaser image enhance (below):  InsideEVs reader Paul Atkins (aka Electric Vehicle Guy on Youtube) has done a little photoshop work and lighten/enhanced the image to add some more depth. Our thanks to Paul!

Henrik Fisker's EV gets a little more sun (via Paul Atkins)

Henrik Fisker’s EV gets a little more sun (via Paul Atkins)

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Fisher is a wannabe Elon Musk lol


Fisker was a car body designer who could not make the milestones the investors wanted.

That seems like it would be more difficult to get into the back seat vs. a traditional door.

What’s with Musk and Fisker and their door fetish? Door fetish sucks!

agreed. apparently ‘motors, batteries and computer management alone’ are too much to ask. it’s gotta have self-driving capabilities, top-notch styling and unnecessary redesigns /replacements(like instrument panels). because electrification wasn’t a lofty enough goal already.

Another Defective Nonfunctional Scam Car ?

Fisker. The Donald Trump of the car industry.

Non of my Business but., Donald Trump Has been “Super Successfull” at what he Does. He is the only Candidate that is paying for his own Campaign , WITH HIS OWN MONEY…NO SPECIAL INTEREST MONEY ! NOBODY OWNS DONALD TRUMP ! He is his own Man.

Lets close the political sub-discussion here with that…only because its Friday, and we don’t to spend the day moderating comments, (=

You could always burn the midnight oil and put a sleeping bag next to your desk, Musk-style. 😉


Hear, hear!

Hey Domijon when are you volunteering a young attractive female member from your family to be groped by Trump? He might throw some money your away.

What do these doors and the Bolt EV have in common? They’re both cost around $37,500…

If you pick apart these quotes, there’s a lot going on. First, and most obviously, the doors are focal. I don’t think any able-bodied person has too much difficulty getting in and out of a sedan. Third row of a crossover SUV? I think Elon said “you have to be a dwarf mountain climber.” Having gone in and out of the third row of a Model X, taking out the roof makes a big difference, so there is recognizable sense to the falcon wing doors. They also don’t chew up the car next to you in a car park, so again, also thoughtful. Okay, so that’s the doors. Second bit: Henrik is claiming he’s the disruptive game-changer. Accomplishments and monikers before the market responds? That’s arrogant and presumptive. Hard to claim that with the third bit: not using a large battery corporation that would tie them down. Really? You’ve figured out your supply chains, you have the best battery scientists and engineers? My assumption is that you tried to work with those large battery companies and they shot you down. Perhaps you were too arrogant. It’s clear the Tesla lawsuit from eight years ago still stings, despite you having won.… Read more »

the hyperbole this guy spits is soemthing else indeed.

Based on picture, it will be very good looking car, probably better looking than Model3. Unfortunatelly I am not sure if Fisker will manage to bring the car to the market.
He has now more experience with electric car than with Karma, but his claims about sooper trooper new battery technology make me very scetical. For me it is hard to believe that Henrik Fisker outsmarted LG, panasonic, tesla, GM, BYD, BMW, Nissan and all the others.

Tesla originally used existing laptop battery cells, almost everyone else followed suit with lithium…

Fisker will be using graphene supercapacitors which in the past was not as dense as lithium batteries, but Fisker is claiming that he “solved that problem” and that they’ll be affordable…But who knows the exact cost or density compared to lithium, we’ll just need to wait…However, Fisker has the luxury of well, luxury…He’s not claiming to be building a $20K econobox, expect his car to be a minimum of $100K and I wouldn’t be surprised if the thing started at $200+…

Henrik is claiming a starting price of $65k for his Model S competitor and several years later a Model 3 competitor at a starting price of $40k.

He has also said he will not try to compete with Tesla on autonomy. I hope he is at least planning Mobileye because a future car without some autonomous features is like going up creek with only one oar.

What is going to change the world, the car or the doors? Seems like where you need the most headroom, towards the rear of the opening is exactly where you are going to hit your head on this door assembly.

Exactly my thoughts

Photoshop is quite amazing these days!

A butterfly flies or drift in random direction, height, and speed, getting at point B from point A after he has gone through the entire alphabet.
Fisker probably name his door appropriately!

These doors are going to leak like bucket with no bottom on them when it rains.

Secret super battery tech from an unknown company? My guess it is EESTOR.

All sizzle no steak