Henes Broon F870 (toy) EV Has Range Of “Like 3,000 Miles” (video)


Broon F830-5

Broon F830-5

In what’s described on the site as “The Ultimate Toy of Wonders”, and “Your Child’s First Supercar”, the Broon F870 has been getting a lot of attention for its fairy remarkable claims of  “like 3,000 miles” of range and unbelievably sophisticated appointments – all for a user target age of 4-5 years old.  Amusingly, the Wired staff all wanted to drive it, but nobody could fit into the cockpit.

Broon modular design

Broon modular design

To wit:

Completely modularized body panels
Open and shut Hood/Trunk/Doors
Dual 12V/24V 15,000RPM 5 Series DC Motor
5 level Speed Control Mode
3 driving modes
RWD (F810,F830)
4WD (F850,F870)
Independent Gas Shock Absorber Suspension
Independent Coil Spring Suspension
120 phase angle detection
Electronic Multi-link Steering System
Electronic Ratio Control System
Bluetooth 4.0 Remote Control
Smart Safety Driving System
High Density Urethane Tires
Electronic Braking System
7 inch Tablet PC with Smart
Operating System Integrated(Optional)
Touch Pad Control
Ergonomically Structured Urethane-Leather Bucket Seat
4 point seat belt
Sliding Dock Dashboard
Battery Pack System
Driving Information System
Voice, Visual Guidance System
Self-Diagnosis System
2 channel Stereo Speakers
Brake Pedal, Accelerator Pedal

Considering the pack is only 14Ah, we’re guessing this range statement was a bit of hyperbole.  With a listed “Dual 12/24V motor”, we’re not sure if that’s two 12V motors, or a switchable 12-24V motor.  And wuuuut?  “15,000RPM 5 Series DC Motor”?  That’s a motor we’d like to get our hands on.  (Volts = RPM, remember, and this would be a 625 RPM/volt – pure magic. …and out of a Series DC motor?  That’s magical magic.)  At a listed price of $895 – $1000, we’re getting close to a call of BS, for whatever that’s worth. That, along with some pretty sloppy website design and copy, and we decided to look into the company a little more.  But let’s enjoy a few more photos.

Color choices

F870 color choices


F870 dash

Here’s the video:

From the Company Information page on the main site, we learn Henes is “The Standard of the World”, at least in the ride-on car market and was founded in 2008.  However, using the “Wayback Machine“, we’re seeing a web presence back to 2005, with no captured site, and a long blank spell until mid-2012, for whatever that’s worth.  The site in 2012 shows simply a product announcement with a decidedly prototype-centric tone to it. Yes, we’re that skeptical.

Henes is based in Korea, with a branch office in Seoul.  While Henes lists the “Second Generation” M7 Premium and M7 Phantom on its site, there’s no ordering information and no apparent dealer network.

M7 Premium

M7 Phantom

M7 Premium

M7 Premium

Out of the three “3rd Generation” products listed on the site, only the F870 doesn’t have a “Coming Soon” note on the links:

3rd Generation

3rd Generation lineup – 66% n/a

In spite of the unbridled enthusiasm the entire world of gadget and EV-centered media has shown for this product (Wired: “Rating: 9/10 Nearly flawless; buy it now”, “The Tesla of the Powerwheels Set”) we’re afraid it sounds to us like impossible price-point, technology-wowing investor prospecting to us.  Buy it now?  Sorry, we can’t even see how to do that on the site.  (To that end, we’ve sent an email and will update this as soon as we hear back.)  Are we really getting that jaded, or is the entire EV world completely blinded by technological gadgeteering?  If Henes’ goal was to garner attention (regardless of the reality of the product) then they’ve succeeded like nothing else.  We’re dying to see if we’re wrong.

There will be no holding of breath, however.

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