Happy Halloween!

OCT 31 2015 BY JAY COLE 14

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Wishing everyone a safe, happy…and of course electric, Halloween!

2016 Chevrolet Volt Goes As Both Electric And Gas For Halloween

2016 Chevrolet Volt Goes As Both Electric And Gas For Halloween

Tesla Model S In Proper Halloween Attire

Tesla Model S In Proper Halloween Attire

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…and happy electric motoring.

Ghouls night out!

Shocking frights

Positively scary.

Happy Halloween to you too Jay!

Thankfully, none of these images are revolting. But they do recharge my enthusiasm for All Hallows Eve.

My kid wanted a scary costume for trick-or-treating this Halloween. The wife and I decided to dress him up as a Toyota Mirai. Since I was chaperoning, I decided to join in on the fun with my own scary costume. I dressed up as a Pontiac Aztek to keep in theme. You should have seen the looks on people’s faces and heard their shrieks of terror!

That is rrrreally Scarrrrey…Even Without the Hydrogen tank of course…

Please Sven. The Aztek was ugly but functional just like the VW Beetle and the Nissan Leaf.

You’re right. I should have made a 10,000 PSI hydrogen tank costume for myself. That would have been really scary, at least to most of the commenters on InsideEVs. 😉

That’s a good shot of the Leaf 🙂

Yes, & The New leaf will Be “Ultra” Awesome!…Tesla Better get the Model 3 Right & Quick! Competition is Heating Up!

VW’s Halloween:

Here is a horror artwork of a guy driving a Mitsubishi i-miev during a zombie doomsday.


I had another artwork based off of a 1950’s car story about there is a free car in the woods. The owner drove the car into the woods and died leaving the keys in the car. But the catch is you got to pull his body out of the car to drive the car.

Case of the story there is a shiny new red Tesla Model S stuck in a fence on the side of a highway. The catch is the keys are in the door of it but the catch is the dead zombie reanimated owner is tangled up in the fence the car is stuck in. Now you can drive the Tesla away down the highway but you have to first get it out of the chain link fence and the zombie owner. As for why you can have the car is that well the former owner won’t be needing the $140,000 car now that he is dead.