This Is What Happens When You Park A Tesla Model X And Leave The Falcon Doors Open – Video


Big Crowd

Big Crowd

YouTuber and Tesla Model X owner Bjorn Nyland decided to conduct a little real-world test.

Nyland wanted to see what would happen if he parked his X in a congested area and left the Falcon Doors open.

As you’ll see in the video, it didn’t take long for curious onlookers to make their way close to the Model X. After awhile, some even ventured inside the electric SUV.

Video description:

“What happens when you park a Model X at Aker Brygge and open the doors?”

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I know at least one family that canceled their Model X contract exactly because of this situation. Why would a young mother with a couple kids and a buggy full of groceries want all the attention these door generate? Turns out the falcon doors were a deal breaker.

That is a dumb reason to cancel an order.

Unless the woman needs an insane amount of time to load the car, the car will not receive more than some curious gazes before she gets moving.

Why would it be dumb? Some people don’t want the hassle and attention like this Bjorn guy seems to thrive on… seems like his whole life is about “look at me, look at me, look at me.”

I wouldn’t want my kids arms chopped off. That’s a good reason to not want one.

I believe any car door can chop your kid’s arm off if your kid’s arm is in the way. That’s why you always look when you are slamming a door shut with kids. Same with hatches. I always make sure my kid doesn’t have his hands up over and behind his head in the back seat when I’m closing the hatch. It would crush his hand.

These doors are no different. Same goes for a auto sliding minivan door.

The doors don’t close with enough force to chop someone’s arm off. You’re being ridiculous and exaggerating to the extreme.

I think the falcon wonged doors could easily break a child’s lower arm and possibly sever their fingers if they are placed near the hinge. After Tesla disabled the pinch sensors on the falcon wing doors to fix the phantom detection problems that caused them to stop opening/closing midway, one YouTube poster showed how the falcon winged doors now chop a cucumber in half when closing.

It’s disconcerting that Tesla chose to secretly disable a safety feature when it could not tweak the software for the pinch sensors to function properly, rather than going through with a recall to replace the faulty pinch sensors with new improved hardware that works. πŸ™

Part 2 of the Cucumber video:

Cats are scared of cucumbers.

Interesting. Foo you are full of unusual facts. Some might say you are full of it, but I would not be one of them.

sven continued his FUD campaign:

“I think the falcon wonged doors could easily break a child’s lower arm and possibly sever their fingers…”

Wow… what a textbook example of FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

So could any car door, sven, if you don’t watch what you’re doing when you close the door. Better stay away from cars altogether if you aren’t capable of watching out when you close a car door!

Oddly enough, our family managed to haul lots of people around in our minivan when we had it. And despite the power sliding doors, somehow nobody ever got injured. I guess Tesla bashers can’t believe anyone could own such a car for years without chopping off arms and fingers.

And tell us again, sven, how you actually like Tesla’s cars. It’s kinda hard to remember when you post cowflop like this. /sarcasm

That was the first thing I thought when reading this story:


What’s this, another new username posting anti-Tesla FUD!

I wonder which of the relatively few existing shorter/haters this is?

Don’t look at Me.

Your favorite color is probably black or grey

That person would have to be a real douchebag.

Yeah, maybe they should stick with a Dodge Caravan. /sarcasm

This video clearly demonstrates that the Tesla Model X is the ideal car to star in a zombie apocalypse movie.

“Errr … me want human brains… tasty human brains … and falcon wings … *slurp*…”

It confirms how cool this car is in person.

For that one person who didn’t like the falcon doors, there are many who see it as a deal maker.

I’m waiting for the next gen of autopilot hardware before plunking down money for my 2nd Tesla.

Same car an hour later:

Here, in Brazil, it happens with any car everytime. If you have a car you need be a strong faith, because the thieves come hard, and sometimes killing their victims. The car security only safe your good, but don’t safe your life.

Apparently they have a problem with foreigners ripping down signs too. πŸ™‚

That’s some chop shop. Not only do they chop up cars, but they also chop up firewood. πŸ˜€

Nah, that’s just the fuel for that car (wood burning steam engines. Lots of forest in Brazil).

Scott πŸ˜€

Worst of all, they took the gull wing doors….

We had an EV car show last weekend and had a Model X parked front and center with the doors open, easily visible from the street. I lost count how many times cars stopped in the middle of the street to stare at the Model X and then eventually pulled over to come check it out. Such an easy way to draw people to an event!

I have a Model X. It certainly does attract more attention…that’s MORE, not OUTRAGEOUS or UNIVERSAL. Most people pass on by. But those who stop and linger do so not just because of the FWDs. That windshield, with glass over the top of the front seat is certainly visually different from the norm and stands out amongst a field of parked cars.

…and I remember comments from the whiners and complainers how ugly the X is…apparently if you start with an S as your paradigm. People stop and literally mouth ‘ W O W ‘. I gets LOTS of compliments on the cars appearance, regardless of it being a Tesla or being electric’.


People staring at something will cause others to stare. Next time you are in a crowded situation, start staring at the sky. After a couple minutes look around at everyone else also staring at the sky.

LOL! I used to have a cat that played that game. He would stare at the ceiling, and when he finally got me to look up, when I looked back down, he was looking at me with that “Gotcha!” look.
He fell for the same trick himself πŸ™‚

This way to the Egress!

This is how Tesla should advertise! Who needs showrooms, just have a bunch of people with a model X each go around and park it in different places. This could be especially effective in states where Tesla is not allowed to have a showroom!

Yeah I’m loving my model x. Wouldn’t have bought it hadn’t it not been for the falcon doors.

I think of the falcon wing doors like I think of other people’s kids. They are special, fun, neat to look at and interact with. But as soon as they start acting up, I’m glad it’s someone else’s problem. πŸ˜€

Norwegians are polite (-;
If anybody did that here, the entire white interior of the car would be ruined in 5min .

when we visited Yellowstone with our X, we learned to quickly exit and enter our X – otherwise we’d get nabbed by curious people and couldn’t spend out time visiting the geysers, etc.

Damn Teslarazzi

From the TV show “Silicon Valley” :”These are not the doors of a billionaire!”

Bjorn should get a job.

You mean, get a job working with Tesla? I agree.

What would happen with the doors open and a banana on the rear seat?