Henrik Fisker Launches Fisker Inc., New Car in 2017 To “Disrupt EV Market, Change The World”


Henrik Fisker And His Former Company's Atlantic

Henrik Fisker And His Former Company’s Atlantic

Henrik Fisker, famed Danish designer that created the BMW Z8, Aston Martin V8 Vantage/DB9 and of course his namesake Karma, has announced that he has re-launched his own automotive company, under the name Fisker Inc.

Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma

Fisker promises a revolutionary EV in the
second half of 2017“, explaining:

“We have really been working in stealth mode.  For the last two years I have been looking at battery technologies and wanted to see if there was something that could really give us a new paradigm. We had the strategy of developing the technology as fast as possible without getting tied down to a large organization, which would hold us back. Now we have the technology that nobody else has. And there is nobody even close to what we are doing out there.”

An initial press statement, just released from new the company (read here), boldly quotes Fisker:

“FISKER INC. WILL SPEARHEAD A REVOLUTION IN ELECTRIC CARS THAT WILL DISRUPT THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE MARKET AND CHANGE THE WORLD”given the use of all caps (and then the use of bold font by the company), we assume Henrik was really shouting at his PR department in this moment.

Fisker adds,

“Both the technology and the market are more mature now than when we first started out as pioneers in the electric vehicle industry, and our new vehicle will be the most innovative and cutting-edge electric car ever created.”

Henrik Fisker sketch the future of the EV business - new car arrives in second half of 2017

Henrik Fisker sketch the future of the EV business – new car arrives in second half of 2017

Despite losing his original company, Fisker maintained naming and logo rights - which while continue on to "Fisker Inc."

Despite losing his original company to Wanxiang in bankruptcy proceedings, Fisker maintained the use of this name and logo rights – which while continue on to “Fisker Inc”…so not too confusing there

Fisker Automotive Inc. suffered bankrupty back in 2014. Fisker is bringing back his EV dream as a “spiritual successor” of the original 2012 Fisker Karma. Of the car’s facade, Fisker shared:

“It will definitely be something that when you see it, it will look completely different. It will be sporty and spacious. And you’ve got to make something look beautiful, there is no excuse for making an ugly car, even with new technology, so it will definitely have some of my signature elements.”

The new company, Fisker Inc., now also features a battery division known as Fisker Nanotech. Jack Kavanuagh, CEO of Fisker Nanotech, while not disclosing much about the new technology, said he anticipates longer battery life and monumental range. He explained only that it has to do with the lightweight batteries and special packaging techniques. The batteries will contain lithium, but won’t be anything like the traditional lithium-ion batteries of today.

The battery technology, that may boast over 400 miles and last for the entire life of the vehicle, is set to be developed at Fisker Nanotech’s facility in California.

Even better news … the end goal – like that of Tesla – is to produce a second model that will be mass-marketed and priced around $40,000. Again, with a range and battery life that has never been seen. Fisker’s final goal is to sell this unseen battery technology to other automakers, to move the EV revolution forward.

“Fisker will be doing all of the testing, and that gives us a huge advantage, but that doesn’t mean we will be sitting on [the technology] alone. We will also be looking at selling this technology to other OEMs because if you want to reach true mass market potential we need probably eventually an OEM. We are having very superficial discussions right now with a couple of them.”

As part of the new company’s launch, Fisker Inc. the website is now also a real thing – which one can check out here.

Source: Fisker PRAutonewsHat tip to ffbj and Peter H!

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Like the Mitsu, I’ll believe it when I see it.

I wish them well though, we need more!

“NO EXCUSES” FOR AN UGLY CAR????THEN WHY DID HE DESIGN A BUNCH OF UGLY JUNK WHEN HE WORKED @ TESLA??? It’s called “AGENDA” Fisker is Soooooo F O S …..I hope I am wrong & this time he actually produces a real Car that works & if he did I wouldn’t Trust Him enough to buy one. (Snake) ..This is Just ANOTHER WAY TO GET INTO INVESTOR’S POCKETS , So that Fisker may fill his Pockets with “INVESTOR MONEY” to support his Lavish Life style…another Delorean****

You are at it again! Someone said no one takes u seriously. lol You have too much interest in Fisker. You are a secret Fisker admirer trying to fit into the Tesla community

JONASS ,I am my own man & I need to fit Nowhere & Especially where people like yourself are involved…. you are the one with the Secret Crush on Fisker , for making these stupid unwarranted & insulting comments. He must Turn you On., Does He…

At least he doesn’t give up that easily.

Scammers are known to be Persistent. It’s what they Do..

You have a pretty loose definition of “scam”. The Fisker Karma wasn’t a successful car, but it certainly was no scam. It was a real, operational, street legal car, and according to Wikipedia, Fisker sold about 1800 of them. The fact that they didn’t sell enough to stay in business certainly doesn’t make it a “scam”.

BTW, Jimijon, you should have stuck with your original screen name, “EVnut”. That was much more descriptive of your posts.

They all fall Under these cataglories,, Delorean, Bricklin Fisker… need I go on.?

That Was EVCARNUT …You Nut ! l o l ..Stop talking Like F00l/A/Nutty f00l…l o l …just kidding …

Go away, Henrik, you had your chance.

I’ll believe it when I see it…

Fisker may or may not be a talented desginer (personally, I think he’s just OK and all his cars look the same from the front; the motorcycle are completely derivative and boring).
However, he has a pretty bad track record of not bringing projects to completion.

He’s arrogant, doesn’t seem to have basic understanding of engineering or business.
He was getting a $600K salary from Karma Automotive while the company was losing $35K on every car made, all on the investors dime incl. the US Government, and while they fired 100s of people… They never did make a dime.

Given the number of lawsuits he is/was involved in, I suspect he doesn’t get along with people too well either.

Speaking of the US Gov’t, Fisker never did repay the $529M loan they got from the US government.

Caveat Emptor to anybosy considering having anything to do with this guy or any venture he has any say in.

His Car Designs look as “G00FY” as He Does. Amateurs can and have come up with 1000% better designs than Fisker ever will ..Yes he had His Chance & Blew it …He Can Scam ., But, He Can’t even design a Kiddies’ Car on a good day !

I’m no fan of Fisker (the man or his companies), but they didn’t stiff the government that badly. They never withdrew all the money from the loan, and they repaid part of what they did get when the company went under. I believe it cost the DOE over $100 million, but not 500.

IIRC, the government cut them off at @ $178 million or so. I think the gov’t managed to get $40-50 million back at the end, but still stuck us for over $100 million, as you said.

Tim, Sorry, I should have written “fully repay” rather than “repay”.

I have some prime land in central Florida for sale — great views and drought resistant. Give me a call if you are interested in either the land or a Fisker.

I would suggest Albuquerque as a home base… plenty of use for all the hot air

This guy is the Donald Trump of the car world. He took millions in our tax money and has the balls to try and do it again. He should be arrested for fraud!

the battery company A123 was the reason behind fisker automotive’s downfall. The battery supplier found problems in the components of the battery and then they had to recall; A123 had a couple of recalls that caused problems to Fisker Karma’s production. Get your facts clear! Here’s a link for detailed description http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1074491_a123-systems-to-recall-electric-car-battery-packs-for-fisker-others

Whoa whoa whoa!! Slow down… Facts?? Facts?? Here facts?? A large number of the people here dont deal in facts…

Any startup company not named Tesla is obviously vaporware and scammers who will never produce an actual product but if they do produce a product the quality will be bad and no one will buy it acording to their scienctology…

All legacy auto companies EV products shall also be bashed ignoring any and all facts…

FUD FUD FUD is the game here…

Oh calm down! Are some skeptical after hearing many EV claims, of course! But not everyone on this site thinks that Tesla is the only viable game in town!?

A123 hurt them, but the Karma was not well engineered. I don’t think it had much chance against Tesla.

Maybe Kavanaugh’s miracle batteries will do the trick.

HF wants the higher-end customer.

Think Boutique 2.0.

I think there is room for a moderate view here. If Mr. Fisker took an annual income of $600,000, as asserted in a comment here, then that certainly seems excessive for the head of a company which is hemorrhaging money. On the other hand, it’s neither a scam nor fraud for a company to fail, and thus be unable to pay back a loan. That’s the risk the lender makes. It’s part of why you have to pay interest on loans, and why loans which are perceived to have a higher risk have a higher interest. About 90% of new businesses fail in the first year. Does that mean 90% of businesses are scams? Of course not. What it actually means is that making a new business successful isn’t as easy as it appears. As an American taxpayer I’m certainly not happy that much or most of Fisker’s loan wasn’t repaid, yet overall the DOE loan program has been an overwhelming success. According to one source, there was a 98% success rate (source below). In fact, a mere 2% failure rate is so low that this suggests to me the program was too conservative in making loans. The purpose of… Read more »

While you weren’t replying to me, it was my comment that started this subthread…
To make it perfectly clear, I agree with you.

I didn’t say, and don’t think that Fisker is/was a scammer or a fraudster in any way. His company did actually design, produce and sell a couple of thousands of EVs.

And your comment about loans in general (not all are repaid) and the purpose of the DoE loans is of course correct.

However, I question the utility of giving this much money to a single company whose entrepreneurs don’t actually have relevant experience (being a designer is a tiny part of the skillset needed for EV design, let alone any experience with heavy manufacturing or logistics.) Given there were other investors willing to give Fisker Automotive >$1B, there was no reason to give the company a multi-$100M loan. Save that for $2M loans to small smartups.

Count me among the skeptical! However, I’m sure Henrik knows that to be successful at his new venture, he’ll have to avoid the same mistakes he made last time, actually build a game changing electric car, and prove the skeptics wrong! It would be a lot easier to just be a “huckster” as others have suggested because as P.T. Barnum said “There’s a sucker born every minute”. He’ll have to find a new bunch of suckers this time though, as the saying goes “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!” So Mr Fisker, Good luck! No guts no glory. Go forth, and prove the skeptics wrong!

that’s a lot of hatred dropping out of your comments… wish you a good luck with your skeptics

If he had a battery like that, he wouldn’t need to build the car.

That’s why they are talking about being a component supplier also.

looks like all the tesla fans are already outraging here on the comments section. Anyways; it’s a great news that Fisker has launched his namesake company again and is working on an EV focusing first on optimizing the battery technology. Interesting fact is that he has his own battery department unlike Fisker automotive where he relied on the battery supplier and the supplier got bankrupted that caught fisker as well!

Henrik, Henrik, you old jokester…

I would like to hear more about this revolutionary battery. I’d love for it to be true, but we hear that from so many companies now that I am a skeptic. If production is 2017, why not show your car and steal some reservation holders from Tesla and near future bolt sales.


They are not saying that production starts in 2017. The press release states that they will showcase the car in 2017. Showcasing doesn’t necessarily mean anything more than showing a concept in a motor show.

OK, I only saw this in the article so I went with that statement but that would make more sense if it was just to show a prototype. I didn’t see anything about them only showcasing. “Fisker promises a revolutionary EV in the second half of 2017“

I still wish they’d release some battery info since they have a patent.

Another company not to invest in… *checks list*

With all the years of posts I’ve made defending Fisker as a company from endless attacks, I’m certainly no Fisker basher.

But I have to say that one of the HUGE improvements of Karma Inc picking up on the Revero and Atlantic is that Fisker himself is no longer running the company.

For all of his design skills and long history in the automotive industry, I just don’t think running a business is his strongest skill.

As for a new battery technology, one link suggested that it is currently around the same energy density as a lead acid battery, and that they were working towards lithium battery levels.

When they have production cells of this new battery technology rolling off the production line, I’ll take them seriously. Until then, they are just yet another battery research company. Unfortunately those have a very poor record for delivery.

(Not that I’m bashing researchers. They are valuable too. Collectively it only takes one battery researcher to succeed to change the entire EV industry. But the success rate for revolutionary batteries getting into mass production at competitive prices has historically been very low.)

It’s not merely that most battery R&D fails to produce any results; it’s also that the sheer amount of absolute B.S. coming from that segment of the industry is staggering. Most claims from startup battery tech companies turn out to be complete B.S. Sometimes even established companies’ claims turn out to be B.S.; witness Envia, and the German battery maker DBM’s claims regarding its “Kolibri” battery.

Now, I’m in no way trying to assert or suggest that Fisker’s claims here are fraudulent. It’s often a mistake to try to apply a general rule to a specific case. I’m merely pointing out that there are very good reasons to be skeptical of all such claims.

As Elon Musk said, regarding this subject:

“My top advice really for anyone who says they’ve got some breakthrough battery technologies, please send us a sample cell, okay, don’t send us PowerPoint. Just send us one cell that works with all appropriate caveats; that would be great. That… sorts out the nonsense and the claims that aren’t actually true. Talk is super cheap; the battery industry has to have more B.S. in it than any industry I’ve ever encountered. It’s insane.” — Elon Musk, Nov. 5, 2014

Yup, that quote pretty much says it all.

I couldn’t agree more.

It seems most EV manufacturers can be put into one of two categories:



-Carnival Barkers (Farady Future, Fisker, to some extent VW and many others)

Talk is cheap.Shouting in all caps is even cheaper.
I’m all for move EVs but am skeptical of hype, not matter who it comes from.

Show me a product and we’ll see.

Weren’t the inventory of cars that got flooded by Sandy while waiting to ship out an uninsured loss? I think this played a major part in Fisker’s bankruptcy.

So, the reset button has been pressed – I hope this time around, Fisker sees success. I love the Atlantic design, and was sorry it never had its chance to see the light of day.

Well, I give Mr. Fisker points for not mentioning Tesla in his press release.

How unusual, and refreshing, for a high-tech EV startup to not try use the Tesla name to attract undeserved media attention, or to ride Tesla’s coat-tails!

Actually, that’s not surprising…
Tesla sued Fisker Automotive (not him personally) for stealing trade secrets in 2008.
Tesla lost and paid legal costs, but there’s bad blood there — not a good idea to get Tesla fans to remember the history.

Interestingly, Fisker Naotech’s chairman Jack Kavanaugh is also the a founder, chairman and CEO of Nanotech Energy Inc., a UCLA spin-off researching in graphene supercapacitors: http://www.nanotechenergy.com
Jack Kavanaugh’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-kavanaugh-a534337
It’s not unlikely that the Fisker Nanotech graphene batteries will be a combination of the Nanotech Energy graphene supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries.

Vapor battery 2.0?

The more the merrier, but let’s see if something shows up in 2017. Some advice to Fisker, yes cars should be “beautiful”, but please design something that is practical, affordable, and robust. Simple & reliable & elegant also equals beauty.

PS: Please hook up w/an OEM to be serious. A few hand-built cars isn’t worth my time or attention.

I wasn’t much impressed by the Karma so let’s see where this goes.

I think he’ll have better luck with a pure BEv vs. a PHEV. (assuming this thing happens)

Mr. Fisker is definitely talented… But…

He is an ‘Idea’ Man, not a Detail Man.

His claim of long-lasting 400 mile range cars would have more gravitas if he had enough sense to insist on a 99 cent fuse in the radiator fan circuit of the Karma which caused all the fires.


Please sell a car that’s affordable and that’s what is going to sell and get the money for the company.

By 2018, there will be few more dedicated electric vehicles in the marketplace and the competition will be aggressive as the battery prices keep dropping.

Chevy Bolt is best example.

If he’s talking supercapacitors, he ain’t talking cheap.?