Harley-Davidson LiveWire Caught On Video At Harley-Davidson Museum




Here it is…

The pure electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire (aka the electric motorcycle that may well change the entire landscape of motorcycling).

Seen here at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this is one of the rare first glimpses of this electric machine in the flesh.

Details on LiveWire are scarce, but here’s what we know:

  • 60 mph in under four seconds
  • 74 horsepower
  • 52 foot-pounds of torque
  • Top speed of 92 mph.
  • Range of 53 miles
  • 10 kilowatt-hour battery pack

More Harley-Davidson LiveWire info here.

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I am sure this has been mentioned before but for a 10KW battery, 53 miles seems pretty low. A volt gets 35 miles on 10KW of battery power. They must not use much of the battery or something.

What you may not have considered is how unaerodynamic a motorcycle is.

Yeah, motorcycles just don’t get very amazing range. An average motorcycle can barely beat a Prius in fuel efficiency. 50mpg is common and you only see 60+ in 250cc (small) bikes.

~5.3kW/mile. I regularly do 5kW/mile with my i-MiEV in city traffic. I think they’re being a little overly conservative with the range.

I think this may do well in the Orient.

I like how he was negotiating with his Tesla to get a better view of the bike.

Based on the size of the bike itself and the use of Mission Motors products (Motor and Battery Modules), I highly doubt there is 10kw on board…I would guess more like 7 or 8 which falls better in line with the stated range.