Half A Million People Applied For A Job At Tesla In 2017 Alone


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Tesla staff at the Fremont factory (Flickr: Steve Jurvetson)


Getting a coveted job at Tesla isn’t easy. Elon Musk once said, “if you’re at Tesla, you’re choosing to be at the equivalent of Special Forces. There’s the regular Army, and that’s fine, but if you are working at Tesla, you’re choosing to step up your game.” You’d think statements like this would keep job applicants away. Not so much.

Fast Company reports that “Tesla received just shy of 500,000 resumes and applications” for about 2,500 open positions at the company in 2017. It’s a sought-after place to work. In fact, “Tesla took the No. 6 spot on LinkedIn’s recent ranking of the hottest companies to work for,” based on competitive criteria.

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

To learn more, Fast Company sat down with Cindy Nicola, the automaker’s vice president of global recruiting, for the inside track on getting a job with the electric car maker. Although she readily admits, “we don’t have a formula… [But] we are looking for excellence.”


Trying to get in the door at the Silicon Valley automaker (Image: Fast Company)

So how can a job applicant get the company’s attention? Diversity counts, but Nicola adds, “Not just visible diversity, but cognitive diversity… We are going to look at potential.” And echoing Musk’s nod to the Special Forces, Nicola emphasizes, “We are looking for people with grit.”

However, Gaby Toledano, Tesla’s chief people officer, explains that “failure is okay… We talk to candidates who have never built a car when we put them in a job to help us design and build a car. They’re builders, they’re curious, and [they’re] problem solvers.” Toledano adds, “We attract people who believe in what we are doing… we are mission driven and we’re making history.”


Model S vehicles lined up outside the Fremont factory (Image: True)

To that end, Nicola hints that if you aren’t “in love with the mission, in the end, it can be problematic… The marriage has to work the first time.” When asking candidates why they want to work at Tesla, “We want people to have a good answer.” After all, Tesla likes to do things differently compared to the traditional, legacy automakers. Our recommendation: before applying, learn what it takes to work at Tesla.


Source: Fast Company

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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Yeah, I’m looking for a standard 9-5 with four weeks of paid time off. I’ve bounced around a ton and wouldn’t like to provide anyone besides my 10th grade shop teacher as my reference.

Oh, I also will need the 3rd week of April off to go backpacking with my friend.

Sounds reasonable. Maybe you should change the country. 24 paid holiday days in Germany by law for everybody (if your work Saturday’s if not then 20). Some companies even give you up to 30 days. And you surely can negotiate with your employer to get the 3rd week of April off as paid holiday. Just in case you’re interested.

Do you get paid vacation days as well, if so, how many (per year)?

Yes, most engineers get 30 paid vacation days here in Germany. In most companies, if you work more than your 35-40hours/week, you can take additional holidays for these hours or get paid more. But it depends in what state and company you work, 24days is minimum by law.

As well there are additional holidays for special events, like if you are getting a baby, someone closely related dies and so on…

Yup, pretty normal, I get 36 paid days here in the U.K. working for BMW as an engineer with a 37.5hr working week

Too many Americans think that working until you drop is a badge of honor. I get flack from my employer yearly when I take my two week annual vacation, “nobody does two weeks anymore”, though I rarely take any other time off. Meanwhile, more Americans are retiring with little to no savings thanks to the end of pension plans and any corporate responsibilities to the well being of their employees in the long term. I hope Tesla is around to take care of these very special employees they are working so hard. The CEO sets a pretty poor example for work/life balance.

You’re basically right. When it’s time for Annual Reviews, management looks at who goes “above and beyond”, and that means forgoing your earned vacation time. Also who wants to be out of the office when a high profile project starts?

It’s not good, it’s not right, but employers give “extra points” to people who work themselves to death.

And employers love it. Extra effort without extra pay. This is one of the many reasons why the U.S. won’t ever have mandatory vacations.

I guess it’s not like that in many parts of Europe. Holidays are very important for many people either to do something with your kids or if you don’t have kids to just relax as a couple. But that doesn’t mean people are not working hard or so. It’s just they’re working good and also get a good amount of time off. We humans are not the ultimate working machines. Life is also about something else.

My employer (in the U.S.) grants the 4th week after ten years.

But then that’s what you get with a “Fortune 50” company (that’s 50, not 500)

Google receives two million resumes per year.

So…7 Pretend Electrics.

You failed to get hired by either company!

So much hate and bitterness. I can almost see you, sitting in your chair in a darkened basement, rage vein bulging. I hear the squish-squish of all that bile being squeezed out of your gallbladder. There’s so much of it, it makes a gargling sound it in your throat.

Nope, the only bile on this and many other threads is that which you excrete with your BS of owning Tesla’s all the while constantly bashing the vehicles and the company (like you would buy a second one) after your FUD!

Nobody in their right mind believes one iota of your excrement you so desperately try and spread on InsideEvs.

I doubt you even own ONE PEV and that you are instead a misinformer for monetary reasons.

You people need psychiatric help.

In Get Real’s defense: the obscene amount of troll activity on this forum could turn a saint into an ax wielding maniac!


Remember back when he was only three pretend electrics?

I certainly do! I guess he thinks people will pay more attention to his bull pucky if he pretends to have 7 EVs rather than just 3.

I guess this is what passes for “reasoning” among Tesla Hater cultists.
😀 😀 😀


Google has 73 different locations around the world. Of course they will get more applicants.

My point was that these statistics are pretty meaningless. Next, EVANNEX will be bragging about the number of hits on Tesla’s website. Anything to pump the company, I suppose.

No Seven your posts are meaningless the fact that Tesla is a small company yet gets half a million people wanting to work for it is nothing but astounding.

Can you tell me of any other car company that has anywhere near the amount of people wanting to work for it? Nope you had to use google which is the second largest company by market cap in the world.

GM and Ford. Still applying applying since h.s. 04

He can say nothing that does not put Tesla in a bad light, no matter how positive the article, he will spin it negatively.

George Costanza’s Father was getting 100 applicants per Day when he was selling computers out of his Garage……Serenity Now!….oochi mamma !…….lol

That’s about 1 application per Model 3 reservation. Is there a connection?

Yea, All the Model 3 reservation Holders need a Job in order to buy the car.. lol….Just Kidding ..Nobody get Mad now…..

I applied last year and went through 4 interviews. Didn’t get it due to the location being 40 miles from my home.

A guy at the LA Auto Show a month later said that odds of being accepted at Tesla are slimmer than being accepted at Harvard. I said really, and that got me thinking…

Now there’s a closer location to me so I’ve applied again

Go for it

Is this another marketing in jingle by Tesla? I know how the car is built. Lots of overhead uselessness that’s paid by marketing the brand , getting the money from stock market.

“Lots of overhead uselessness that’s paid by marketing the brand…”

Are you on drugs? Tesla spends far, far less on advertising than any other auto maker, or at least those in Western countries.

Unlike just about any other auto maker you can name, Tesla spends almost no money on mass advertising at all.

This is not an efficiently run company. Not a quality nor competitive manufacturer anyway. It lost billions of dollars every year producing dismal results. It’s valued like internet stocks by marketing hypes to stock market.

Well Dan, your FUD which is basically copied verbatim from Seeking Liars really exposes your agenda and purpose here, a serial Anti-Tesla troll.

Let me make it clear how asinine your BS is.

Tesla is the ONLY American auto OEM to go toe to toe with the Euro luxury OEMs and beat them.

Not saying they are perfect and don’t have a lot of room to grow (pun intended), but they have already accomplished that which GM, Ford, Chrysler have tried and repeatedly failed to do.
BTW Dan, what is your username on Seeking Liars???

Chill down! I was all for Elon Musk originally! He got good ideas and stick with it to make EVs viable with lots of government subsidies which is fine with me. Many other countries subsidized their auto industries. The electric motor itself is what makes EVs beating ICEs, not Tesla. It’s the nature of maximum torque at 0 rpm. There’s nothing too special about Tesla cars that the competitors cannot beat it. Once the other major auto players start churning out EVs, Tesla will be doomed! Tesla will not have any advantage in 3 years if it cannot straighten itself up!

Hey dan chill a little more because it seems you are so chill that you have no idea what you are talking about so just chill and hit that bong one more time before you make another pointless post.

Yeah, but GM EV1 got damped.

Only Tesla showed the power of an Induction Motor.

By the way, Elon made the induction motor patent free for automotive industry to follow suit.

And their massive supercharging network ?

Listen you morons, what qualifications you have? You are all clueless! Induction motors existed half a century ago before Elon Musk was born. The more you speak, the more I know you are nothing but Tesla shills or complete idiots!

You’re both competing for the title of “Most clueless of the year” regarding the subject of this website.

Two bald men arguing over a comb.

“Chill down! I was all for Elon Musk originally!”

Bull pucky. You are a hardcore Tesla Hater cultist troll.

At least have the honesty to admit you are here only to tear down the reputation of a company which is trying hard to make the world a better place, and that you’re posting FUD only for greedy and selfish reasons.

You are official Tesla shill planted on this website! Your job paid by Tesla is to talk up the stock price, nothing more!

One good trick is I learned the hard way: Apply for multiple positions, even where you have marginal skills. You will be surprised when a tiny “marginal skill” is highly prized by others (Example: I was hired to do computer research with an M.S. degree, but was most valued as a military proposal writer, after I saved my groups’ butt from shutting down. My winning proposal brought in a few million and saved my research team for a couple of years. So just a college “minor” in writing was highly prized by the company, because while they had many engineers and many writers, I was the only one at that location who had both in the same person. Since even tiny, minor skills can be highly prized and needed by others, apply for many different jobs at a desirable company like Tesla. You never know what they value. I know a former used car guy, a real hustler type of salesman, who got turned down for 4 jobs with the census bureau and then hired for the 5th, which is training new people, because his hustling skills were valuable in teaching. He ended up training a major center and got… Read more »

Well when you fire a ton of people for no good reason you better get a lot of applicants!

Tesla got serious problems period!

Chill dan I am sure that Mcdonald’s will take you back after applying for Tesla and not getting the job.

To paraphrase Dr. Peter Venkman from “Ghostbusters”, someone with Dan’s qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries.

But hey, that troll farm he works at lets him sit on his arse all day long, so he’s good.

Listen both of you good for nothing marketing shills, I worked for the equipment manufacturer which Tesla depends on, I know way more the nuances of manufacturing than two of you combined then tripled.

Listen both of you good for nothing marketing shills, I worked for the equipment manufacturer which Tesla depends on, I know way more the nuances of manufacturing than two of you combined then tripled. You are druglord pushing the drug named Tesla! Idiots!

Just a tip: when a job is highly sought after what it usually really means is poor pay and poor working conditions. It’s why programmers in the gaming industry get paid half what those in normal development jobs do. It seems like a “fun job”, so everyone wants it. They don’t have to pay as much, and they can work you more hours.

If you’re thinking of applying for a job at Tesla I’d suggest looking for something elsewhere.

On another note, the description of how/why they hire people is…… I don’t even know what to say about it. Maybe the problem is that Tesla has hired too many people who think outside the box. Sometimes you need to just focus on the brass tacks.

I wish they would hire a few people to update their web site. Oh, and maybe some folks who can get the Model 3 assembly line humming along.

From the quote, it sounds like you really need to be a Tesla and/or Elon Musk fan to work there. Previous articles have showed Tesla employees are routinely overworked and given unrealistic expectations. Add in the mass firings and it sounds like a truly awful work environment …unless you’re a fanboy/fangirl who thinks Tesla/Musk can do no wrong and will lead you to the promised land. Seems to me the only way people will be happy there is if they completely buy into “Tesla is the future” and are willing to do just about anything to help it along.

Like genocide. Nazi mentality with that company

Repeat a Big Lie often enough and some people will start to believe that, as Hitler proved.

In this case, the Big Lie is that Tesla’s perfectly normal annual turnover rate is mis-characterized as “mass firing”.

I am an EV zealot from the old days. I’d consider dumping my gig that I have now to work up on my native stomping grounds of Nevada. I even have battery science education and engineering plus manufacturing experience. But the recruiters at Tesla have not called me. Must be a couple thousand ahead of me in line. Lol.

Another Euro point of view

If one is happy with the fact that his salary payment depends on outside cash infusion (share capital raise/bonds issue/loans) then that’s OK. Tesla should make a $0.8B loss this quarter alone. I would say, if working for a car manufacturer why not choose one that is good at it ?

Which car company is that again? Is it the one that filed for bankruptcy about 9 years ago? Or is it the one that needed nearly 50 BILLION dollars of bank and taxpayer money to stay afloat. Or the ones that have been bought out by the Chinese or Indians?

Another Euro point of view

BMW, VW, Daimler just to list a few, all increased sales and profits in 2017 as compared to year before. How long should the the list be ?

But are also fishing for government help to pay for the upgrade to Diesel Gate cars because they claim that they can afford to fix the same cars they sold as meeting emission standards.

No fair, bring in the truth to the matter.

“BMW, VW, Daimler just to list a few, all increased sales and profits in 2017…”

Wow, you’re citing just one year as if it indicates a trend, dude?

Reality check: If you’re looking for job security, then an auto maker is a poor choice for an employer!

I was amazed to learn just how many defunct auto makers there have been. There were something like 1500 (not a typo; fifteen hundred!) just in the USA alone! See here:


Looking to the future, I’d say Tesla’s prospects are much better than the average gasmobile maker’s.

I applied for manager of charging infrastructure in south florida area but no interest by TESLA CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS

Where’s Lucid? That appears to be a better deal than Tesla! Tesla us doomed!