This Is How Hard You’ve Got To Push It To Get A Formula E Pole – Video


The Mahindra man was driving at the very limit in Hong Kong!

How did he keep it out of the barriers? Well, it wasn’t easy, but he did manage to keep the Formula E car out of danger and grabbed the pole in the process.

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I haven’t seen this fun driving in F1 for 10 years…

I watched the race and it was amazing, the entertaining value of FE is so much higher than F1 now.

I used to love F1 and did not miss a race during three separate decades. I have not seen more than maybe half the races for the last decade because the charm and excitement was gone.
Finally I got it back in Formula E!

Usually losing traction in racing produces worse lap times. Very interesting that he was able to slide is way around the track into pole position.

The aggressive driving when he wasn’t sliding must have more than made up for the time lost while sliding around. Definitely exciting!!

Much of the time he lost traction, he seemed to point the car successfully. Rotating the tail is more apt to be beneficial in tight turns, and off apexes. It can lunch the tires, but qualifying is just a couple laps. Then, they go new for the race. I used to buy the “scrubs”, often.

I still don’t get treaded tires for FE? If the rubber compounds are “street”, these guys aren’t going to find the grip that makes keeping the tires from breaking lose as important.

Very entertaining.

I believe Michelin was given the task to produce the FormulaE tires under the direction that the tires be suitable both in the wet and in the dry, and as a single model available to all teams. The point of this, and of many of the regulations in FormulaE, is to direct the technological developments and the racing tactics both relevant to street-going EVs. I’m not in the habit of characterizing race regulations as brilliantly-crafted, but what they’ve crafted in FormulaE seems to have met the needs of the organization quite impressively well. Let’s hope that they can continue to manage similarly in the fuutre under the influence of new arrivals and the higher team budget levels.