Harley-Davidson LiveWire Motorcycle.com Video From NYC Launch Event


LiveWire Gets Driven

LiveWire Gets Driven

“The announcement of Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire electric motorcycle sent shockwaves through the moto industry and even made headline news in the general media.”

“Harley’s products, perhaps more than any other vehicle manufacturer, are steeped in tradition, so building an e-bike just seemed so unlikely for the hidebound company.”

This video from the Harley-Davidson LiveWire launch event in New York City provides some technical details on LiveWire, as well as some general impressions of the electric motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson still has not fully committed to producing this electric bike, but we’re rather certain that, given the HUGE amount of attention it’s drawn, Harley-Davidson will move to get this into production as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, check out this Motorcycle.com video on the Harley-Davidson LiveWire.

Some background details here:

BREAKING: Harley-Davidson Reveals Project LiveWire Electric Motorcycle (w/video)

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Harley rep quote:
“There are green electric motorcycles but there are no “bad ass” electric motorcycles.

Uhhh hello.

Harley Davidson really doesn’t have much more to do with this, does it? As a lot of people are saying, it’s pretty much productio ready! They have bucket oads of potential, many consider it to be far too light and its wheelbase is far too short to be catagorised or recognised as a regular Hog. So the addition of plenty more batteries woulnd’t be be a bad idea, it’s almost necessary. I don’t think Harley Davidson needs to directly compete with Zero Motorcycles. Perhaps it would be a good idea to wait two years for the energy density and price/kWh to improve and we know that’s enough time to do so.

If not, if they want to stick with a 12kWh battery pack, then level 3 charging and improving its efficeincy (not a definable trait for Harley Davidon) is a must and I don’t think Harley Davidson would be terribly able to greatly improve on the latter, such as getting the best efficiency from the inverters and etc.

It’s pretty clear that HD is waiting for more battery capacity before bringing it to production. I imagine they would like to see 20 kWh+.

This is the trick.
Chadmeo and your good to go.
I think Tesla should offer a pickle with super charging access.!!!

Chademo wouldn’t do much good for the average Harley rider. Chademo stations are mostly only located in cities, which is ok for people commuting in their Leaf, but not very useful for Harley riders on a trip. SuperCharger access would be much more useful, but only after Harley gets the range up to 100 miles or so to be able to get from one SuperCharger to the next. One great advantage for SuperChargers for Harley is that you can already travel from both the west coast or the east coast to Sturgis! The closest SuperCharger is only 27 minutes away!

Yeh the MPH you get on a motorcycle charging at a supercharger is much higher than the S.

That was my whole point.


Fascinating to hear the president of HD talk about energy density. That’s when you know things really are changing.

On the one hand it seems strange that HD should be interested in e-bikes. The steampunk extravaganza in terms of sounds and visuals is a large part of the appeal of motorbikes in general and HD bikes in particular so why deviate from that concept?

Otoh there is a real kick in the silent power delivery of an E-bike so I guess HD needs to test the waters to see if there is something in it for them.

HD is right though: for application in motorcycles batteries need to really improve in terms of energy density, so the commercial E-Harley is still years away from being introduced.

Read all the complaints online about the factory catalytic converters in the stock pipes. I imagine California emission requirements are slowly killing these bikes.

Plus they know electric bikes are the future and these startup companies have a jump on them and until now; they had nothing ready for the future.

It won’t be long and gas bikes won’t be able to beat an electric in acceleration. They are still putting baby motors/inverters in all the cars and bikes at the moment. Just wait until there’s a performance war in the electric sector.

As a current (no pun intended) Harley Davidson rider, I have to say that the 53 mile range is the deal breaker for me. Get it to 100+ and we’ll talk. As it is, it’s a commuter’s bike; to and from work, and that’s it. It would be good as a second bike, but it can’t (yet) replace my primary bike.