Hardcore Gearhead Buys A Tesla Model 3: Video


Auto critic for The Detroit News shocks Autoline with his Tesla Model 3 purchase.

This episode’s special guest Henry Payne is an automotive critic, an active race car driver, and an editorial cartoonist. As far as John McElroy from Autoline is concerned, Payne is the ultimate gearhead and has oil in his veins (and Payne agrees). In fact, he’s been on the show before, sharing his personal race car with the crew. Payne says he doesn’t believe in global warming and that’s not why he bought this car. So, why did Payne take the plunge and buy a Tesla Model 3?

*To watch the segment on Payne’s Tesla Model 3, begin at the 7:25 mark in the video.

In summary, Payne says he bought the Model 3 simply because it’s different. Tesla has proven to be the only viable automotive startup in his lifetime, and he’s been impressed with the company since the beginning. However, the Model S and Model X are out of his price range. Payne admits that when the Model 3 came along he had to invest in it. He says, as an automotive journalist, this is just something that he needed to do … to be a part of the journey.

Payne shares that the car has lived up to his expectations and not disappointed. It took him a long time to get it, but he knew after the first time he drove it that it was an incredible car.

Check out the video for more from Henry Payne, as well as an up-close look at his Model 3.

Video Description via Autoline Network on YouTube:

A Hardcore Gearhead Buys A Tesla Model 3 – Autoline After Hours 444

SPECIAL GUEST: Henry Payne, The Detroit News

07:25 – Henry’s Model 3
43:28 – Doctor Data
47:56 – Waymo One Launches in Arizona
59:03 – How will a Millennial Buy a vehicle?
1:04:13 – Jim Lentz talks Mobility and Dealers

– Jack Keebler, Keebler Auto
– Gary Vasilash, AD&P
– John McElroy, Autoline.tv

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Does not believe in global warming, yes scientific are just making that up to look interesting

It’s got to feel great when you devote your whole life learning and studying something and have people that have spent more time playing fantasy football than learning about your trade tell you that you’re wrong and that they know better.

This. Dunning-Kruger has become an epidemic in the U.S. I’m always tempted to ask “At what point after you barely graduated high school did you suddenly become a genius and expert on everything?”

Worse people don’t want to see what is right in front of them. Ten years ago I did not think global warning was that bad, then I did a trip to Alaska and had the captain of the ship point out a huge boulder that was sticking out of the ice of a glacier that was totally buried in the ice THE PREVIOUS YEAR! And was now sticking outside the ice was huge!

Today we have major hurricane damage, major forest fires, half empty dams and yet they don’t want to admit climate change.

But lets forget climate change even. Years ago I remember choking on the fumes from “blue smokers” when I went into Toronto. Today I can go downtown but pollution testing has removed those cars off the streets. But today if I go down to the shore of Lake Ontario in Oshawa and look towards Toronto I can see the brown haze caused by pollution still. We still need cleaner cars and Ontario’s power is nuclear and hydro for +95% so clean car would make a big difference.

Welcome to Trumpopia (and the near 50% that voted for it !

*19% of Americans voted for Trump.

Solstice is two weeks away and there still deciduous trees here half green or more. They just might make it to Spring.

You state the Dunning-Kruger effect and yet that applies equally to both the tribes that believe and deny Global Warming with 100% certainty. Politics has become entirely tribal over the past few years and it’s disappointing to see that we can no longer hold neutral discussions without insulting each other. Facts. Earth has been getting warmer in recent years. CO2 is a greenhouse gas. But the scientific literature that approximates to what degree the planet getting warmer is caused by human emissions is still not clear cut. To act as it was is an insult to the scientific method. All we have are correlations, some which become murky when we consider Earth’s temperatures at a geological timescale. That being said, I’m an advocate for moving to renewable energy because: 1) Humanity will need to do this eventually because by the very definition, unrenewable energy sources will run out eventually. 2) Breathing in toxic fumes is bad for health. Especially apparent in India and Beijing. 3) Given the above, and provided that we don’t destroy our economy in the process, shifting to renewables would also relieve us of the possibility that we are causing a *significant* rise in global temperatures. But… Read more »

We got one of those specimens in the White House.

From your and other’s comments like it, it seems that even if someone that disagrees with you about the environment, but spends a lot of money on something that helps the cause, the takeaway is they are heretical nincompoops. Not everyone will believe, but EV’s make that irrelevant because they can be so good aside from the environmental benefit. We’ve got both sides of the coin covered here. Be grateful people.

You cannot ‘disagree about the environment’. We’re now at a point where climate change is a hard, scientifically proven fact. You can disagree about the taste of beer, or about the best colour for a jersey. However, if you don’t ‘believe in climate change’ you are indeed either a dimwitted nincompoop, or (worse) a spokesman for the Koch adepts of this world. Buying a Tesla doesn’t change one bit about that.

+1 – Lets get real here. The deniers are just showing everyone else their ignorance and arrogance that they somehow know better. There is no discussion or matter of opinion. We are in the middle of an epic change in our climate caused by fossil fuels. Any reputable scientist is in agreement. Welcome to Trump world where you think you can somehow reinvent an inconvenient truth to further personal gain. – OMG people wake up.

I believe he said he wasn’t an environmental type, but he didn’t say he didn’t believe in it, just didn’t care.

This is very important. If Tesla can covert this guy to EV then only the sky is the limit for them.

Excellent point!

That is always what Elon has said. Tesla build cars for “car people”. Building “green cars” will NEVER convert the masses. Tesla build cars that are desirable so whether you believe in climate change or not, you will love the product enough to be “green”. That is the only way to convert the entire world.

The sky is not the limit for SpaceX.

He really liked the LR Model 3, but was frank about its ability to go ~110 miles (and back) in MI’s cold weather. He’s right. Some of us still remember the EREV vs. BEV advocates, battling it out. His view, plus today’s IEV piece on cold weather charging, plus GM killing the Volt, etc., represents a cohort that won’t move. They might have bought an EREV. I say that with both environment and customer satisfaction in mind.

He did say that he was still skeptical as to the size of the EV market and doesn’t believe that electric cars will replace gas cars. He still sees EV’s as a niche thing at appeals to a small percent of the population which was hilarious because he also noted Tesla’s crazy order backlog etc. Cognitive dissonance much?

Plus, anyone who starts by saying they don’t believe in climate change science should be ignored. By saying such nonsense they demonstrate an inability to use evidence to arrive at conclusions and do not accept objective reality. Everything they believe must therefore be considered irrelevant or at least looked upon with suspicion.

Objective reality is this guy bought a Model 3 because it’s a good car from an intriguing company. Would you rather have people do environmentally helpful things for reasons with which you disagree, or agree with you but continue to do things that are environmentally destructive?

And just because you disagree with someone about one thing, that does not invalidate everything else they have to say. As an example, Kyrie Irving has said the world is flat. I don’t agree with this, but I’ll bet he still knows a whole lot about basketball.

I can care less about these geareheads. Bunch of dinosaurs staring into the asteroid. Good riddance!

Maybe try to grow up.

Life is full of all types of people.

You might want to dial it down a notch.

Clive: What about respecting other people’s opinions? I am not using any profanity or being verbally abusive. If you thing this is too much, you probably are living in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

I can maybe respect your opinion but maybe you should step outside of your bubble.

I’ll stay in my bubble and you stay in yours.


Crappy attitude regardless.

Thank you Mr. Self-righteous.

Why did you say you CAN care less?

Yes, I was wondering just how much less he could care.

Some people don’t even pay attention to the meaning of the words coming out of their own mouths (or keyboards).


This kind of buyer switching to EV will reduce gasoline consumption quite a bit more dramatically than a tree hugger (like myself) switching from a Prius or Insight to an EV.

The guy in the video is probably going from 20 MPG average to over 100 MPG equivalent, whether or not that was the intention of his purchase.

This is a very important kind of customer to win over if the bulk of the auto fleet is ever going to be electrified.

That means you do care, at least a little. https://youtu.be/8Gv0H-vPoDc

Ron Swanson's Mustache


Peer-reviewed, evidence-supported science doesn’t care what anyone “believes.”

This is what Tesla has aimed since the beginning. Elon always said that EVs can’t be just aimed at “green crowds”. Sure, it will be super efficient and green. But more importantly, it has to be more appealing than ICE cars. it has to drive nice, have a great safety and looks great. It is basically no compromise.

The traditional automakers always build green cars for “green buyers” and never figured out the way to build a green car for the masses.

Finally, Tesla has shown them the way, hopefully they will follow and keep up.

Autonomous and safety systems in vehicles already make them safer than human drivers with all our evolutionary flaws built into our senses. The accumulating data show reductions in collisions, near collisions, and harm when collisions do occur.

“Payne says he doesn’t believe in global warming”

And I’m gonna stop right there. Why would I respect anything else this idiot has to say?

To be fair most people here DO believe in global warming but buy EVs mostly for other reasons (me included) and more so than they will admit. I guess if you really truly cared about global warming you’d get rid of your car entirely and take public transport and do car sharing once a week but we are still car guys after all.

I also just came off a Twitter profile that claimed “advocate for a sustainalbe lifestyle” or something like that but she owns and drives 3 Teslas :/

The most stupid criticism was about the heavier Tesla burning through tires. Ridiculous! In his rush to find something, anything, wrong with the TM3 he completely forgot that track cars add wings and aero to INCREASE downforce for better performance. Henry Payne dismissed this by suggesting that he’ll just get good tires.

Well, the Model S does burn thru tires a lot faster than a gasmobile sedan of similar size, but not primarily because it’s heavier. Maybe the Model X too, I dunno. It’s because of the car’s high torque and the toe-in camber on the rear wheels.

Has the toe-in problem been corrected in the Model 3? I think so, but I can’t recall with certainty.

Regen seems to wear the drive wheels much faster.

So frequent rotating is a must.

I love this piece. The takeaways are: Tesla represents a certain panache, and they are the a “Apple” of cars. I wish however, they would have discussed the advantage of the supercharger network.

He probably lost enhanced autopilot and summon because someone in the car wash simply turned it off. They have to have someone sit in the car to keep it from putting itself into park when no one is in the car, and I would guess they likely played with the screen while doing that – he just needs to go to the Autopilot screen and turn it back on…

Wow, for a gear head he sure had a fairly basic understanding of the model 3. Never mind some of the condescending uninformed questions from the others, the owner didn’t sissy’s have his model 3 facts straight.