Harley LiveWire, World Radio and the Future of Motorcycling


Michael Cochrane of TW&E (The World and Everything In It) recently had a chance to see the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, and chat with a few people about the “Electric Ride”, including Yours Truly.  (Short version: “It’s about the power”.) It’s a balanced perspective – listen to the broadcast here:

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I think the Live Wire is a really good looking bike for HD. Though I agree with the sport concept, there is still a micro need for charging unique to bikes. There is a regular annual run from Charlotte NC to Myrtle Beach on bike week end that supports tens of thousands of riders. The Live Wire still needs a practical way to make this journey even as a sport bike. I am sure such treks are normal everywhere but this is ours. It would also explain why there is a Tesla supercharger in Lumberton NC.