Hamburg City To Get Serious EV Infrastructure This Fall: 52 DC Fast Chargers

JUL 10 2017 BY MARK KANE 23

Tritium Veefil fast charger

Tritium recently won a big tender of supplying 52 custom-built Veefil DC fast chargers for Stomnetz Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany.

Tritium Veefil

The project is especially interesting because the chargers need to be installed fairly quickly (which is not typically the case), with a deadline of four months from now – by October of this year).

The chargers are all to be 50 kW CHAdeMO & CCS Combo equipped, with an additional 11 kW AC Type 2 output.

Paul Sernia, Tritium’s Commercial Director said:

“Stromnetz Hamburg is committed to growing its electric mobility network and wanted a fast charger that would function in its inner city environments.

The company was attracted to Tritium’s unique liquid-cooled technology that reduces maintenance and increases the unit’s life expectancy, but equally important was our ability to produce a unit that could directly connect to the grid whist still maintaining a footprint that is much smaller than any other comparable charger.

We worked closely with Stromnetz Hamburg on the project to develop a compliant charger that also met all their functional requirements. In the narrow streets of Germany’s older city centres, the Veefil-UT can be installed on a standard pedestrian walkway without obstructing pedestrian traffic, pushchairs or wheelchairs etc.”

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Why not 22kW AC charger instead of 11?
Renault Zoe (supporting 22kW AC charging) is the best selling EV in Germany. This vehicle is not compatible with fast charging D.C. standard.


I believe DC is the only way to go high enough for conveniently fast charging, so look to 150 kW DC to do that, not AC.


I fully agree for DC.
And since they offer dual standard it’s just strange to limit the AC capacity.
In France for example fast charging stations support 2 standards : 50kW DC, Chademo, up to 43kW AC.

Micke Larsson

Giving the French advantages? 😛 Nein! 😉

Hopefully the Zoe soon comes in an updated CCS version.
But… I hope that other companies do the higher AC charging available for their cars. 11-22 kW residential AC three phase charging is brilliant. Everyone has three phase so it is easy enough to charge fast.


Rapid chargers are mostly needed on motorways. Cities would mostly benefit from cheaper and slower chargers. For the money they spent they could probably install 2000 Ubitricity chargers and have money to spare for a few 150 kW chargers which will soon be needed.


Not everyone has a private parking spot. City fast charging is needed.


Ubitricity chargers are public installed in lamp posts. They cost £1000 including installation ad opposed to £35k-50k for rapids.

Terry Lee

No point spending $1000 and not much use. We need more rapid chargers in city as mentioned not more slow chargers.


If the objective is for mass adoption, it is better to have 35-50 level 2 instead of one DCFC with line up. Mind you the mentioned are in the city, not in motorway stop.

Terry Lee

It depends on the city, if you are talking about most large cities like London, Paris, New York where 90% of the mass population lives in apartments without delicated chargers, more public rapid chargers is needed. People want to charge quickly and go one with what they need to do. If you are talking about suburbs where the masses are in houses then rapid chargers are less important but still important for long road trips travellers.


Operators would have to charge you a lot more for rapid charging as they need to recoup the investment. Just visit UK forums where people complain that rapids are as expensive as diesel per miles travelled. Ubitricity users plug in at night close to their apartments just as home owners would so speed is irrelevant but the cost is crucial. EVs must continue to be cheaper to run if they are to gain the market share.

Terry Lee

Rapid chargers in the UK are not expensive at all, cost is 9 pence per kwh, which is lower than the average cost of 12 pence/kw at home. Some rapid chargers are free to charge in a few place, as they are covered by the local council.

Martin Winlow

Do you *drive* an EV?

If you did you would know you are wrong.

*At this point in time* we need all the RCs we can get because it is the definitive answer to range anxiety *and* (as others have pointed out) the *only* effective way of allowing those without off-street parking to own an EV.

Even if you put a slow charging point in every lamp-post in the (your) country, it simply will not help because no-one can guarantee that they will be able to use it when they need to. Would you want to own a petrol car knowing that when you wake up in the morning you couldn’t be 99.999% certain that during the night someone hadn’t come along an pinched all your petrol? You have to know that you will be able to charge every time you want to charge otherwise the whole EV idea will fail. It’s that simple. Suffice it to say that our (UK) politicians are generally too stupid to grasp it. But then none of them drive EVs, of course.


Kinda late to put in 50kW chargers. But hey 50 50kW chargers is better than 0 50kW chargers!

Look at that pic at the top. Are supposed to be pretending these aren’t just ChargePoint Express chargers?

The one in the top is a ChargePoint Express 200. The other looks a lot like a ChargePoint Express 250.


“Are supposed to be pretending these aren’t just ChargePoint Express chargers?”
It is the other way around, the CPE200 are Tritium Veefil chargers.


I’m proud that they’re Australian made but disappointed there are so few of them installed in our country.


Yes, we have these in New Zealand and are up to about 100 units with more added every month.


Last time I saw Hamburg, it was in flames.

If Germany can keep the charging stations from being destroyed by Islamists and rioters, maybe they’ll make a difference!

Bla blubb

What a qualified comment. Ever been to Hamburg?

Terry Lee

His talking about the recent G20 where Hamburg was trashed by leftist extremist.

Martin Winlow

Oh. I thought he meant he used to be B-17 aircrew!


Oh. I thought he was referring to the great fire of 1842!


Here´s how it actually looks in hamburg