Harley-Davidson Promises Electric Motor Will Be A Revelation


Another mysterious trademark from the Motor Company. Is this the name for the company’s new electric motor?

Harley has a thing for dramatic-sounding engine names. First, there was the Evolution which, fair enough, was a huge development that earned its name. Then came the V-Rod’s Revolution engine which, again, was a massive change for Harley. After the Revolution came the Street line’s tough-sounding Revolution X, an engine clearly aimed at The Youths since it has a cool sounding X in the name. Now, according to a recent trademark filing, there is the Revelation.

BEHOLD: Harley-Davidson Announces First Electric Motorcycle Coming Within 18 Months

Wait, what? Does St. John the Divine work for Harley now? Well, no. Apparently, the “Revelation” is some kind of new Harley powerplant. A new powerplant from Harley? Didn’t we just get the Milwaukee Eight?

Well, hold on there, buckaroo. If you look real close at the trademark filing, you’ll see that it was filed for an electric powerplant. In the first section there, under the Statements heading, it states that the Revelation trademark is for, “Batteries for vehicles; electric batteries for powering electric vehicles; battery chargers; powertrains for vehicles; engines for motorcycles; transmissions for motorcycles’ electric drives for vehicles.” As The Dude would say, that’s interesting … that’s very interesting, man.

So, is Revelation the name of Harley’s new electric mill? Maybe. The company did make a huge splash recently when it announced that Project LiveWire is back on and that electric bikes will be rolling out of showrooms within 18 months. It makes sense then that the company would be filing all sorts of electric bike-related trademarks as the new electric bike comes to fruition. Also, the name “Revelation” is definitely the business. It goes well with the other fancy names, and honestly, an electric mill from Harley is a revelation.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this development, since we do love electric bikes around here, and if we hear anything else you’ll be the first to hear about it.

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Harley-Davidson is a dying animal. When H-D goes electric, you know ICE is on the decline..

Oh bull. There are lots of armchair experts in here who don’t know anything about motorcycles but proclaim to be experts because they read some horsepower stats on the internet. Harley Davidson isn’t going anywhere, and just as a reminder, none of their competition makes an electric cruiser yet either, so it would be far fetched to say that they were behind.

All the old riders are dying off, or haven’t you heard, and no new ones are coming along.
Your point is that there is not much competition but there are a number of e-m-bikes already in production, in that sense they are behind.
In addition if you look over the last few years of a historic bull market their stock has been laying there like a sick puppy. They in heap o’ trouble.

The entire motorcycle market has been soft recently, not just Harley. Expensive recreational products always experience swings, this is no different. And yes, I know and like Zero motorcycles, but they aren’t nearly in the same market as Harley. If Yamaha and Honda had big electric cruisers, then it would be fair to say that Harley was behind, but they don’t.

This discussion reminds me of all the anti-GM rhetoric where people on this site accuse GM of being anti-EV, despite leading almost all other established brands in EV development and production. Emotion beats rational though every time, even (especially?) on an EV website.

You’re right about this.
Over the last 40 years, the avarage age of bikers has been higher for every decade.

In 1993 the average bikers age was 33, in 2003 it was 40, and now it’s 48..
The 50-59 year old group, is the group with the highest accident growth.
Older people handles accidents worse too.


There are a group (usually with higher education) that rides some in the weekends, that has been the fastest growing group of younger people… and the highest number of this group is in the 35-45 age range.

I think that when an OK electric bike (that works well for local transportation) comes down in price – there will be an increase in younger bikers too. As a cheap and reliable way to get from A-B. Safety in a concern in some areas though.

HD have a solid name, and should be able to sell bikes (to at least older bikers, and bikers that want to drive a Harley).

Well, nobody’s making an electric cruiser or bagger and those are very popular in the US. There are a lot of motorcyclists here who want such a vehicle if it has enough range to handle a typical weekend ride. HD is the perfect company to introduce such a motorcycle.

I really hope they succeed in this space. They need to show the world that they don’t just make motorcycles for retired weekend warriors.

“Harley-Davidson is a dying animal.”

Maybe. And maybe the evidence that H-D is developing an electric motorcycle is an indication that they’re moving towards surviving the EV revolution!

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” — attributed to Mark Twain

I think they should call their electric motorcycle the “Silent Gray Fellow” – which is the name of their very first model of motorcycle.

The first Harley was famous – because it had a muffler.

The Model 7B’s Silent Gray Fellow moniker was also in reference to chief engineer Bill Harley.


Not the very first.
The 7D came out in 1911. The company had been making bikes since 1903.

Harley Davidson just isn’t the cool thing anymore. It’s laughable when you see a rich guy on the $35,000 motorcycle and everything he’s wearing is Harley-Davidson apparel trying to look like a badass but he looks the opposite.

They’re commonly called RUB’es: Rich Urban Bikers; pretty much the final type of customers who will purchase a new, expensive bike.

Overall, HD buyers are buying one thing: image. Part of that image is the sound of the antiquated design of their v-twin motor. HD, in order to avoid ever increasing competition, actually tried to patent that sound but failed. Because it also changes the sound, HD also resisted adding water-cooling for as long as they could till noise and emission regs became impossible to overcome without it.

Electric Harley’s will be a sales success right after Diesel Tesla’s. LOL

Just replace the mufflers with lookalike, chrome-plated, electric-powered vibrating noisemakers engineered to make exactly the same sound as a classic HD motorcycle.

Problem solved. 🙂

Been riding for almost 50 years. I love bikes. Have ridden all kinds. I test rode a SR Zero. Very impressed. Was doing 90 mph so fast on the highway, I thought whoo hoo! Pure acceleration with one gear. Got to test ride one in the hills of Northern Arizona out of Meyer. So much control with the regen and not having to fuss with gears. I do wish Harley success with the Live Wire. I think it’s a very good looking bike. Feel like I’m ready for a third wheel though. Legs not what they used to be. I put my reservation on an Arcimoto. Had such a fun test ride on a prototype in the hills of Eugene summer of 2016 where their headquarters is located. Plenty of power and the “front brake handle” controlling regen was very cool. Handling was fantastic. If you like twisties, you will enjoy this ride. This will be my next “bike”. Dark Maroon Please.

I have owned motorcycles since I was 12, before I moved to the US, I bought a motorcycle in Key West and rode it to Napa Valley with my wife, then back to Houston (Katrina was hitting New Orleans while I was in Houston, I thought it was a bad idea to continue to FL).
I sold my last bike a few months ago and have no regrets.

My Volt is more economical and practical than almost any motorcycle.
My convertible now is a Jeep Wrangler without top or doors. People just drive too distracted for me to get squashed in a motorcycle.
Next toy for my wife will be a Fiat 124 Spider, great handling and fun.
Getting old sucks but getting dead is worse and I will try to avoid it.

RE: “Image”
The same is true of just about everything. Harley owners aren’t much more mechanical than Tesla owners. They dump 2-4 y/o bikes, and relatively few older ones show up used.

It’s all going “big brother”. This morning, my Tesla steered for me (not in AP). I was using up a line I chose, and big brother took over. Some humans chose to be stupid about what their vehicles can do, and how to maintain them. And some companies relish in the common denominator, that we’re all stupid.

I can’t think of a better vehicle that would benefit from an electric motor. There is no F’ing reason why their bikes have to be so annoyingly loud.

But even with the electric motor driving the wheels, HDs will still have an ICE for that beautiful sound, errr, so they can annoy you 😉

I have to admit there is certain tribal musical quality to a bunch of bikes popping off at the same time.

They don’t leave loud from the factory… quite muffled actually. But, owners almost always throw them away, and opt for loud pipes, not only for the need for that classic V-twin sound, or ego, but many do it to keep cars around them alert enough to be cautious in traffic. It’s PURELY an owner thing… and I agree, too many of them are TOO loud!

Loud pipes piss off all of humanity.
(PS: You meet the nicest people on a Honda)

I’m guessing you don’t ride one.

That’s why you don’t understand.

Haven’t you ever heard;
Loud Pipes Save Lives!
Many bikers have and believe it enough to resist change I fear.

Electric will be bought by younger hipper riders.

And the old die-hards can just peg a couple of playing cards near the spokes to satisfy their aural requirements. ?

Not around here they won’t. The “hip” thing to do right now is to build the ugliest, cheapest, most uncomfortable chopper you can from old rusted parts, and then ride around with an old metal flake bucket helmet, flannel jacket and Converse sneakers, of course with the obligatory straight open pipes.

Yeah, I always love the made-up excuse of “Loud Pipes Save Lives”- while the idiot riding with straight pipes is head to toe in black. If it was about being seen he’d be wearing safety orange, but it ain’t. It’s about blatting out ear piercing sound akin to the teenager who cranks out super loud bass. They’re both attention seekers, period.

Attention seekers…. you sound like a loser high school kid who couldn’t get the girl. Where is the correlation of being heard and being seen? You need more education! Don’t insult an American icon idiot. Your insulting my fellow Americans with your ignorant comment.

Your post reads like it’s written by one of those jackasses who annoys everyone around him to get attention.

The kind of jerks and bullies who typically grow up to be hoodlums and thugs. Or in your case, a troll.

Not a physics major are you John?

Sure. That makes sense.

I live in Reno, they have ‘Street Vibrations’ every year. Draws the typical biker crowd every year, straight pipes all day, every day for a week every year. Can’t even walk around downtown because of the ridiculous noise. All everyone in Reno does every year is wait until Street Vibes is over.

Yeah, straight pipes are about “saving lives.” Gimmee a break. “Insulting Americans and an Icon” with my comments?? Hahaha! You need to get thicker skin just because some folks don’t like straight pipes bud.

Heard it. Don’t believe it, for a second.

Except they don’t.

Riders on bikes with modified exhaust are twice as likely to die.

Data, it’s an unforgiving b1+ch! Doesn’t even spare us our delusions.

ps. I’ve got between 200,000 -220,000 miles riding motorcycles.

I have riden bikes for 30 years. I want one.

Is what I’m saying.

(Riding since ’86)

My favorite vehicle maker is on their third generation of electric.


I’ve lusted after one of these since it was called the Ecomobile. When they started building electrics I really wanted one.


If I had a Tesla X, I’d trade it in a heartbeat for the ultimate vehicle.

HD is very last century. Hopefully they can enter the electric age – and survive.

They will sell these in China like hotcakes!

Is here really a chance the noisy, fuming smelly, open-exhaust polluting obnoxious fat ugly riders are going away? Even the motorcycles too? God, the U.S. will be so much better without them.

What, they find an old Eddison patent?

Whenever I read an article about electric motorcycles, I get the feeling that people only view 2-wheeled travel as something done for entertainment on the weekend. Long rides through the country may be nice, but they’re NOT what e-bikes excel at. Instead, they are unmatched at everyday commuting and personal transportation.

I’ve ridden a Zero for a little over a year, putting over 7000 miles on it, almost all of it running around town: to work, picking up stuff, going out to eat. Unless the weather really sucks, I ride it to work due to the ease of parking and the efficiency, which is about 4 times that of my Volt. Mpge DOES matter in the extreme, and I’d call 450 mpge doing the riding I do pretty extreme!

Riding on 2 wheels is obviously not for everyone, but if you’re interested in carbon-free transportation (I have solar) or the most efficient use of grid power, e-bikes and motorcycles are unmatched.