Hear Rimac Automobili Concept_One Make Jet Plane Sounds – Video




“A little bit of Wussshhh from a track-test today… Is this the sound you expected?”

“Btw. The video does not nearly demonstrate the real-life feeling of the sound. It feels like a mixture of an earth-quake, a hurricane and jet-plane.”

States Rimac Automobili.

We personally love the sound the Concept_One makes as it tears up the tarmac.

The Concept_One slides mostly under the radar, perhaps because it’s so expensive.

However, the Concept_One, despite its name, is on sale now and has been since mid-2014, so it’s the real deal.

In fact, delivery of the first U.S. Concept-One occurred eight months ago.

Some specs on the Concept_One:

  • 92 kWh battery
  • 1,088 horsepower
  • Four electric motors
  • 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds

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How many have been sold?

Really hard to track. A dozen maybe. Only 88 will ever be produced/sold.

88? Why 88?

That number is often used in circles you don’t want to be part of or associated with.


Darn time travelers!
Never trust ’em!

I guess you were trying to be funny but neo-Nazism, white supremacy and genocides aren’t really all that fun to joke about.

Something to be extra careful about as a Croatian considering their role during the second world war, their concentration camps and the strong support for nazism both then and now in the country.

It’s like a Mississippi-based company would call their product KKK. Not the smartest choice.

Ummm, not to downplay the seriousness of your concern, but I think Nick was referring to the Back-to-the-Future trilogy of movies. At least that’s what how I interpretted your comment about “circles”

By the way, asians consider sequence’s of 8’s as being fortuitous, so it’s kind of dependent on perspective.


I would be very surprised if the purchasers of the Rimac found such a high noise level desirable. After a few dozen miles, that whine is going to be head-splitting.

While the Audi R8 e-tron with that same capacity can’t keep up with an N/A R8, let a lone a P85D.

Why doesn’t it go in limp mode !?!! That’s the way electric cars I know do react to somewhat sustained spirited driving.

The sound is amplified to some extend.
And the car is moving at a very high speed that produce swirling wind sound and pneumatic whinning.
At normal speed, it’s probably as quiet as any other EV.

SOUNDS LIKE THE NOISE FROM THE PIT OF HELL! !! There Should Be a Law Against That PILE of Crap, If there Already Isn’t ! Who Would Pay a dime For that Demonic Sounding Grossly Offensive NOISE POLLUTING Piece of Crap .

This is close track recording!
Lot less noisier than any NASCAR event.
There is a control to shut down the sound.
Or you could avoid listening at all.
But then you have to make a conscious move.
Good luck!