Happy Holidays From InsideEVs (Santa Arrives via An eBus This Year)

10 months ago by Jay Cole 20

As Volvo delivers Santas all over the world in their electric buses, we at InsideEVs just wanted to wish the very best to all our readers, hoping you have a great Holiday Season and of course, a Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays From Everyone At InsideEVs (and apparently Volvo too)

Happy Holidays From Everyone At InsideEVs (and apparently Volvo too)

Special thanks to all the contributors and community members that made 2016 special!

Here is looking forward to 2017 – surely the best yet for plug-in vehicles around the world.

All the best from our family to yours!


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20 responses to "Happy Holidays From InsideEVs (Santa Arrives via An eBus This Year)"

  1. Rightofthepeople says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone. For unto us a child is born, let there be peace on earth.

  2. Kenz says:

    Happy holidays to all. Let’s make 2017 the year we all help EVs by evangelizing intelligently. And perhaps a little less drama and name calling back and forth in the forums?

  3. Mikael says:

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Kosh says:

    Thanks for all you at insideEVs have done for “the cause”.

    Happy Saturnalia!

  5. GeorgeS says:

    Merry Chrismas to all!

    Pretty amazing. We are having a white Christmas in the high desert here in Az.

  6. Jay Cole says:

    What are you people all doing here online Christmas morning? …that is almost as bad as working, (=

    Merry Christmas everyone – hope it finds you well.

    1. Assaf says:

      “What are you people all doing here online Christmas morning?”
      … et tu? 🙂

      Personally, IEV is part of my online routine as I sip my morning coffee: local weather, insideevs, ev-sales, personal email inbox, then possibly facebook. A politics website used to be on that list too, but there’s not much to see there nowadays that’s not depressing 🙁
      In this list of sites, there’s no question that IEV is the most favorite and most likely to provide some morning pick-me-up.

      Anyway, I spent yesterday in a live demo for the limitations of the pre-Bolt era in affordable EVs: trying to repeat the “Seattle to Vancouver Odyssey” from 2 years ago, but under time pressure as I drive wife&son to YVR (flights are so much cheaper out of there this season).

      The forecast hovered around freezing, so I decided to rent an ICE from a point right off the highway 35 miles north of us, drive the Leaf there and switch just for the 200-mile roundtrip “lap” to YVR and back.
      The switch and ICE thing worked seamlessly. But turns out I still needed some extra charge in the Leaf to make the 35 miles back home… that was readily available, but disappointing nonetheless.

      Anyway, back in time to light first candle of Hanukah with the available subset of household members.

      Happy holidays to you and to the rest of the IEV community!


      1. Jay Cole says:

        Thanks for the positive feedback (and the story), always encouraging to hear…well, not the story part, (=

        Actually, on the working on Christmas front, Mark and Eric have both put me to shame today. Eric was ‘at it’ before I was (~9AM)…and Mark is currently in the midst of putting together ~5 pieces for the next couple days reading.

        I’d just like to note that no one is scheduled, or even expected to be anywhere near InsideEVs today, or tomorrow for that matter (no ‘Scrooge’s here)…but EVs are fun, so I guess its not really like work, heeh.

    2. Mikael says:

      In Sweden we celebrate on Christmas Eve.
      The 25th is fairly irrelevant, some have it to celebrate a second christmas with the ones you didn’t celebrate the “real” christmas with.
      And it’s also a day to party since people who study or live/work in other places often return “home” and get to go out with old friends from when you grew up.

      There is always time for some InsideEVs time anyway. Especially when you have been listening to kids playing with every kind of sounding and blinking toy available for a while after the presents were opened. 😛

      1. HeisenberghtBeardless says:

        In Germany we all already have the 2nd day of Christmas (which is actually the 3rd) Christmas eve then 1st then 2nd… Its really hard to explain… Well that said: merry Christmas to all of you at the insideevs cult.

        In 2000 years people might celebrate even more, any cult member to suggest a EV messias 😉 ?

  7. Mister G says:


  8. Fiure Inguinal says:

    A good New Year’s resolution for InsideEVs would be to be less of a pro-Tesla mouthpiece.

    For instance, not every accident involving a Tesla must be covered and Tesla crash worthiness praised. Most cars are 5 star rated and can protect occupants in severe crashes that would have been fatal just 5 years ago.

  9. tftf says:

    It’s Christmas.

    I will not say bad (but true) things about TSLA / ex-SCTY / Musk for the next 24 hours 🙂

    1. Anon says:

      We still see past your superficial gesture of goodwill.

    2. William says:

      May the Ghost of Christmas yet-to-come, show you the folly of your short lived in-kind gesture!

  10. Marty says:

    Merry Christmas to the staff at Inside EV’s , and their contributing writers, from Australia!
    Thanks and Appreciation!
    (Its already boxing day here)

  11. Flmark says:

    Our family, along with a bunch of bystanders, have been enjoying the Tesla/TSO Christmas/Easter Egg…to combine evs and holiday cheer. We found out the light show depends on flat, level ground, so slanty driveways, & even the hump of a normal road is problematic. So we head off to a public parking lot. It is awesome, & makes us thankful during this season.

  12. William says:

    Thanks IEV, for the many blessings and cheer, that you have brought to those of us who have visited during this Holiday Season!

  13. Get Real says:

    Greatest thanks and Happy Holidays to Jay and his team at InsideEVs and all fellow EV drivers.

    I hope and pray that 2017 will be a breakout year for EVs and energy storage just like the last several years has been for Wind and Solar!