Harrison Ford Seen Driving Tesla Model S


Harrison Ford Driving His Tesla Model S

Harrison Ford Driving His Tesla Model S

It’s not new news that Harrison Ford owns a Tesla Model S.  He’s been a Tesla owner for close to a year, by our best estimations.

But this image captures what’s believed to be Harrison Ford’s first time out in public since his March 5 plane crash.

As Daily Mail reports:

Harrison Ford has been seen out in public for the first time since being seriously hurt in a plane crash on March 5.

He was spotted driving his silver Tesla in Los Angeles accompanied by a male friend in the front passenger seat.

It’s a clear sign that the 72-year-old actor is on the mend after he was forced to crash land his Second World War-era plane on a Venice golf course.

The fact that Ford is able to drive now after that crash in which he broke his pelvis and ankle should be a relief to his fans.

Source: Daily Mail

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Millennium Falcon (tesla)

Aluminium Falcon


You can google “Celebrity Tesla” and find a whos who of owners, from music stars to athletes all seem to love the car.

If you are a celebrity and drive a luxury ICE then shame on you.
I would include doctors lawyers high earners etc.

And this is why Silicon Valley is filled with Teslas. I think there will be another big wave when the Model X gets out the door (or gets the door out 😉 ).


Yes, it’s a crime that in Fifty Shades of Grey, you can see him walking past a lot of expensive cars in his garage, including a Model S, but he opts to drive a loud gasser. Ugh.

Excellent that he has recovered from severe injuries!
Glad to know he is in a safe Tesla Model S. I’m sure he is noticing a few updates since last he flew…. I mean drove the Millennium Falcon….I mean Model S. Good to have him up and about. Individually speaking, there is nothing is more important than good health! May we see him in many more movies!

I wonder what Peter Mayhew drives?

It can do the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs.

Don’t get cocky on us, kid.

Alternate title: “Tesla: Nerfherder approved”

person who write the article is color blind

Uh . . . looks silver to me. But then again, I am colorblind to slight degree.

Nah!, I think it’s blue:)

And you are grammer blind.

Grammer is spelled “grammar”. 😉


That is Dolphin Grey.

Willie Scott: You know how to fly don’t you?
Indiana Jones: How hard could it be?

Indiana jones, the temple of doom.

Mmmm apparently is was hard…

If you say that’s Harrison Ford, I’ll have to take your word for it. I can tell it’s a guy driving a Tesla. I guess if Chewbacca had been driving that would have been easier to spot!

He should install Chewbacca seatbelt covers.

Did Clint Eastwood get a Tesla or is he still talking to the empty chair?

The empty chair is still crafting a response to ISIS, any day now, coming up with a brilliant negotiation to let the ayatollahs get nukes, and making sure that if we want to keep our health plan… No wait, strike that… Reverse it.
His wife is working on letting the high school kids have that second bowl of grewl — if they want it !