Hawaii Extends Discounted Electric Rates for Plug-In Vehicles


Hawaii's Electricity Isn't Cheap

Hawaii’s Electricity Isn’t Cheap

Electricity isn’t cheap in Hawaii.  That’s the bad news, but with it comes some good news: Hawaiian Electric Co (HECO) has agreed to extend its discounted charging rates for one more year.

Hawaii...Preferred Home of Future EVs

Hawaii…Preferred Home of Future EVs

As reported by Civil Beat:

“Oahu EV drivers can charge their car for 6 cents per kilowatt-hour below standard rates during the off-peak hours of 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. For the neighbor islands, off-peak charging is 7 cents to 9 cents per kwh lower.”

“HECO’s EV charging program is designed to encourage electricity use during the nighttime hours. Members of the program are charged more to plug in their car during the day — 3 cents to 5 cents per kwh above standard rates.”

HECO spokesman Peter Rosegg told Civil Beat this by email:

“Using normal rates, the cost per mile of a plug-in EV is about half of the cost per mile of a typical (internal combustion engine) sedan. Charging with discount rates increases the savings.”

Despite high electrical costs, Hawaii’s adoption of electric vehicle is spectacular.  There are currently more than 2,000 plug-in vehicles registered statewide, a figure that’s only beat by a handful of other states in the US.

Source: Civil Beat

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Coincidentally, I received a newsletter from my electric coop announcing they are offering reduced rates for EV owners starting in January. They already have a TOU program that is not very good – extra $4.75/month service fee plus $.08 off peak, $.28 peak vs regular rate of $.11. With my use, I would get hosed during the summer. I guess I’ll see what the details are in December.

Can we please stop using the eGallon… its a poor metric. Cost per 100miles (or km) based on a specific car would be better. . .

Leaf – (29kwh/100miles) @$0.10/kwh (PSE, my provider hear in the Seattle exurbs) = $2.9/100miles

Compared to
Versa – (35mpg Combined) @$3.29/gallon (average near my home) = $9.4/100miles.

I can see why Hawaian utilities can’t offer too much of a nightime discount… They still have to buy the diesel fuel to make the juice. Political concerns are probably causing them to offer the discount at a at most break even price, or even a slight loss.