Henrik Fisker Claims To Be Developing Electric Cars In Stealth Mode

SEP 2 2016 BY MARK KANE 23

Force 1 V10

Force 1 V10

VLF Automotive, founded by Gilbert Villarreal, Bob Lutz and Henrik Fisker in 2012, seems to be engaged full swing these days into gasoline ultra-luxury supercars.

After the Destino V8 (an all-ICE version of the Fisker Karma), their next product to debut is the Force 1 V10 based on the Dodge Viper SRT frame.

As always, we could care less about petrol burners, but what is however interesting is that Henrik Fisker revealed that he is working on an all-electric car in stealth mode (so don’t tell anyone about it please).

“I’m definitely working in stealth mode on electric cars of the future. If I do an electric car, it’s going to have to be phenomenal, and has to be something that stands out with technology that nobody else has.”

The Detroit News’s article indicates that Henrik Fisker is seeking breakthroughs in battery technology and would like to introduce a BEV with “Fisker” name.

source: The Detroit News

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IF you are a battery scientist with a startup that has invented a breakthrough battery it makes perfect sense to go to Henrik Fisker and not Tesla,GM, nor Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi.

Maybe graphene core anode cathode…oops did I say to much…

…..Polyphene Lithium

“THE THREE STOOGES” right there!!

Really?! We shall see.?


And why would that be?

Fisker has got to be the most perenially overrated guy in the entire industry. He put his name to several beautiful vehicles in the past, but as far as I know he’s never actually done anything truly significant like invent any actual technology – be it transmission, suspension, chassis or engine-related.

His own proclaimed condition for “doing” an electric car – it has to be spectacular and offer technology nobody else has – should, if serious, guarantee that he won’t “do” an electric car ever again.

The Karma too was a beautiful but ultimately very bad car. Fisker, like that car, is all style and no substance.

Terawatt you are either ignorant, a failed person, a frustrated person if you think Fisker has never done anything significant. Besides getting Aston Martin out of Bankruptcy in creating V8 Vantage, which they are still selling, creating many amazing cars, he created Fisker, which paved the way for electric vehicles. fisker Karma launched before Tesla and with less money than Elon spent on Tesla. Fisker Karma lives on and he is coming back with EVs. Then he goes on to create a car company in Detroit bringing back craftsmanship and American supercars. So before you troll on a risk taker, take some effort to explore. Its easy to sit at home and write crap all day an bring down innovators.

It should be as Phenomenal or even More Phenomenal as his Bad Karma …

Oil burners, then electric car, or electric car as a separate entity?

Do the math & everything will add up. Fisker built a “Failed Car”..It was a scam to raise money so that he could fill his pockets ..The Company is Bankrupt , But he’s Not Broke , Is He? It was a DeLorean kinda deal with no intention to succeed as an automaker.

JimiJon you are quite off the mark and fairly bordering defamation. I am surprised this blog allows posts that are insulting and use words like “scam” and insinuations of corruption. Quite a serious thing. You are way of the mark and not suitable for public commenting. But seems you have a clear agenda of writing bad about Henrik Fisker. Seems like you secretly admire Fisker, read up about him and make tremendous efforts to post numerous comments. Why?

I think “JimiJon” is the same person who formerly posted as “EVnut”. The former screen name was pretty accurate. I suggest that if you bother to read “JimiJon’s” posts at all, do so only for the entertainment value. I doubt that he takes his own posts seriously; nobody else should, either.

Yup, this individual also used to post on another board as EVNerdGene. Perennial super-troll with oddball beliefs in aliens, and other issues.

How are the Greys doing Jimi?

Luckily not all blogs are quite as keen on censorship as you.

I for one want to decide for myself what I can tolerate and don’t want someone else shielding me from having to read (as if we HAVE TO read) opinions that differ from mine, or even that I find offensive.

You gotta allow for context. When someone comments online and writes “it was never intended to succeed” few in their right mind would interpret it as a statement of known fact. It expresses a suspicion or at most someone’s conviction. You probably don’t think it would be defamatory to say “I am convinced it was never intended to succeed”, and there is no substantial difference.

As for Fisker, I think he’s all style and no substance. I have no idea whether he thought the Karma was good or knew the reality, but there is no doubt that it was a bad car. Any car that continually breaks down and has a strong tendency to set itself on fire has to rank pretty low, and when it also didn’t drive particularly well, was impractical and very expensive there’s not much left besides good looks…

Terawatt if I go by your standards, then trolls like you and Jimijon are a burden on our society. We have to carry the weight of reading demeaning, demotivating and baseless comments and your inexperienced and non-factual opinions. Unfortunately keyboard warriors and opinions are a product of today’s social media. Your comments cannot be taken seriously because you have no context of innovation or reality. And yu are protecting a seamster like Jimijon who goes by several IDs. Maybe you are Jimijon with a 3rd ID!

And you are protecting a scamster like Jimijon who goes by several IDs. Maybe you are Jimijon with a 3rd ID!

Terawatt, all cars breakdown. Even my toilet, the parking machine, or the lift in my building breakdown. Cars are complicated machines, but does not look like you own one, since your comments do not reflect any logic or common sense. This blog is a great intellectual one, and I wish the one commenting reflected that! A sensible and intelligent argument would be much appreciated Inside EVs. Not hatred, defamation, demotivation, jealousy and non-factual terrible accusations.

People who are actually developing something in stealth mode don’t brag about it to reporters.

True. It sort of defeats the concept of stealth if you go around telling everyone about it.

I took his comment to mean, “I’m working on EVs, but don’t have anything I care to announce or share at this time”.

Happy to See VLF amazing Force 1 ,
I Still Believe –
” When there’s a Creation , there will be Creator- without Creator there’s no Creation ”
am sure Henrik Fisker – your are Creator on Future mobility .

Very well. I think at this point, to argue a case for Henrik Fisker you’d have to resort to creationist “logic”.